Friday 17 July 2015

Out and About

Hello!  I've been out and about much lately.  Summer calls for lots of outside time, in the garden and in the bush.
I have had the pleasure of having my brother and sister-in-law visit and so we went out a bit more to show them around.
Some of our adventures were close to home, and others a bit further away. :)
We walked along our river and found some nice "swimming pools" and lots of wild blueberries (and we are going back for more! ).

We went canoeing at a nearby lake and the kids went swimming as it was just a bit too cool for me to join them.  We had a snack and relaxed on the beach in between canoeing.

We took a trip a ways from home to see Lake La Barge and then to Braeburn to enjoy some food at the Lodge there.
The day started out kinda gloomy, and turned into something glorious.   The scenery was stunning!

I love this picture because you can see the little patches of fireweed through the new growth that has come up after a fire decimated the area a few years ago.

Now with our company gone we'll continue to enjoy the garden and the outdoors.  It's been so nice to enjoy things from out own garden and to just be blessed in the part we get to play in it.  I love getting my hands dirty...and today I planted some flowers that my Mom sent up with my brother. :)  Shasta Daisy, Prairie Mallow, & Hollyhock.  They're all small, but being perennials, will hopefully bring years of lovely flowers if I can keep them alive through the winter.

What have you been up to thus far this summer?