Monday 18 December 2023

Homemaking Mondays: Winter Thoughts


The winter has been so warm here this year

with the temperatures going up around the freezing mark often.

It makes it nice to be outside...although 

it has been darker with more cloud cover and the ground

being so slippery.  

Roads are harder to navigate and takes more caution.

Especially for my son who is learning to drive.

I often will drive the first part of a trip out 

to see how the roads are before handing over the keys to him.

He is a very good driver...but you know...I'm a nervous mom.

With the darkness, I love the moments 

where the sun bursts through the clouds and fills the sky

with golden light.

Sometimes I will find myself at the window just soaking up

the rays of sunshine. It never lasts long.

I love how the sunshine brings a warmth to a room or outdoor space.


It has been making me think about how we make our homes inviting.

How can we be the sunshine for our family?

Do we greet our family with a smile and a kind word?

This month is my younger daughter's birthday.

It has been a blessing to be apart of her life as she grows

in the grace and knowledge of the Lord Jesus

as well as in beauty.

I've not been making as many cards lately

but whenever I sit down to make one it is special 

because of who I'm making one for.

 I've been doing more knitting but haven't gotten 

those projects completed yet.  

It's good to have a full work basket

with new projects and mending. 

One part of making wool socks is darning the holes.

I've been still enjoying the carnivore way of eating.

I'm feeling stronger and the scale has started moving down again.

I have tried a new meal.

It's sardines/ eggs/ parmesan cheese 

mixed up and cooked in my waffle iron.

Slather some butter on top and yum! 

Strange how I can now admit I like sardines. 

My children and I last night went to our community centre

for their yearly sparkler skate. 

It was fun to be out and enjoy the company of my kids on the ice

and of friends and community members.

Young and old alike out on the ice.

Great skaters and those who needed to be careful and go slow.

I actually love these kinds of events because of what it teaches my kids.

People worry about socialization with homeschoolers.

The truth is that when your children engage in activities with 

people of all ages they learn so much more then being with 

people their own age more. 

Yes, it's great to have friends your age as you can relate to them 

in the stages of your life.

The lessons and understanding you learn from older people 

or lessons you can share with younger ones.

It's special to watch my children come alongside young children

voluntarily helping them and bringing smiles to their faces

just because.

Then to watch them sit down with men and women much older

asking them questions and listening to their lives.

We all need all of these relationships. 

Our community centre has a wonderful

Olympic size rink as well as a tennis court next to it.

This year our "ice man" has created this serpentine track to enjoy.

One fun thing with sparklers...they are more fun in the dark!

Thanks for dropping by today.
I pray you have a wonderful week! 
Thank you for all of you that leave comments
and share a piece of your lives with me.

Love and Prayers,

Monday 4 December 2023

Homemaking Mondays: The Lord Provides for Even Simple Things


I am always amazed at how the Lord 

provides for the simplest things that you would think

that he wouldn't find important.

I needed a frame for my puzzle that I just glued.

Then off to the free store I went for our regular dump day.

Just waiting for me was this frame.

I did have to cut the top of the puzzle down by an inch

but then it slid right in perfectly. 

This kind of thing has happened in my life so many times.

Does God care?  Yes! 

Not only does the Lord Jesus provide us salvation for our sin

but he also provides for those little details in our lives

that we often don't even voice. 

So I to the Lord about everything.

It may surprise you what he provides. 

This week I've  been able to finish up a couple more

pairs of socks.

The one above I ran out of the one colour so I added 

a fun pink toe.

It was the same kind of yarn so the texture was consistent.

So this morning I'm back to working on my crochet project

my blue afghan.

The sky is grey and the trees have a fresh dusting of snow

that is softening the world outside. 

I went out and fed the birds this morning

and added a little "fat cake" for them as it's getting colder.

I made these "fat cakes" for them out of pumpkin seeds

oatmeal and bacon fat.

It's a great way to use up leftover bacon fat and it 

nourishes them in the cold.

Do you make your own for the birds? 

What do you add to yours? 

My boys and I borrowed some skis for the winter

from our community center. 

It's so nice to be able to get out and glide 

along the paths.

I'm a bit stiff from my first journeys out

but that will pass as my muscles remember.

I wonder what trails I'll explore this winter? 

Do you like exploring?

I hope you have a wonderful week

keeping your homes and perhaps discovering 

a new trail or place to enjoy.

