Monday 25 January 2021

Homemaking Mondays: Tea and Candlelight


It's been snowing again and the skies are dim.
I was sitting in my chair knitting and thought a cup of tea would be nice. 
It was just a blend of tea that I put together.
Some chamomile, mint, red raspberry leaf, yarrow, rose-hip,
spruce tip, and calendula.

I just pulled my computer chair over and it was within easy reach.  
I'm knitting more socks....seems to be my favourite knitting project.

As of late the power has seemed to be flickering 
an astounding amount...and then also going out for periods of time.
One day it went out while we were having breakfast
so we lit the candles and finished our meal.
We then moved candles to the living room and sat around until it got lighter.
Then we headed out to shovel snow and when we came in 
the power had come back on.
I love having candles on hand so that they are accessible  
for any situation.
Do you have a candle stash?
I also stash matches....only makes sense.  

This week I was given a gift of a pretty terrarium pot.
I love how the top reminds me of a lamp globe.
I'm thinking of perhaps trying rosemary in it? 
It's one of those herbs that is harder to grow. 
I am going to wait just a bit longer so that 
it has a better chance with more sunshine.

Of course as I think of growing things....
I wanted to share this delightful pink geranium blossom.
The plant is quite dormant, but it's starting to come out again.
Love the cheerful colour!
One of those little details in life that can make you smile! 

All these little aspects of our homes are precious details that the Lord has 
given to us to make our homes
places that others want to spend time in. 
The details that make home and not just a house to stay in.
The Lord is so good and enables us
as homemakers to add these details to our lives.
Thinking of other details...
with the power outages I'm also thankful for 
the blanket collection we have.  
Do you collect blankets? 
Knitted/ crocheted/ sewn/ quilts?
Do you have a favourite?

Thanks so much for dropping by! 
Love and Prayers,

Monday 18 January 2021

Homemaking Mondays: Just for You and Cupcakes to!


Praying your day is going well...
or perhaps you will just find some small thing 
that makes you smile.

I made some cards this week with a couple special someones in mind.
I know it's winter...but the bright cheerfulness of flowers won out for me. 
I also had some lovely little wooden birds that were begging to fly.

It's been not so cold here thus far this year.
We still enjoy our winter pancakes though.
My one syrup jar broke so I've taken to 
using the creamer from my tea set. 

We make our own brown sugar syrup 
with some maple syrup mixed in.

This weekend my daughters made some 
delightful and delicious cupcakes.

They made wacky cake
with buttercream icing.

Here is another of the cards I made.
There's always a reason to smile.

I've also been dreaming of spring. 
Below is the greenhouse at the place we live.
It is in need of some TLC.
It is my dream to put plastic over it and 
start growing things. 
It'll be a few months before anything can be done.
My son measured it at 16x 20.
Lots of room for tomatoes, cucumbers,
squash, and beans...and then 
anything else I find to tuck in there.

I have all have all the seeds I need for the garden this year.
In a few weeks there will be seedlings reaching for light 
in the windows...waiting...waiting
for spring.

Praying you have a beautiful day! 

Love and Prayers,

Monday 11 January 2021

Homemaking Mondays: Yarn Spaces


Today I'd like to share with you my new yarn space. 
Since we moved into this new place my 
yarn has been in bins and bags.
I found a sale on these wooden boxes and bought 
some to stack the yarn in. 
My collection is at the top of our spiral staircase 
and I see it every day.

They are rough and you have to be careful 
not to get slivers. 
Come summer I shall take and paint them. 
Not sure what colour yet..
any suggestions?

Now I have all my yarn out where I can see it.
For inspiration and so I 
can be prompted to get my crochet and knitting
projects done.

Above is the box of my wool sock yarn. 
For awhile I just made things with yarn because
I enjoyed the process. 
Now I am working to be more purposeful in what I create.
For now it's socks.  
Our winters are cold and my family needs warm socks on their feet.
It is a skill I'm glad that I have learned.

I also piled all of the balls of my crochet thread into this nice plastic bin.
I set my crochet binder (with all my patterns) and my 
needle holder bag in on top.  
The needle holder bag was a gift from a dear friend and I love
having all of my tools in one place so I can easily find them. 

I just finished up another pair of socks. 
These are for my youngest son since my older son's feet
are just a bit too big for them. I have to make some "man sized" socks for him. :) 
Yes, the socks do look a tad different...
the importance of making sure you have all your yarn from 
the same dye lot! 

This week has been great for outdoor activities.  
The temperatures have been fairly mild and very little wind on the whole.
My boys wanted to go for a ski so we did and it was so fun 
to explore the trails with them.
The hills were gradual so it was not bad to go up or down. 
Of course they liked going down...but not so fast as to need protective gear. 

We've had little flurries of snow but no big dumps and that is nice 
for we've not had to shovel much.

The birds have been enjoying the feeders.
We now have some red poles and a sparrow that have discovered us.
It is interesting to watch all the different birds share the space.  
They are getting used to the children 
who like to stand or sit close by and watch
and chat with them. 
I have heard a few people be able to make bird sounds perfectly...
a skill I've never been able to learn.
Thankfully they seem to enjoy hearing our language to. 

I would also like to say thank you all so much for the comments that you 
give.  I treasure them all and enjoy hearing about your lives!  

Hope you have a beautiful day! 
Love and Prayers,

Monday 4 January 2021

Homemaking Mondays: Treasures of Home


I hope you are enjoying this winter's day. 
I found this delightful contraption at the free store this week.
I have been informed it is for lasagna! 
It's from Italy and it is silver plated zinc.  
It took some scrubbing...and could no doubt use a bit more.
The tarnishing was quite extensive.  
I just love how much effort went into creating something
beautiful to be used in the home.

I didn't use anything fancy when making
some fresh ginger snap cookies.... just a fork.
It is nice to have those simple things to enjoy.
To see out of the corner of the eye cookies go missing as 
sneaky fingers snitch as they go walking by. :) 
The shy smiles of munching lips.

The treasure of home cooked meals. 
Simple and nourishing.
A treasure of home is the time spent
in caring for all those that reside and come
within it's walls.

Another treasure is being able to take the time to enjoy the 
beauty of God's creation.
I went with my daughters for a snowshoe hike this week.
To a place we'd never gone before.
It was so beautiful to walk beneath the branches laden 
with snow and frost. 
Then out into the open of a little lake to see the sun 
send the snow into a 
blanket of glittering stars.

Once home from our walk
we rested in the warm within it's walls.
A blessing to come in out of the cold.

For all of this I am most thankful to the Lord 
for all His kindness.

Love and Prayers,