Monday 26 April 2021

Homemaking Mondays: From Seeds to Jars


I hope you are enjoying the day 
and all that comes with it.
Here it's a sunny spring day and the snow is 
continuing to melt outside.

Inside the seedlings are growing well.
They are loving the extra warmth from the sun
and I have started to take seedlings out to my sunroom 
so they can get some more light now that 
it's warm enough for them. 
It doesn't get direct light all day
but for a few hours it helps since it's more then
they get in the windows.
Plus it helps to harden them off
as it's much cooler out there then in the 
house against the windows.

I like to watch how things progress from seeds to jars.
The tomato seedlings are getting nice and tall. 
They will be up potted into bigger containers and then again
in a few weeks to their permanent ones.
Each time I plant them deeper in the soil so that the 
stems can put out more roots and grow a stronger plant. 

Once the plants produce then I'm going to be saving tomatoes
to make roasted tomato soup.
I just canned up some more this week as there was
a sale on tomatoes at the store. 
I look forward to having fresh ones from our garden.
Although especially the very first ones...
just go right into our mouths. 

This week has also been a week for making cards.
I'd like to share with you this one as 
it just makes me smile!
I made this for special friends.

Flowers in all shapes.
I checked the perennial flower bed.
The snow is now off of it and you can burrow your 
fingers about four inches down before hitting ice.
I'll be watering them with warm water...
and before long we should see some lovely little shoots.

Right now we have gardening on our minds as 
the house is full of extra plants. 
It's time to also clean out the freezer and can up the 
extra fruit that is still there. 
In a month we'll be eating fresh rhubarb.  
It is interesting to watch the journey of a plant. 
Each plant that the Lord has created has a purpose. 
Either for food or pleasure or both.

Praying you have a beautiful day! 

Love and Prayers,

Monday 19 April 2021

Homemaking Mondays: Touching the Soil


How is your homemaking day? 
The past few days here the sun has been warm 
and is melting away the snow. 
There are little patches of ground showing here and there 
just enough to enjoy some time in bare feet.

The plants have been loving the added sunshine. 
They are growing nicely and by the time it's 
warm enough for them to be outside they'll be ready.

Our cucumber and squash seeds are germinating and 
soon they'll be taking over the window space.
The warmth and brightness are so welcome to the plants 
as well as to ourselves.

The bright sunlight has also brought out more blossoms inside the house.
A cheerful addition to the room. 

Outside the garden beds are starting to show.  
Once the snow gets down a bit further 
I will cover them with some frost blankets 
to help them get ready for planting.
I'm looking forward to touching the soil.
May sound funny to some....
but there is something very special and satisfying 
about playing in the dirt.
Perhaps that is something that is just a special memory
from when I was a young child?
As I've gotten older I have learned that dirt isn't just dirt
but it's another whole amazing world the Lord Jesus 
has created. 
There is a lot of life in the soil.

I think soil..or dirt is such a big part of homemaking.
We garden in it, we wash it off our food, 
we wash it off our kids and ourselves.
We wash it off our floors and out of our clothing.
At times in the past I've been very put out about how much dirt there is.
Now....the Lord has given me another insight into it.
It's a part of our lives...not a problem. 
Just another aspect of the world God has placed us in.
Dirt means there is growth.
Dirt means there is life happening.
All a part of caring for our homes and our families.
Perhaps touching the soil...will make you smile.

Love and Prayers,

Monday 12 April 2021

Homemaking Mondays: Fresh From The Oven


How has your week been? 
Mine has been going back and forth between
spring and winter blasts. 
More snow and bits of sunshine here and there. 
Inside is homey and smells of 
fresh bread right out of the oven.
It's so nice to have fresh skillet buns 
to go along with a roast chicken dinner. 

Chocolate chip cookies in the cookie jar. 
It's that time when we seem to be craving 
things fresh from the oven.

This week I've been separating out some seedlings
to encourage them to grow more.
I've also been re-arranging things in front of the windows 
to try to get the most of the light.
Below I have lemon balm that will be so nice 
in hot tea or infused in chilled water through the summer.

There is a salad mix growing in the window. 
Still a tad too small to snitch. 
It won't be long before we will have the odd leaves 
to add to sandwiches. 

I had up potted my lemon oregano plant 
and it has just exploded in new growth. 
It'll make some nice meals and tea
plus lots to share.

Talking about sharing...
we have some new critters sharing our yard.
Not sure for how long, but for now we are enjoying them.
A couple mule deer came walking up our snowshoe trail
and decided to hang around and nibble on our little trees.

One was also checking out the one bird feeder 
before moving around the house. 
Below he is just past our carport.

Then we have also been blessed with 
some lovely little snow bunting birds. 
They are very busy and it's fun to watch them run 
and slide through the snow as they feed.
At first they scared away the other little birds....
but they are starting to all get along.

I hope your homemaking day is going splendid! 

Love and Prayers,

Monday 5 April 2021

Homemaking Mondays: Habitat of Home


I hope you are enjoying the day.  
It's been a snowy day here although with the temperature up around freezing 
it is still very pleasant to be outside.

In our homeschool day a couple of my children 
are doing profiles for birds. 
It's part of an eco-system/ habitat/ permaculture study 
that we are doing for around our home. 

Since we've not lived at this place for a long time we are going to 
study a bit more about what lives here, what we would like to live here,
and how to make it all work together in a 
lovely habitat called home.

Just like how we create an inviting habitat 
 inside our homes for our families
it is nice to create a habitat in our yards 
for those creatures that call it home.

For instance.  We know the types of birds that come to our feeders.
What kinds of things would encourage them to stick around come summer?
What kinds of nests do they build...could we supply some of those materials?
Would they benefit from a birdhouse? 
What kinds of insects do we want to be in our yard...
and no there is no choice but to include the mosquitos. 
We want to encourage beneficial bugs and birds to help
with our gardening and flowers.  
Would could we add to the yard that would be inviting? 
What flowers should be planted?  
Are they going to be a good
addition to the habitat or are they invasive? 
So...just a good discussion and study 
to spend some time on. 

There are also some lovely pink flowers blooming in the house. 
They make a nice fresh burst of colour.

I hope you are having a lovely day! 
Do let me know if you do special things
for the habitat of your home in your yard?

Love and Prayers,