Thursday 25 May 2017

Bird on a Wire Birthday


Hello!  I have another sweet birdie card to share with you all!  

I love the birds on the wire with the distressing and print behind them.  I added this panel over some patterned paper, a touch of lace ribbon and some lovely soft layers paper flowers.  I added a rhinestone to each.  I added some distressing to add interest to the edges as well.  

This is a card I made for my niece for her birthday.  It's amazing how the years pass, and she has grown up so much!  I pray this card brings a smile to her face, and the knowledge that she is deeply loved!  

Thank you for dropping by!

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With Love Birthday

Hello!  Today I have a card I'd like to share with you that I created for a dear young lady.  I found this delightful paper in my stash and made sure that the words hope and truth stood out.  It's been a very hard year for her, and it is my prayer that in the coming year she will find the Truth of God's Word and be saved!  That she will have the hope of eternal salvation through Christ Jesus the Lord!  

So much to look forward to at her age.  It is my prayer that she'll find the peace and comfort of the Lord, and the strength to face each coming day. 

I used some wonderful feathery paper with a honey comb weave in it.  Then I added a sweet sentiment with some lovely blue flowers with the pearls.  

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Monday 15 May 2017

Truly Blessed Spot of Tea

Hello!  How was your weekend?  Mine was so lovely!  It was cold and rainy outside and warm and cozy inside.  
My family blessed me with a fun Mother's Day.  My girls made brunch for the family and then they had some delightful gifts for me.  
I received some delightful candles, a new cooler picnic bag (we use ours every week and the old one was coming apart), a certificate for a new haircut, and a brand new cast iron kettle!!!!
How is that for being spoiled?  
I had lots of hugs and snuggles and I know that the Lord has greatly blessed me!  

Of course a new kettle needs to be tried out right?  So that is just what we did. 
We put together a fun afternoon tea.

We pulled out some of our doilies to set the tea goodies on.  You can see that my kitchen table is a bit ~well used~.  It's one of the busiest places in our home. 

We had cheese, crackers, watermelon, peanut butter cookies and brownies.  
I made a pot of earl grey tea, and my boys had some berry herbal tea.  

I pulled out an old metal plate I had stashed away and it's great for holding the teapot so that no drips hit the doilies. 

I pulled out some of our special local honey, it's delicious!  

We also found some lovely pansy napkins that had been stashed away for a special occasion.  
Pansies are my favourite bedding flower. 

The cast iron kettle is by Old Mountain.  It came in a nice box, which I've tucked away to keep.
My husband bought it from a store that a dear friend of mine works at. 

The candles have a fun floral pattern on them.  I have yet to find just the perfect place to display and use them. 

The cooler/picnic basket is a really nice size and I'm looking forward to using it.  I like using a cooler for picnics so that everything stays nice and fresh.  This bag also has a handy dandy flip top so that you can just reach in and get something without opening up the whole thing. 

My children know how much a love getting cards and so my daughter created this one just for me. 
I love that this is one skill that my children value and practice. 

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Thursday 11 May 2017

A Dainty Hanky

HI!  I'd love to share with you something my girls and I made for my Mother-in-law for Mother's Day.

Of course a cup of tea in a pretty tea cup (thanks Judith) was in order as I worked on the crocheted edging.  

My girls and I worked to make some new hankies for her.  Something you couldn't buy at Walmart.  

For each we hemmed the fabric.  Then we used an embroidery needle to do a blanket stitch around the edge. With that in place we each added a different edge to each hanky.  There were a couple more that were finished after this picture that made it in the package. :) 

Below, I also made up a couple with lace ribbon.  

We hope she enjoys them, even if it's just for blowing her nose. ~smiles~

With the hankies, we sent this card.  She loves red and vibrant colours as well, so we thought this would suit her.  I used a piece of patterned paper with the flowers on it on which I layered a piece of lovely red paper that I was gifted along with the lovely creamy textured pressed paper.  

To this was added some orange twine and some crocheted flowers and the pearls as the finishing touch.  

You can see the feathered paper better in the picture below.  It adds such a nice delicate detail.  

Thank you for dropping by!  I pray you have a lovely day! 

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Delightful New Dish Towels

Hello! I hope you are having a wonderful day.  It's been beautiful here in the Yukon and it's starting to warm up.  Almost warm enough to plant the garden.  

I'd like to share with you some dish towels that I made for my Mom who is getting her kitchen re-done.  New countertop,  & new cupboards.  New kitchen sink and a new window to go above it. :) 

I thought that this would be a fun and fresh gift for her new kitchen.  

I made the towels out of some recycled sheets.  I washed them up and cut them to the size of one of my towels, leaving room for the hem of course.  They came together quite simply and I do hope she enjoys them.  

