Monday 27 January 2020

Homemaking Mondays: Down Comes the Snow

This past week the snow has been coming down. 
Big fluffies to the tiny sandblasting kind of snow.

It has been consistently snowing and it's building up.
The kids have been doing lots of shovelling and are trying to keep up on it 
so it doesn't become an overwhelming task. 

Today the sun has come out and even though there are lots of snow clouds
it's absolutely wonderful! 
It's nice to have a break in the snow for now. 
I just want to stand in the window and soak it all in.

You may say we don't have much...but for us in a semi-arid's about right.
Much of the snow is dry and tiny. 
It makes for good hard packed drifts when the wind gets to blowing.

This week it's been a bit busier.  
We've been out sledding with friends, 
enjoying a cooking class at the community centre (spanish food), 
snowshoeing and working around the yard.  
Well....I've been tagging along for some of these things, but I'm not doing 
that much still.  I have been on my feet more...
and have learned that isn't so good yet. 

I did finish the socks for my kitchen chairs. 
That inspired my one daughter to make some for her desk chair in her room.

I've been writing some letters. 
Now I need to be making some more cards. 
It's wonderful to be able to still enjoy some happy mail in the mailbox.
I love being able to tuck letters into the mail-slot destined for others. 
Good things to do on snowy days. 

What do you like to do on snowy days?

Thanks for dropping by!  
Love and Prayers,

Monday 20 January 2020

Homemaking Mondays: Even Chairs Need Socks

I'm moving around a bit more..and able to sit more now. 
I've been playing with some yarn.  
I made a small pair of socks for a special little one. 
They should keep her feet nice and warm. 

Then I started this new project...
socks for the kitchen table chairs. 
My son laughed when I told him to put on the first ones...
he said," socks for everything".  

I have thought of doing this before.
Now just seemed to be the right time for them.
Do you have things like that in life?
Where things just don't happen until much later 
then you would think they should?

It's been super cold here in the Yukon and as we've been waiting 
for it to warm up...the creosote has been building up 
in our chimney as we didn't want the stove to go out. 

If finally warmed up to -20C and it was so nice!!! 
We let the fire go out...and my sweet oldest daughter 
got up on the roof in my stead and swept that chimney nice and clean!  
Then my younger daughter helped me clear out all the soot and ashes from the stove.
Lastly my youngest son came to join in the fun of scrubbing the outside of the stove. 
It would take a whole lot more scrubbing with heavier steel wool 
to get all the discolouration off the stove top...but that will be for another day.  
For now it's clean enough to be put back into regular use.  
I love it when you can run your hand over the warm stove...
as the fire is just getting going. Smooth and warm.
SO thankful for this stove to heat our home and cook our food. 

OH, if you look at the picture below and get nervous about the paper 
so close to the stove...don't be. 
There is a cold air intake under and beside the bin of kindling and paper.
It's got frost on it and is letting super frigid air into the house. 
I don't let it stay all the way open...but we need the fresh air for the stove to run well....
and for us to continue to breath healthy to. 

Praying you are enjoying the winter. 
Staying warm and keeping your fingers busy. 

Love and Prayers,

Monday 13 January 2020

Homemaking Monday: When You're on Your Back

Sorry I've been quite for the last bit.  
I've injured my SI joint and so I've been spending lots of time on my back.
Staring up at the ceiling....
finding lots of fun pictures in the knots of the wood. 
I've been stalled from some of the projects I've been wanting to get to.
It's not a place I like to be
but I'm trying to be good and give my joint time to heal. 

Sometimes these are times that are good for a mom. 
The Lord has given me more time to spend reading and praying for others.
It's also given me time to notice more some of the needs of my home. the dust bunnies under the couches. :) 

My girls have taken over running the household for me.
It's given me a glimpse into some things that I need to spend time teaching.
Some lessons are naturally happening all on their own. 
For the most part they are very competent and I feel at ease leaving it all to them.

So for fun...can you spot some of the animals in the knots? 
Let me know in the comments what you see.

My girls have been doing most of the cooking and it's been so nice. 
My kids have been sick and one of the foods one of my daughter's made is some 
yummy chicken noodle soup with bone broth.
I am blessed with a family that has been so supportive of me. 
Also a blessing to know that the time spent teaching them about homemaking 
and associated skills (like chopping wood) is very useful.  

Thanks for dropping by! 

Love and Prayers,

Thursday 2 January 2020

A Bit of Sewing For a Lady's Kitchen

I just wanted to share some sewing I've been doing for a 
young lady's kitchen. 

I think that the kitchen is really the heart of a home, 
and with all the work that goes on in there
 it's nice to have pretty things to work with, 
and to wear.
Plus aprons are wonderful to keep your regular clothing clean.
I'm not sure about you...but things for me can get messy in the kitchen. 

SO here is an apron in a lovely blue floral mix. 
It's simple but functional. 
I made the straps in the back long enough that she can wrap them around 
and tie it in the front if she wants to.

The front pocket has three compartments.  
They're not too deep, but I find that I rarely use deep pockets, 
but it's great for stashing odd clips and cloths.  

Then I added a couple metal loops for the neck strap. 
This makes it super easy to adjust the length. 

The pot holders above I quilted with some cotton batting 
and a special thermal layer.
Should be good to use with hot things either on a table or counter...
or pulling hot things out of the oven. 

It's just a couple simple things to make a kitchen more cheerful.
I hope they make her smile when she uses them. 

Love and Prayers,

Wednesday 1 January 2020

A Bit of Planning

Are you ready for the New Year?

With keeping a home it is good to have some things planned out and organized.
I usually have a basic planner but this year they weren't available so I went looking for another. 
I found this pretty one at Walmart. 
I don't like to spend a lot on a planner...and this one was quite affordable. 

I like to have a section that has the whole month...where I put important dates.
Then I can see them at a glance and they won't sneak up on me.

Then I also like to have lots of room to write things out on each day...
but also to have the week before me.  
This planner is a tad larger in size then what I'm used to...but more space to write. 
I love how there are pretty flowers on each page. 

Some people like to have things written out by time for each day...I'm not to good at that. 
I just write down things that need to be done...and then add a time if necessary.
Like appointments, tasks for homeschooling, & what to make for dinner.
I also write down things that I do...that weren't on my list. 
Helps me remember what I've gotten accomplished.
I use it as a kind of journal and write out some fun facts 
or accounts of things that happened on a certain day.
At the end of a year, the planner is not just a book 
of to do's...but also a memoir of the year.

Do you use a planner? 
How do you use yours?  

Love and Prayers,