Sunday 4 March 2018

Cheerful Disposition

Do you think that violets have a cheerful disposition? I do.

They bloom throughout the year and add a splash of colour to wherever they are.

Today I transplanted some starter violets that have been growing for some time.  
I had found these sweet Royal Crafton tea cups at the free store.  
They are the perfect new homes for  these lovely violets!

They are small plants now, and with this amount of soil will be able to 
live for a long time in these cups.

They are very cute, and I need to find just the right space for them to have a permanent home.  
They don't like to be moved around much. 

For now they are by my office window.  
Once they are strong from the transplant they'll 
be moved to their new home.

There are four of them. 
I'm thinking that perhaps in my bedroom window they would be happy?

Thank you for dropping by so I could share this little pleasure with you! 
May you have a delightful day! 



Debby Ray said...

Oh your violet is just beautiful. I have always loved African violets and have one this color at work in my office window. It was looking pretty sad and I transplanted it...well it took OFF and has tons of blooms. I love your sweet cups filled with the baby ones! Enjoy your week!

mamasmercantile said...

They are beautiful, I have some in a planter in the lobby of our little cottage. I love the idea of using some cups to transfer some, they look beautiful.

September Violets said...

I agree that violets seem to have their own sweet personalities. I've never grown African violets, but yours are sure looking healthy!

Margie said...

Your violets look so sweet in their teacup planters.

My violets started blooming last month, but I think they may have been overwatered because the leaves are now dropping and the violets are a dark purple hue (like an eggplant colour), not the vibrant purple like yours...

Linda S. said...

I love your violets! I have had some in the past. I've had good luck and bad luck with them. After I move - sometime in the future - I want to have some in my future home. :-)