Monday 25 September 2023

Homemaking Mondays: Cottagecore in the Home


I pray you are enjoying your day.
It is damp, cold, and rainy here.
The clouds are low
and are backlighting the glowing trees.
I love this time of year because it still feels so bright
outside even with the dreary days.
Once the trees have shed their leaves
covering up the little critters that hibernate
and change the look of the forest once again.
Soon the colour will change to browns and muted greens
that is until the snow comes. 

I've been seeing a lot about cottage core design
around as of late.
It's always something I've enjoyed and have pondered
how it has come into my home.
I love the ideals behind the aesthetic.  
It makes spaces cozy, inviting, lived in, and welcoming.
It comes in so many different ways which 
brings in the uniqueness of each home and family.
I love how brings together those things that are older
and newer in a delightful melody. 
To have nature mixed in with the plants and flowers
at times birds and other animals (real and depicted). 

In the kitchen I love to have items 
I use all the time out on display 
where they are easily accessible and pretty.
To fill window spaces with plants and flowers.
Then I also love layering baskets 
just because I think it's pretty.

The view from the kitchen window 
is one of my favourite ones.
To be blessed to watch each day change
as I go about homemaking.
Below the fog is just lifting from the lake
as the sun comes up.
The frost is glistening on the far shore.
The light will spread it's way through the trees 
and the little animals will be scurrying about
more as it warms.

I love the way that with cottage core
it is a natural collection of 
this and that.
Beauty and functionality.
Toss in some candles
an old wooden tray that is re-painted
and some leaves and acorns from a dear friend.

I painted this old frame and added some pretty paper 
to it and it brightens that space. 

I love plants.
I'm sure you've gathered that about me.
I love to spread out the plants here and there.
Close to windows and bright spots.
It's good for the air quality
and the variety brings interest to the home.
I like to add doilies to little tables
and spaces.
For beauty and to protect surfaces.

I have come to love birds indoors
and like to have them tucked in here
and there among things.
This sweet bird below I found at the free store.
Neglected and tossed on the ground.
It needed to come home and hide in some greenery.

I love how the cottage core lends towards the natural.
I recently obtained these new cleaning tools.
They are so nice to use and I think they look
much nicer then the plastic ones I used to have. 
I love how they will also last much longer.

As with much of this look 
I feel that it creates a love for older things.
Items that still have much use left in them that have
often been set aside or discarded by others
in favour of newer things.
To be able to pull out things to continue to be useful 
and cherished is something I enjoy.
It is a look, or more so a lifestyle that cherishes
the simple things and joys in our lives.
Even though it's not a minimalistic look
it is a look that incorporates usefulness and beauty together.

It makes me want to put the kettle on and brew a cup of tea.
To sit and snuggle under a homemade blanket
watching the light change in the room as time passes. 
Perhaps with a book you love or a knitting project on the go.
To be slow and intentional.
To be able to take notice in all that God has created 
and enabled you to have.
The items are not to clutter your life
but to be of use to you.
Importantly... monetary cost is not to be considered.
Items that are free or minimal have the same value as those
that may cost much more.

Each home has a look that suits them
and I think I have found many cottage core 
choices in my home. 
Items that have come naturally into our space
that we share.
A look that I didn't go looking for
but one that has just come about over the years.

Perhaps it is time for a cup of tea. 
Thank you so much for dropping by 
to listen to my ramblings.

Love and Prayers,

Monday 18 September 2023

Homemaking Mondays: Do You See What Is Around You?


I hope you are enjoying the lovely fall 
that is either full on
or just sharing glimpses of what is to come.
Here the colours are exploding 
the frost and fog over the lake is amazing.
It creates such a lovely scene that beacons
one to venture outside.
Fall is for me the best season.

I came across this quote 
by a writer I have heard of.
I don't usually share quotes by people
although this to me rang true.
To just walk somewhere to get where
you are going
isn't the best way to walk.
To be able to take in what is around you
to smell the scents wafting on the breeze
and feel the breeze or the mist rising around the lake.
To be very much understanding that 
the Lord Jesus has created all this.
To come in it's season.
Walking is a wonderful way to spend time.

Being out in the yard
doing odd chores
to notice the beautiful colour
of the rose bushes that have turned
from yellows and oranges to reds.
Just like the lovely scrub birch.
I actually cut some scrub birch branches 
tucked them into a vase in my room to enjoy
some of that colour indoors.
Summer flowers have faded 
and have been replaced by fall's grandeur. 

I took this picture out on the road the other day.
My son was driving...yes another driver in the family.
The low clouds are a delight to me 
as many of you know I love clouds.
Here in the mountains the beauty
of the layers of clouds that at times are so low
that you drive down into them in the valleys
delights me. 
Simple things in nature that perhaps we 
overlook in our focus to be somewhere else.

