Monday 21 November 2022

Homemaking Mondays: Shades of Winter


I do love the shades of winter.
The layers of frost on the trees, 
the shades of grey in the sky and the brightness
that comes when the sun shines.
We've had a bit more snow
and it is amazing how it brightens up the darkness of winter.

With winter comes different kinds of 
delicious foods and treats in the home. 
My family doesn't observe holidays but with the change
of what is available brings a fresh batch of ideas.
I love spiced breads and cookies.
Squash and other foods that come with winter storage.
More hot beverages and warm dishes. 
Sorry...salads are more for summer.

Some have asked how to make vanilla.
It's just as simple as this.
Take a few vanilla beans and cut them in half.
I also cut mine in half lengthwise to allow better penetration.
My husband bought vanilla beans for me off of Amazon.
Then cover with alcohol (like vodka) in whatever container you have.
I use mason jars as they are plentiful in my home and have lids.
Then you sit it in a dark place in your cupboard and wait. 
You can shake it every so often but it's not necessary.
Then after a couple month start checking it to see 
if it's got the flavour you want.
Oh, and it's good like with all pantry items 
to label it for what it is and when you started it.

While working in my kitchen I often pause 
to watch the birds and squirrels that come to the feeder
and also I think to watch us. :) 
Below this grey jay seemed keen on what I was doing in the kitchen.

This week I cleaned and re-organized the dining room hutch.
It's not a necessary part of homemaking,
but it is nice to change things up some.
I moved the candles about so that they can be lit without 
needing to be moved much or at all.
Then I was gifted a basket and so I tucked my tea set in there.
Easy to access and safe.

I had found this lovely towel at one of our local stores.
A local artist puts her work on tea towels
and it's beautiful and affordable.
I ironed it up and tacked it on the wall leading to the basement.  
There isn't great light in that space,
but it adds a wonderful splash of colour in a space 
that was before bare.

I also potted up some cuttings of this wandering jew plant.
My mother had sent up a plant with a friend from where she lived.
It got a bit damaged in the process getting home
so I just started yet another plant. 
I love this variation of wandering jew with the purple undersides to the leaves.
When I was young my mom's plant would bloom 
with these tiny delicate purple flowers.
I wonder if mine will to.

Thank you for dropping by today! 
I hope you are enjoying the shades you find in your winters
wherever you live. 
Little things to make you smile and bring contentment 
to your time as a homemaker. 

Love and Prayers,

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