Sunday 18 July 2021

Homemaking Mondays: Summer Days


Summer days bring such delight.
The garden is starting to produce some more eatable items. 
It's fun to bring in herb bouquets to add to our meals.

Then there are the fridge pickles.  
I use a recipe from the Prairie Homestead Cookbook. 

Now the hard part is waiting until they're ready. 

The poppies are starting to bloom and it's beautiful 
the variety of colours that are coming out.

My family took a lovely trip 
to a nearby lake and the water is so high.  
The flooding is getting bad, and the wind 
blowing the waves against the shore 
is not helping matters. 
So beautiful though. 

Summer markets at the community centre have 
begun again, and I've got a table with 
some jams for sale.

With the summer days things seem to be moving at a different pace.
It is nice to just have some rest, but also 
to take the time for some things that can only be done in summer.
We've played some frisbee golf at our local community centre.
Spent time on the lake, 
picking wildflowers in the forest,
and just standing still to feel
the warm breeze on our faces. 

Summer is lovely when we stop to take note
of it's simple gifts. 
I love that the Lord has given such attention to 
the details of summer.

Thank you for dropping by! 

Love and Prayers,

Monday 5 July 2021

Homemaking Mondays: Colour of Summer


I just love the colour of summer! 
As the flowers in the garden mature and flower 
I also enjoy the season of flowers in God's garden.
The summer wildflowers are so beautiful right now.
Below are a couple pictures that I took at the local golf course.
It's like a carpet of colour that smells so beautiful as you walk through it.

I found a patch of beautiful arnica and picked a handful
to infuse in oil for salve.
Picking just as much as I need...
leaving some for the bees and for propagation. 
The cheerful colour as you walk through the trail
makes me pause and smile.
Every year they come back...a gift.

Meadows with a mountain view.
Reminding myself to take time to just enjoy it. 
To not rush off to the next thing that needs doing...
but pause.  
Listen to the birds and the hum of the insects in the grass.

Pausing also to see the beautiful insects.
Here I captured a pretty damsel fly that was one of many 
that flies about the shore where we go swimming.
The kids have been spending lots of time in the water 
with the heat we've been having.
Good to cool off after a long day.

I've been doing a bit of canning in this heat though.  
I am making jam and rhubarb syrup for the community market. 
I am actually happy that canning season has also arrived.  
It's a lot of work but so rewarding. 

Praying you are all enjoying this day.

Love and Prayers,