Monday 24 September 2018

Homemaking Mondays: A Virtuous Woman Part 2

Welcome to Homemaking Mondays! 

Here are some more verses from Proverbs 31 with some thoughts on each one. 

Proverbs 31:14
" She is like the merchants' ships; she bringeth her food from afar."
We all have different circumstances, and places where we live.  We all have different ways to access food.  Many can just go to the grocery store for their food. Some order food online.  Some go to neighbouring farms for specific foods, other grow their own.  
It really doesn't matter how you go about it, it is the matter of the effort of gathering food for the families needs that is important.  This is her task. 

Proverbs 31:15
"She riseth also while it is yet night, and giveth meat to her household, and a portion to her maidens."
Are you a morning person?  I am not, and I really struggle in this area.  I am not good at waking up early but I am working on it all the time.  Being up early to get food ready for your family is important.  Being available in the morning to meet your families needs is just as important as being available at any other part of the day.  
In this verse it mentions her maidens.  Now most of us do not have servants to help with the tasks of home, but some of us do have older daughters who are a great blessing in this area.  To have others to share the work load with is wonderful!  Even when we don't have others to help, it is a task that we must apply ourselves to.  

Proverbs 31:16
"She considereth a field, and buyeth it: with the fruit of her hands she planteth a vineyard."
Here it speaks of the virtuous woman buying property for a specific need. The fruit of her hands is referring to the earnings that she made from working with her hands.  She had money saved to plant the vineyard. 
Do you garden? Do you save up earnings from tasks you've done to plant food with? Perhaps you have your husband give you an allotted amount to garden with? 
In the latter part of the winter, I start seedlings in my windows.  I grow more then I'll need, and then in the first garden market in our community I sell the extras. That money helps to cover the cost of the seeds I need for the garden.  
I know that everyone isn't interested in gardening, but every little effort is beneficial!  It could just be a small herb garden on your kitchen window.  Gardening is also varied in what kinds of foods your family eats, where you live, and what kind of climate you have.  
I encourage you if you've not attempted a garden before... give it a try!  There is no such thing as a black thumb... it's a learning thing.  If you have someone you know, or a neighbour who them for help and support.  This is a wonderful area that older woman can teach younger women in.  No matter the size of the garden (I've had tiny and large gardens) it's good to be able to provide food for your family by the work of your own hands.  If you live in an area where you can grow fruit vines or trees...that is a great blessing!  I am not able to grow trees where I live, but pick low bush cranberries to make into juice.  Do what you can! 

Proverbs 31:17
"She girdeth her loins with strength, and strengtheneth her arms."
This denotes a strong woman.  Not all of us have great health or strength.  I think this is a goal that all women should have. Not to be body builders, but to have the ability to handle the tasks in our home effectively.  We all need to exercise.  It doesn't mean that we need to join a gym (although you could if that were an option for you), but just being active around our homes is good.  Housework can be very good exercise.  Going for walks or doing activities with our children all helps in this area.  I'm not a real athletic person, but I do seek to work on this area so that I do have the strength to accomplish the needs of my home.  

Love and Prayers,

Thursday 20 September 2018

Leaves are Falling!

Are your leaves falling yet?  Ours are, and I love to watch them float to the ground.  
I felt in the mood to make some fall cards.  They'll be going into the Farmer's harvest market this weekend.  

I had a bunch of odds and ends of fall paper, and it was fun to piece them together with some fall stickers I had, ribbon, and some leaf/ acorn brads. 

We don't have acorns up here, but I think they're so cool.  
A friend of mine sent me some in the mail! 

I think the best part of fall is the change in the smells in the forest.  
Oh, and the wind...I am one of those that loves wind!  

Soon the leaves will be all over, and the raking will begin (no point starting before they're done falling!).  
Do you like raking leaves?  Then jumping in the piles?  

Hope you have a wonderful fall day!  

Love and Prayers,

Monday 17 September 2018

Homemaking Mondays: A Virtuous Woman

Welcome to Homemaking Mondays! 
I have recently been studying Proverbs 31: 10-31 
and wanted to share with you some of my thoughts on it.  
I'll do a few verses at a time. 

