Monday 4 January 2021

Homemaking Mondays: Treasures of Home


I hope you are enjoying this winter's day. 
I found this delightful contraption at the free store this week.
I have been informed it is for lasagna! 
It's from Italy and it is silver plated zinc.  
It took some scrubbing...and could no doubt use a bit more.
The tarnishing was quite extensive.  
I just love how much effort went into creating something
beautiful to be used in the home.

I didn't use anything fancy when making
some fresh ginger snap cookies.... just a fork.
It is nice to have those simple things to enjoy.
To see out of the corner of the eye cookies go missing as 
sneaky fingers snitch as they go walking by. :) 
The shy smiles of munching lips.

The treasure of home cooked meals. 
Simple and nourishing.
A treasure of home is the time spent
in caring for all those that reside and come
within it's walls.

Another treasure is being able to take the time to enjoy the 
beauty of God's creation.
I went with my daughters for a snowshoe hike this week.
To a place we'd never gone before.
It was so beautiful to walk beneath the branches laden 
with snow and frost. 
Then out into the open of a little lake to see the sun 
send the snow into a 
blanket of glittering stars.

Once home from our walk
we rested in the warm within it's walls.
A blessing to come in out of the cold.

For all of this I am most thankful to the Lord 
for all His kindness.

Love and Prayers,


TrishB said...

What beautiful pictures!

Sister in the Mid-west said...

We finally had a decent snow fall here. Our trees are all covered with ice and snow. They look a lot like the ones in your pictures.
Ginger Snaps sound good! That is a pretty neat lasagna server. I have never seen anything like it before.