Love and Prayers,



Monday 27 November 2023

Homemaking Mondays: Rise and Shine!

Rise and Shine!

this is what I tell my children when I get them up in the morning.

This particular morning (10:15ish)

long after we were up the sky turned into this amazing

show of vibrant colour as the sun was coming up.

It lasted only a few minutes before being swallowed up in the cloud 

and the day turned grey with heavy cloud.

What a blessing it was to watch the Lord greet us with a cheerful day! 

How do you greet your family? 

The first words we speak to our family need to be loving and cheerful.

It really does set the stage for the entire day. 

No matter the weather, or the circumstances

let us as the keepers of our home

start each day with pleasantness and joy.

This week I've enjoyed a new combination of 

my favourite carnivore foods.

Smash burgers with crispy oven bacon

topped with crispy fried eggs. 

I could have this for any meal.  

Nutritious and Delicious!

This week I found this beautiful puzzle at Walmart.

I really enjoy some of Thomas Kincade's artwork.

This morning I just put in the last was the last of 1000 pieces.

It was challenging with all the similar colours 

but that is one of the things that makes puzzles so enjoyable.

Puzzles in the home helps to challenge, engages problem solving and fine motor skills.

Plus time spent around the puzzle board is wonderful 

for sweet conversation with all who come for a look or to put in a piece.

Also just a note I use a cork board to put puzzles together on

as they are solid and can easily be moved (slid under a couch) 

when that space is needed for other things.

I do have lots of other projects still on the go.

More socks, the afghan, and the quilt

that is taking shape as time allows.

What wonderful things have your fingers found to do

this lovely new day?

Thank you for dropping by! 

Love and Prayers,


Monday 20 November 2023

Homemaking Mondays: Each Day is a Piece in Your Life's Quilt


Are you enjoying a cup of tea today?
I made some green tea for myself. 
Well it's matcha powder (culinary grade)
but I'm not adding cream or milk to it at this point. 
Still delicious on a cold day.
Winter is deepening here in the Yukon and I woke to -25C.
It's dark and overcast and the snow 
is starting to filter down from the clouds.
The truck is plugged in so it starts nicely later. 

A couple of days ago the sun came out
and I went for a walk on the lake.
The snow was glittering like diamonds
and you could feel the sun's warmth.

Inside is warm and cozy.
This week I've been working 
on putting some pieces together.
I found them started and decided to 
create a pinwheel patter with them.
Next is some more ironing seams 
and then I'll stitch them together. 
I'll need to pick up some quilt batting 
in town this week.

I've also been finding new things to enjoy 

on my new way of eating. 

I fried up some beef fat trimmings and then saved 

the tallow for other things.

The crispy bits were delicious!  

I also have enjoyed having quail eggs.  

They are perfect boiled up for a quick little snack

or to go along with lunch.

The snow is brightening up the outside world 
even when not much light is available. 
With the cold the birds are delightfully fluffed.
They come out as the day lightens up 
looking for food and some company. 
Sometimes we have a bunch of chickadees, grey jays,
grosbeaks, and a squirrel 
all sharing at the feeder chattering 
amongst themselves. 
It can be very entertaining to fill the feeder
and then watch from the kitchen window.
My camera zoom isn't so great but below you 
can see the grey jays all fluffy on the branch.

So you could say this past week has been
a quiet and gentle week.
Not a lot of things going on but having a nice gentle rhythm.
The daily tasks being done around the home.
 I did up-pot a couple plants.
Not because the plants were growing too big
but because I'd killed the bigger plants. 
So I am just giving another plant a chance to try to survive in it. 
I have noticed once again the difference of cleaning the floors
when the house is more closed up. 
The freshness of the cleaners lingers.
This week I've used rose castile soap to mop with and it's so nice! 
A couple drops of essential oil (lavender) in the bathroom
after scrubbing the tub.
Little things of note that were sometimes missed
when the windows could be flung open to let in the fresh breeze.
Taking notice of the little things in our days
wondering what the bigger picture looks like.
The older I get and look back at time passed
I am noticing the quilt that is coming together. 
Just like the one I'm sewing. 
Each little piece has a place to match or contrast. 