I made two different patterns just for variety.  The one I added some soft cotton lace ribbon to.  

To go along with the towels I made a card. 

I used some pretty bird paper and simply layered it over another patterned paper with a highlighting edge.  I added some dark brown cord and a burlap flower.  

Thank you for stopping by! I pray you have a blessed day!

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Monday 8 May 2017

A Place for Bees

Hello!  Do you love bees?  I do, although I do have a healthy respect for them and stay out of their personal space.  

This past fall my dad brought us a special gift.  It was a bumble bee house he had made himself.  

This spring we have found a place in our yard that isn't used much and set it up on a block that is 8inches off the ground.  The winds have been gusting through the yard and it hasn't moved, so I think it'll be safe.  It is in fairly close proximity to where lots of wild roses & fireweed grow.  Plus we see the big bumble bees in our gardens throughout the property. 

We are hoping that this house will be of good use, and help to populate more sweet bumble bees!

Here are some links to information on bumble bee houses if you are interested. 

Thanks for dropping by!  


Tuesday 2 May 2017

Crocus Cake

Hello! It's cake time!  

Yesterday was my daughter's birthday and so my other daughter and I were playing in the kitchen together.  We made a chocolate wacky cake, covered in marshmallow fondant icing.  Then my daughter made some chocolate butterflies and arranged the fresh crocus flowers we picked from near our home.  

I love how the marbled fondant turned out.  The pictures don't show the orange as much, but it was a nice pastel blend.  

It's so nice to make something with attention to the details, and to make it look pretty.  

Now the crocus are all in vases or a rose bowl to be enjoyed, and the cake...well, it no longer looks like this.  We'll be finishing it up today. Yum! 

Thanks for dropping by today.  I'd love to know if you use fondant icing or if you prefer buttercream. We love both in this home, and go between them.  


Monday 1 May 2017

Spring Crocus Delights

Hello!  Happy Spring to you!

I'd love to share some pictures of the crocus that grows on our hill.  

Every spring we wait in sweet expectation for them to come out. They with their soft feathery buds that hide a gorgeous purple treat inside!  

They are such a beautiful burst of colour after a long winter and cheer us so much!  Their amazing yellow centres have been attracting the local bees already.  They are fun to watch as they buzz from flower to flower.  

These northern crocus are special in that they have the wonderful hairy or feathery covering to protect them from the cold.  

We have som little trees that cover our yard, and this one peeked my interest this day.  It's just little, but it will get huge over time.

I love how the needles are such a bright green colour!

My daughter takes lots of pictures as well, and I'm posting some of them for you to see.  She takes great close up pictures. 

One morning while it was still very frosty she went to check on the crocus.  She found that they were covered in frost and so lovely!  

The frost melted off and they were undamaged.  How amazing God has made these flowers.

Praying you have a blessed day!  

Spread Your Wings

Hello!  Today I have a sweet card to share with you that I made for my oldest daughter.  She's turning 18!!!  How the years have gone by so fast, just like those older and wiser have told me they would.  

She is a beautiful young woman inside and out.  One that loves the Lord Jesus, who is gentle and thoughtful and kind.  Who seeks the future in a Biblical manner for a lady.  

My advice for her has always been...let the world do what it will, but you do the will of the Lord.  

It is hard to live for the Lord in these times.  
To live how the Bible calls women to live.  
We must all seek the Lord in ALL things! 

As she is graduating this year and becoming more independent I encourage her to spread her wings. 

To follow not her own heart but to walk in humble obedience to the Lord and His Word.  
To find the joy in all the blessings that entails. 
It does not mean she isn't to have dreams, but it's to have godly ones.  

Jeremiah 17:7-10

So in spreading her wings, I encourage her to practice all that she has learned, as a keeper at home.  To care for her family, to minister to those the Lord brings her in contact with, to seek the Lord in her comings & goings.  One day to meet and marry the man that the Lord has brought into her life. 
The Lord's plan for her life is far better than anything the world has to offer.  

The world screams for you to just go and live your life.  
The Bible says to follow the Lord Jesus Christ.

Proverbs 3: 5-7

The only way to know what the Lord has for you is to read His Word, the Bible.  

As for my card, I used some beautiful patterned paper that was gifted me, I added a touch of lace,  some black photo corners, some die cut greens, (I love when I can use my cutttlebug!) & some flowers by Forever In Time that I found at the Dollar Store.  

It seemed like something was missing. It didn't seem to need a birthday stamp, so I went looking and found this sweet spread your wings stamp from Teresa Collins...of whom has some amazing stamps that I am blessed to have a set.  I also stamped the inside with another of the stamps in the set.  

Oh, and on a final note, the bowl was a cute find at the free store this weekend. :)  The doily I found at the free store a few weeks ago. 

Thank you for dropping by!