Wednesday 14 January 2015

The Promise of New Life

Hello Friends!  Thought I'd take a pic of my hyacinth bulb that is starting to grow.  I just love the new life that springs forth from bulbs. :)  I watch with anticipation for each new development.
It's that way spiritually to.  As I read more of God's Word (KJV) then I find that I am growing along with it.  I'm always excited to see what the Lord has for me and even though much of it challenges me, that's what makes me grow.  To turn from evil and do what is good.  To become more and more like my Saviour the Lord Jesus Christ.  Precious are all the little developments that come.

I have also been making mittens.  These are from a new pattern and I really love it! I made two sets for my boys even though there's a bit of purple in them.  So not totally boyish, but I thought they'd pass.  Then I sewed in some fleece liners to keep them toasty while out playing in the snow.
So Just a couple of thins I've been doing.  It's super warm today as we're having a chinook here in the Yukon.  So the snow is melting and dripping from the trees.  
Have a beautiful day!