I hope you have a lovely week! 
Love and Prayers,

Monday 13 November 2023

Homemaking Mondays: Organizing Projects and a Pile of Yarn


I hope you are having a lovely
homemaking day.
It's still a bit dark out here and we're waiting 
for the sun to come up over the mountain.
It's an interesting thing to wake with the stars shining bright.
As the light fills the sky I start
to ponder on the needs of the day.
One thing on my mind today is all the projects 
that I have ideas for.
Things I've gathered together to begin 
or have perhaps started already.
Do you do one project at a time?
or do you have multiple ones on the go 
at any given time? 
I am the multiple projects kinda person.
These are the projects 
on top of the regular homemaking needs you 
need to accomplish.

A lady I know brought up an idea to me
where she had heard of some people
organizing their days 
according to their projects.
She mentioned that some organized their time 
by hours...if of course you had no other commitments.

It made me wonder if this would be 
a beneficial habit for me to try.
To organize the day in such a way
as to give attention to each project. 
Perhaps that would enable me to accomplish more?
So I have decided that it would be good to 
take the spare time I have in the morning 
between working with my homeschool boys lessons
for yarn work.
I already to this most days.
At the moment I have a pair of socks I'm knitting,
some darning to do and a new blanket I've begun.
I could do some on each if it suited me that day.
That will be morning work.
Then in the afternoon if I find spare time I 
will go to the sewing room and work on the next 
needed sewing project.
I've a quilt that I'm starting.
I have a stack of sewing projects
that I have ideas for.
One thing at a time.
So not a detailed plan, but a more focused one.
I have decided to write in my planner 
what projects I need to focus on in order.
So I hope to be able to accomplish more.

There are always other projects,
like shovelling snow, making jerky, baking bread,
organizing books, planning lessons and appointments
that will always just be thrown in 
wherever they are needed. 
For me the idea of some of the other creative things
I should be more intentional about.
So...after I get the jerky in the oven I'll sit myself down 
and play with some yarn.

This past week I walked into the yarn section 
of Walmart to be surprised by 
a fully stocked light blue (storm blue) yarn.
Most of the yarn was cleaned out due to 
the season of making gifts.
So I quickly scooped up a few balls.
I've been looking for this shade of blue for a long time.
I'm going to make a throw blanket for my bedroom to match 
my blue and white quilt. 
I've picked a beautiful shell pattern that has a bit 
of a lacy feel to it.
It's a simple pattern as it's just two alternating rows.
So a peaceful relaxing project.
I have looked at some of the other amazing patterns
out there...but honestly it would take so much more effort
to make something intricate.
So simple does the job for me.

Also for me I've decided to simplify my work baskets.
To just having what I'm actually doing 
and not all the ones I want to do as it makes me a bit overwhelmed.

Sometimes it's nice to exchange a crochet hook from knitting needles.

SO just a few thoughts today.
How do you get through projects?
Do you just take them as they come or do you plan them out?

I hope you have a wonderful day! 

Love and Prayers,

Monday 6 November 2023

Homemaking Mondays: Rising In The Darkness


What would you do on a dark winter morning?
Do you turn on all the lights and music to bring your 
home to life? or do you slowly ease into the day
with softness and quiet?
Perhaps with some tea or coffee?

Well...this morning 
I have picked up some new yarn my daughter gave me
and asked me to make her something.
It's a cowl and I am doing a couple rows
of knit and a couple of pearl to make it ribbed.
The colours remind me of coral in the ocean
with it's at times bright colours and others darker.
I was doing this as the day started today.
Not too many lights other then those that were needed.

Sometimes mornings are lovely when they 
are slowly started. 
No bright lights or loud sounds.
Just a gentle way to start the day.
Delightful with a cup of tea.

One little detail I added to the house this week
was this cute little mirror I found
at the free store.
I hung it above my yarn stash and it reflects 
a nice little touch of light in that darker corner.

I also found a couple baskets at the free store.
They were a bit dirty so I washed them up.
The one basket is a hamper size.
It's lovely and had some mold in the bottom.
SO...peroxide to the rescue. 
I just soaked it in the tub with peroxide and water.
Once it was dry I put it into our room.
It's a tad smaller then my regular basket
and that might be a good thing.
It'll prompt me to do it before it becomes 
too big for one load.
Do you overload your washer sometimes?
I am guilty of that. 

The other basket is a nice size with a handle...and 
it's going in my craft room to hold my current sewing projects. 
Do you have sewing work baskets? 
I find this helpful so that I don't pull out more then I can 
focus on and accomplish. 
It's easy for me to get overwhelmed with ideas 
and then get to where they don't get completed in a timely manner.
I spread out this handmade crocheted table cloth
(it's just for a small table).
I found it at the free store as well and it's lovely!
One day I dream of being able to make something like that.

