Monday 28 November 2022

Homemaking Mondays: Socks and Old Plunger Sticks


How is your day going?
It's a snowy cloudy day here with light breezes.
The kids are out shovelling some on the driveway.
It's good to keep at it while it's still fluffy.
The snow is so beautiful and the evergreens laden branches
droop and when swaying in the breeze at times 
drop their burdens onto those who dared to be underneath them.
Good thing to remember to tuck that scarf well 
around your neck to keep the snow out. 

This past sock project I tried the german short row heel.  
Well I would love to say it went smoothly...
but in all honesty it was a challenge for me. 
I don't usually drop many stitches but I'll just say that
my little crochet hook kept me company on this project. 
I love how crochet hooks can pick up stitches so cleanly.
Well now my son has a new pair of socks to help keep his feet warm.
I have a few more to go although I'm taking a break
from big people feet to make some small boys ones. 
I have chosen the blue stripped yarn above and hope he will like it.

This past week has been what I would call "the usual". 
The regular routine of daily chores and meals.
We're starting to incorporate more soups into the menu. 
I made a vegetable leftover soup with leftover noodles, then
my daughter made some bacon mushroom cream soup.
I want to bake some savoury biscuits soon to go with our soups.
Do you like soup?

Oh one new thing for this winter is that our family have 
borrowed skis again from our community centre. 
One of my sons and I tried ours out across the lake 
and it was fun to go out on them again. 
It's nice that we can bring them home to ski around here
and then take them with us back there to use their trails.
The trails there are groomed and have lots of variety to enjoy.

OH....and old plunger sticks.  Were you curious about that? 
Well I have more wool socks that need to be hung up to dry.
I didn't have a place for some of my sock forms so I looked around
the laundry room corners and found this old plunger stick. 
So along with a couple nails we now have a place 
to hang them up to dry.
Our laundry room is unfinished so this worked well.
Not fancy, but functional.
Not everything in our lives needs to be Pinterest worthy.

Well I hope you have a wonderful day 
enjoying the beauty and functionality of your homes.

Love and Prayers,

Monday 21 November 2022

Homemaking Mondays: Shades of Winter


I do love the shades of winter.
The layers of frost on the trees, 
the shades of grey in the sky and the brightness
that comes when the sun shines.
We've had a bit more snow
and it is amazing how it brightens up the darkness of winter.

With winter comes different kinds of 
delicious foods and treats in the home. 
My family doesn't observe holidays but with the change
of what is available brings a fresh batch of ideas.
I love spiced breads and cookies.
Squash and other foods that come with winter storage.
More hot beverages and warm dishes. 
Sorry...salads are more for summer.

Some have asked how to make vanilla.
It's just as simple as this.
Take a few vanilla beans and cut them in half.
I also cut mine in half lengthwise to allow better penetration.
My husband bought vanilla beans for me off of Amazon.
Then cover with alcohol (like vodka) in whatever container you have.
I use mason jars as they are plentiful in my home and have lids.
Then you sit it in a dark place in your cupboard and wait. 
You can shake it every so often but it's not necessary.
Then after a couple month start checking it to see 
if it's got the flavour you want.
Oh, and it's good like with all pantry items 
to label it for what it is and when you started it.

While working in my kitchen I often pause 
to watch the birds and squirrels that come to the feeder
and also I think to watch us. :) 
Below this grey jay seemed keen on what I was doing in the kitchen.

This week I cleaned and re-organized the dining room hutch.
It's not a necessary part of homemaking,
but it is nice to change things up some.
I moved the candles about so that they can be lit without 
needing to be moved much or at all.
Then I was gifted a basket and so I tucked my tea set in there.
Easy to access and safe.

I had found this lovely towel at one of our local stores.
A local artist puts her work on tea towels
and it's beautiful and affordable.
I ironed it up and tacked it on the wall leading to the basement.  
There isn't great light in that space,
but it adds a wonderful splash of colour in a space 
that was before bare.

I also potted up some cuttings of this wandering jew plant.
My mother had sent up a plant with a friend from where she lived.
It got a bit damaged in the process getting home
so I just started yet another plant. 
I love this variation of wandering jew with the purple undersides to the leaves.
When I was young my mom's plant would bloom 
with these tiny delicate purple flowers.
I wonder if mine will to.