Proverbs 31: 10
" Who can find a virtuous woman? for her price is far above rubies."
This questions posed gives the reader the idea that it's not a common thing to find a virtuous woman.  
She is valued, and to find her is a treasure.  I don't think that being a virtuous woman is something that we can create out of is something wrought of the Lord in a woman's life.
It takes time.  The Lord is continually working in a woman's life that is seeking after righteousness and godliness. 
VIR'TUOUSadjective (Webster's 1828 Dictionary)
1. Morally good; acting in conformity to the moral law; practicing the moral duties, and abstaining from vice; as a virtuous man.
2. Being in conformity to the moral or divine law; as a virtuous action; a virtuous life.
The mere performance of virtuous actions does not denominate an agent virtuous
3. Chaste; applied to women.
Proverbs 31:11
"The heart of her husband doth safely trust in her, so that he shall have no need of spoil."
Does your husband trust you?  Are you a good steward of what he provides for you and of the time and attention your home needs? Do you overspend or waste things so that it cause your husband to be in want or overburdened?  Being wise and being thrifty are important skills that we need to gain.  
Proverbs 31:12
" She will do him good and not evil all the days of her life."
This has always struck me.... do we put the needs of our husbands in a priority in our marriage and home?  Are we truly a helpmeet to him?  This can be simple like keeping the home clean and orderly so he can rest.  Putting things in the kitchen that are easily accessible for him when he needs to have a snack or making him special meals.  
Do you keep your personal matters private? Not airing your dirty laundry is such an important part of a marriage.  He needs to know that you're not telling everyone his faults (and yes he has them just like you do) so that others may look at him in a lower light?  Much of his reputation rests on you! When I was newly married I fell into the trap of "sharing prayer requests"... with others who cared nothing about the integrity of my husband or the sanctity of my home.  I encourage you ... keep your family business to yourself, and before the Lord.  

Proverbs 31:13
"She seeketh wool, and flax, and worketh willingly with her hands."
Here a virtuous woman is concerning herself with items to create things with.  You can see that she works willingly with her hands... it's not a drudgery.  I can see a creative aspect to this women.  Wool and flax are both used for clothing and other fabric needs.  I think of those that sew, quilt, crochet, and knit.  Taking these basic items and creating things to keep the family dresses, warm, and comfortable.  
There is a huge array of possibilities here, but what really strikes me is willingness.  
Are we willing to put in time and effort to create things for our families? 
I know we can all go to the stores around us and purchase things we need.  
Even to have the basic sewing skills to mend items so that it extends it's usefulness is very important!  
Handmade items are not only lovely, but often very useful...I encourage all of you to give it a try sometime if you've never before.  Perhaps you'll find another area in your life where you work willingly with your hands. 

Love and Prayers,

Saturday 15 September 2018

Yarn Bee Cowl

Just wanted to say hello and share what is in my work basket at the moment. 

I love this soft yarn by Yarn Bee, and I am making a cowl with it.  
I'm using the moss stitch and it's going to be warm and cozy.  

Well...I need to say it IS warm and cozy. 

It's been getting very cold here and fall is in full swing.  Last night it went down to -10C.  
The leaves were blowing off trees today, and when the sun does shine, the leaves are all golden and beautiful!  

The other day we tried some new tea given by a wonderful german friend.  
It's a mix of apple, rose hip, and strawberry.  So delicious!  
My boys and I had tea durning our morning school break. 
(It makes great iced tea as well...if you leave it in the pot) 

Time to get cozy and watch the change of the seasons. 

Praying you have a lovely day! 

Thursday 13 September 2018

Lovely Blue Motif Blanket

Today I'd like to share with you a baby blanket that I just finished up.  
I was gifted with some lovely cotton Caron Cake yarn and wanted to do something new and different.  

After looking at many patterns, I settled on this one.

It is a very easy pattern to do, just two alternating lines.
I think it is so beautiful! 

Thanks for dropping by!  
I hope you have a lovely day!


Monday 10 September 2018

Homemaking Mondays: I Shall Be Glad To

Welcome to Homemaking Mondays!