Here in the home there are always tasks
that we rush through just to get them done.
Perhaps we should consider our homes like the places we walk.
We should think of the the things we see, smell, and taste.
Are we actually observant to what is in our homes?
Do we actually see those little details that beckon us to care for?
Just even the scent of our cleaner as we wipe up messes. 
The feel of the fabric as we fold our laundry.
The way the light glints off a mirror.
Those are my thoughts today.

I hope you have a wonderful day 
keeping your home!

Love and Prayers,

Monday 11 September 2023

Homemaking Mondays: Gleanings


It's a beautiful fall day here
and the sun is shining.
It's crisp and cool
and the colours are changing quickly 
in the trees and undergrowth.

The garden flowers are now coming indoors
as we enjoy the last little touches of summer.
Above are some flowers that I gleaned from the
community garden before the frosts killed them.
Lavatera and cosmos
are such cheerful flowers.
I now have another lovely bouquet of them 
on my kitchen table.

This harvest season is a season for gleaning.
Just as Ruth and Naomi 
gleaned in the fields to provide for their needs
so can we glean from what the Lord has provided
around where we live.
Our family is blessed to be a part of our 
community garden and we've had the blessing 
of some fresh produce.
Yesterday the community harvested the potatoes
so there are some in our pantry now.

There is also the forest around us 
that has extra food that we can glean/ forage.
I have already harvested a bunch of rose hips
and as the cranberries ripen enough I'll be picking some of those.
My father mentioned that he and my mother 
were able to glean some apples from a tree
that no one wanted and were able to make applesauce with them.
Do you have those kinds of opportunities where you are?
Sometimes it just takes asking.  

With school starting
my son moved the one desk from the living room 
into his bedroom to do his lessons.
Teenagers do enjoy their own personal space.
So into it's old place I moved my yarn stash.
It's now more accessible
so I hope it will prompt me to do more.
I have been looking for sales on yarn 
which a great way to build up 
a stash so that it's ready to go if needed.

I was asked by a lovely lady to create 
a baby boy blanket for her.  
I went on Pinterest to look at ideas 
and this one jumped out at me. 
It's Cloudburst by LeeLee knits.
I had navy/white/ & flannel yarn for the colours.
So nice to grab the yarn from the stash 
and get started right away.

With the forest gleanings I have made is
this lovely bunch of rose hips.
They will go into jam with some cranberries.
I have already dried some for tea for the winter.
Sometimes I find myself just taking a basket with me into the woods
just to see what I can find.

How about you? 
Do you enjoy gleaning for your family?
If so what are some things that you have found?

I pray you have a blessed day.
Love and Prayers,

Monday 4 September 2023

Homemaking Mondays: Do You Have Lists?


How is your day?
As September begins 
so does a lot of things.
There was snow on the mountain this week 
as the temps dropped and the rain came.
The leaves are changing and the frosts
are starting to leave lovely patterns 
for us in the mornings.

I had my birthday a couple days ago
and was gifted some thoughtful gifts.
Some new oven mitts as mine are getting thin.
They're beautiful blue and white to match my kitchen.
Some lovely smelling soap,
and a beautiful new pad for my grocery lists.
If you know me, you know I'm a list person.
So this new pad will be delightful to use.
Are you familiar with Wrendale designs?
It is one of my favourite companies
with their delightful array of birds and animals.

With fall comes new jobs.
I cleaned out the sunroom 
of all the sand of summer and put things
back in their place.
I brought in some of the flowers 
to keep them out of the frosts
for a little while longer.
I also brought some mint 
that will go into some nice 
cups of tea.

As I was moving the flowers
I noticed that the chamomile had a few more blossoms.
So I think this is the last of them for the season. 
I have just placed them in this pretty dish
to dry for tea.
This morning I am having a lovely blend of
chamomile, calendula, peppermint, & fireweed green
tea with cream.
I'm getting more used to tea that is unsweetened.

A new carnivore meal that I made is
meat pizza.
I spread a thin layer of hamburger
covered with diced pepperoni
and topped with some grated marble cheese.
It was delicious and I am thinking 
of all the variations we could make.
It will be a good meal to use up leftover meat.

My husband took me on another 
lovely day trip.
We took our new to us camper truck.
We drove out to this amazing lake and stopped 
at the campground there for a meal and a nap.

There was a sweet little pathway from the campsite to the lake.

I just love the mountain views 
that you can see from the road.

The peaceful sound of the waves on the 
rocky shore made me want to 
stay there for hours.

What have you been up to as fall 
has been coming around?

I hope you have a beautiful day 
keeping your home! 

Love and Prayers,