Thank you for dropping by today! 
I hope you are enjoying the shades you find in your winters
wherever you live. 
Little things to make you smile and bring contentment 
to your time as a homemaker. 

Love and Prayers,

Tuesday 15 November 2022

Homemaking Mondays: Cultured Butter and Stuffed Squash


I'm a bit late this week but have not forgotten. 
It's been a lovely week which started out with deep cold 
and has ended in a chinook.
This week I learned to make cultured butter.
You just add some buttermilk/yogurt/kefir to your cream
and set out on the counter for 24 hours.
Then you make butter. 
Next time I'll chill the cream first but it still turned out great.
I used a piece of flour-sack cloth instead of cheesecloth to drain 
out the buttermilk and it worked well.
The flour-sack cloth is much easier to wash.
I didn't mold the butter but am just cutting off chunks 
and setting it in a nice little bowl for use. 
I made some fresh buns and it was perfectly paired with the fresh butter.
Don't you just want to take a bite?

It dropped deep cold when the moon was full.
It is beautiful to go walking in the evening when the moon
is full and you don't need flashlights or lanterns.
Off in the trees the moonlight brightens the snow
and gives a gentle glow to the forest.

This past week I also started a new batch of vanilla.
My husband ordered some vanilla beans off of Amazon for me.
Now we wait.
This makes so much more vanilla for a much better price
then buying it at the store.
Some staple items at the store are just getting crazy pricey.

I found a sweet treasure at the free store this week.
This little cheese dish was just begging to come home with me.
I used some spoon butter that I condition my wooden utensils with
to rub into the bare wood of the base.
Now it's ready for some cheese or maybe a delicious little treat?

This week I also tried a new squash dish.
I made stuffed acorn squash and I must say it was delicious!
It was made with Italian sausage.
THIS recipe is a definite do over.
Not all the family loved it but that's ok.
It's so easy to just add it as a side for those that do.

I hope you are enjoying your week and perhaps
finding some new special things to add to your homemaking.

Love and Prayers,

PS I know some are having trouble with the e-mail subscription
I'm not sure what is wrong but I'm going to try to figure it out.
Well I found that Feedburner is no I have added to the sidebar and you can try using that
if you'd like to subscribe by e-mail.

Monday 7 November 2022

Homemaking Mondays: Frost and Touches of Light


How is your Monday? 
It's a cool -15C and windy here 
and there is light gentle snow falling. 
The fresh snow is blown up in big swirling gusts
 across the lake and through the trees.
Quite entertaining to just sit at the window 
with a cup of tea just watching.
It's calling for much colder for Monday
so feeling like hibernating.

Today I discovered some new pretty patterns 
in the frost in our sunroom. 
Do you like frost patterns?
I find them as interesting as watching the clouds
shift and change in the summer sky. 
Another aspect of winter that I love. 

As the cold and darkness of winter envelopes us.
It's lovely to add little touches of light
in amongst our daily life.
So, like a candle on the stove in the mornings
or a candle or lantern on a table. 
Scented or not it doesn't matter. 
What we are after is that gentle touch of light. 
As the sun rises later in the day
those little touches of light from candles or lamps
give a gentle rise to the day 
while we wait for the sun to shine.

One aspect of light that for Christians 
is that of the Word of God.
It is nice to rise in the morning to ponder on the 
things of the Lord.
To let His light shine on the path of our days. 

"Thy word is lamp unto my feet, 
and a light unto my path. "
-Psalm 119:105

"Neither do men light a candle,
and put it under a bushel,
but on a candlestick;
and it giveth light unto all 
that are in the house. "
-Matthew 5:15

A fun little project I'm about to embark on is to clean up 
this sweet set of girl lamp and music box.
They were my mother's and I have very fond memories 
of listening to the music and enjoying the lamp
on dark winter days. 
I've never seen anything else like them 
anywhere but they are kinda a fun childhood
memory to keep...and listen to if I'm puttering about 
my room. 

This week I also pulled out this globe 
that goes on top of a plant pot. 
I've not done well with growing plants in it
so I thought it might be 
better used as a candle globe instead. 
I have it sitting on my kitchen island counter
between the kitchen and dining area.
It provides a nice bit of light in the mornings 
or evenings as you pass by.

What do you like to do 
to add some extra touches of light to your home?

Thanks for dropping by! 
Love and Prayers,