I shall be glad to.  
Is that what comes to mind when we have homemaking tasks to do? 

When I was growing up this was the unsaid motto in my home.  
Good or bad...and sometimes ugly... I shall be glad to. 
I want this to be my motto for always.
Are we willing to put ourselves into the position of doing all these tasks gladly? 
Do we do them with a smile on our faces... or with a grumble in our hearts? 

1 Thessalonians 5:18
" In every thing give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you."

Not all jobs that are needful in homemaking are pleasant or fun. We often don't feel spurred on with gladness when we're tired or the task unpleasant.  It is all in the attitude we have towards our homes and the needs of those that dwell therein.  We need to consider the attitude we have, for it is shared with those around us.  We all know if mom is grumpy it creates an unpleasant mood in the home.
We need to guard our hearts from this.  Leaving no room for evil to root.

Yes, laundry means there are clothes for our families...that are worn.
Toys laying around and disheveled couches mean there are children playing.
Meals mean dishes.
Math drills mean endless repetition.  
Then there is the bathroom...that needs almost constant attention. 

All of these things do not need to be a burden, they can be a blessing, and even a joy!  

Do you hum while your work? 
Do you let your children join you in these tasks?  Sometimes the chatter of our children makes things so enjoyable. Seeing things through their eyes is sometimes refreshing.  Sometimes just hearing a child cleaning the toilet (and all the comments that go along with it) give pause to laughter!  
You can open windows for fresh air and to hear the birds or children playing.
There are times when I've had a particularly hard day..the children are at each other and the mood is altogether horrible.  I've out of the blue...did a silly dance and sang a silly song...including the kids in  it and all has changed from gloom to laughter! For them and for me!

There are times when we can give pause to thank the Lord for these tasks. For the ability to be home to care for our families.  To have a home that we can dwell.  
Does it give you joy to just be there? 
I have not always been blessed with being a full time keeper of the home.  Sometimes for me all the attitude adjustment I need is to think about what life was like when I couldn't be home.  All jobs have work...but the work of the home is an enormous blessing!

Do you take note of the little details?  Sometimes on very hard days it is worth taking a few minutes to just pause and recount the blessing we have. For the salvation the Lord Jesus gives, for the things He provides for you, for the people he has given you to care for.  It often gives us renewed strength to pick up the broom or plunge our hands into the soapy dish water again. 

In everything give thanks... it leads to joy, and it leads to our hearts saying I shall be glad to!

Love and Prayers,

Friday 7 September 2018

Pretty In Red Gingham

Today I'd love to share with you an apron that I made for a dear friend of mine. 
I have been given some red gingham material that my daughter found at the local dump free store. 
It was so soft and I'm not sure what it was from as there was a lot of it.  

I decided that an apron was in order. 
I sorted through my stash of odds and ends. 
Found some big rickrack in red, some lovely creamy lace ribbon, 
some red seam binding, and cream as there wasn't enough red, and lastly some lovely doilies. 

I made a rounded bottom to the apron, and as the picture shows below,
I added some zig zag stitching to tighten up the top of the bodice part.  
I think it left a nice little pleat there. 

OH, and not to be forgotten, I added some sweet little coconut heart buttons to the doilies. 

On the bottom of the apron I added a couple layers of the red rickrack.  

I pray that it is enjoyed.  

It seems to be a far more pleasant task to care for the home in a lovely apron. 

Love and Prayers,

Thursday 6 September 2018

School and Fall begin in Earnest

Here at our home, school and fall have begun in earnest.  
Formal lesson times have resumed, and it is fun to be doing new things and with enthusiasm.  
This year we bought a few new books and my children love to read real life happenings. 

One fall activity that has been accomplished was to put up some more wind chimes.  
In our case, we'd been collecting bells and odds and ends of broken wind chimes.  
Here are a couple that we made.  
First one has some metal rods, a bell in the middle with a wooden piece to catch the wind.  It's all hung from a stick that we found in our scrap pile.

Second one here is just a bunch of strings of bells of different sizes hung by fishline from a stick.  
It sounds so pretty when the wind catches it.  

Last post I shared about this little desk that I inherited.  
It is a lovely little item that is very practical for us.  

Inside it holds the pencils, pens, erasers, markers, notebooks for Bible verses, 
play money for counting, math number charts for various skills. 

As fall is descending, it's cooler.  It's the perfect time to enjoy the warm of homemade shawls. 

The lovely shawl pin was a gift by a dear friend. 

The colours are emerging and are so lovely to take the time to really notice. 
I encourage you to not only look from afar, but as the colours emerge where you live, 
take a closer much intricacy.  

I've brought some flowers into the greenhouse to last a bit longer.
Now that the vegetables are finished up, there is more room.

Oh, and I love the colour that many of our rhubarb leaves turn.  
Always gives me reason to pause and take a closer look. 

My younger daughter loves to get up close and capture the tiny details. 
Below is a pic of her hiding in amongst the fireweed that has gone to seed. 
It's so amazing to watch the gentle breeze capture the seeds in gentle waves...
sending them off to a place yet to be found.

Here is one of her sweet pictures that she took that day.

Thanks for dropping by!  
I'd love to hear about your school or fall time happenings! `

Love and Prayers,

Monday 3 September 2018

Homemaking Mondays: The Season of Fall

Welcome to Homemaking Mondays! 
Today I'd like to share about the season of fall. 

Do you love fall? I do!  With it comes the change of colours, smells, and temperature.  For some the coolness is more welcome then for others.  Me, I love the crispness that begs for a shawl to envelope my shoulders, and nips at my nose.  Sadly though, it also means that I have to resort to wearing socks again. :)  

With fall comes new tasks in the garden, kitchen, and pantry.  There is garden produce to put up for the winter...either from your own garden or from the store.  It is good to have food that is saved when it is "in season" as it just tastes so much better and has more nutrition in it.  
I like to can jam, relish (this year I tried dill relish for the first time), and applesauce.  I put most everything else either in the freezer or dehydrated and tucked in the pantry. 
I find that a well stocked pantry is very important through the winter as often the weather inhibits us from going to town at times.  Plus it keeps me from wanting to buy more in the store when I'm there when I know I already have it stored away.  It's good to find things like meat on sale as well and store it away for when it is needed.  It's a time for making sure you have enough warm clothes and blankets for your family.  Sometimes this means making another quilt or buying some new item of clothing.

Proverbs 32:21-22
" She is not afraid of the snow for her household: for all her household are clothed with scarlet.
She maketh herself coverings of tapestry; her clothing is silk and purple."
Proverbs 6:6-8
"Go to the ant, thou sluggard; consider her ways, and be wise:
 Which having no guide, overseer, or ruler,
Provideth her meat in the summer, and gathereth her food in the harvest."

Homeschool lessons are beginning and I love to see the eagerness that comes at the beginning of the fall.  The bringing out of new books is always fun and captures their attention.  Sometimes it's super quiet with them reading. :)  It's good to have lots of books where they are leaning things while they read, and not just for entertainment.  People often say you have to give children fiction for them to, that's far from the truth.  Find a subject that  you child is interested in and find books that talk about it.  I have seen my children reach for an encyclopedia or book on natural disasters before a storybook.  Don't expect them to always want fiction...and you might be surprised where they gravitate towards.  

I was given this cute little desk and chair set by my father when we started homeschooling.  It was built for him by my great grandfather and has seen many years of use. It's now about 60 years old.  It was looking a bit worn so a fresh coat of paint really cheered it up.  We use it to store my younger children's school supplies in.  No more "Where is my pencil? " questions... it's all contained!!! 

Fall is a time for filling woodsheds, raking leaves, pulling out bird feeders and getting them ready to fill.  We fill our bird feeders here after the bears go to sleep. 
Lots to do outside in the lovely crisp air!  

One thing that I also love about fall are the walks in the forest, or just sitting outside taking note of the details of change.  The children and I talk about the changes we see, hear, smell, and taste (berries).  Soon we'll be cranberry picking and eating to. :)  

Take the time to enjoy the fall, to sit with a cup of tea or hot cocoa and watch awhile.  

Love and Prayers,