Well the day is getting away from me.
So I'm off to get some lunch on for the family.

I hope you have a beautiful day!

Love and Prayers,

Monday 30 October 2023

Homemaking Mondays: Frost and Focus


I hope your homemaking day 
is going smoothly. 
It's a gentle morning here as the light 
slowly creeps into the sky. 
It's cloudy and we have a fresh dusting of snow.
I have a candle burning to give 
a touch of soft light to the room.
The curtains are now opened and
even through it's partway through the morning
the light begs to be noticed.
Such are winters in the north.
When you can wake up at a reasonable time
and still see stars shimmering in the sky.

A lovely part of winter here
is when the ice freezes before the snow comes.
This year it has frozen really hard and is very safe.
My children and I have been out enjoying 
skating all around the lake.
The one morning it was super foggy
and added a kind of cozy feel.
It just lightly touched you as you glided through it.
The ice wasn't clear anymore but like frosted glass.
I made it around the lake just a couple times
more then I used to so that was a win for me.
With this diet I'm finding I can physically do more and that is nice.
I'm 50 lbs down at 25 weeks on Carnivore.

Then while I waited for my kids to go around a couple more times,
I snuggled under a blanket and enjoyed the sounds 
of the lake as there was movement over it.
There was a grey jay that came down to keep me company.
Fresh and peaceful.

The day before the sun shone bright in a blue sky.
I took the chance to take some pictures of the frost in the sunlight.

It never ceases to amaze me how the Lord Jesus
has created such an intricate masterpiece
that stays for just a short season.
The snow crystals often blowing apart with a breeze
or melting in the brief sunshine.

I have added a couple more plants to my home.
Yes, I killed the one plant that was in this pot.
I love plants and have quite a few...but I can't keep them all alive.
I have learned that it's ok to fail at some things and to just move on.
This time I found a lovely ivy and tucked it in a new space in the house.
I have this lovely red table and added a large plate to the bottom supports.
Then I put a doily on top of that under the pot so it wouldn't slip around.
I hope it thrives here.

The other plants I added to my kitchen windows for now.
As the seasons change the kitchen windowsills change.
No more cut flowers from the garden.
Time for something a bit more green as the world outside turns white.
My violets are blooming purple and pink 
and they add a wonderful pop of colour as well.

It's been a week and just the bare minimum 
of household jobs have been done.
We've been out of the home more and then enjoying the outdoors.
So this coming week I'll need to focus on getting corners 
that had been neglected last.
If we leave some things too long it just builds up to 
a bigger job then need be.
An effort a day keeps failure away.

With homeschooling I have a stack of books 
that need to be looked through to decide on study projects.
I have that alongside my knitting so I can take breaks 
from one task and do the other. 
Very convenient so there is no excuse not to get it done. 
Sometimes I find I have to be more focused 
on managing my time. 
That is a challenge of being home.
We must be the ones to set our limits/boundaries
and then stick to them.

I hope you have a lovely 
homemaking day! 

Love and Prayers,

Monday 23 October 2023

Homemaking Mondays: Needing a Touch of Warmth


I hope you are cozy on this Monday.
Here winter has come and the temps are dropping.
I'm enjoying the brightness the snow is bringing 
to the landscape.
At night the northern lights have been dancing
bringing colour to the night sky.
Even though we are heading into a season 
with lots of darkness
there are touches of light at special times
to help dispel it.

Inside it's cozy with the heavier woollen blankets 
set out and I was blessed to find
one of those weighted blankets at the free store
for us to snuggle under.  
I actually found two, but one has been 
gladly accepted by my daughters for their home.

I myself love to go barefoot in the house
and now have a pair of warm socks tucked into
the tops of my boots to slip on when going outside.
I've been working on a new pair of wool socks for myself.
the bright cheerful yarn was a gift from a dear friend
and it's quite fun to knit with. 

Along with the new season
comes the need for new outdoor wear.
The entry way has now been filled with warm coats,
big boots and lots of hats/mitts/& scarves.

This past fall my son painted the frame for this mirror for me.
It's an old mirror from my husband's grandmother.
The plastic had yellowed more with age and needed a refresh.
Then I wanted to add some colour to the plain empty wall above
where the boys keep all their "accessories". 
My daughter had left this big beautiful picture of wildflowers
and then I printed off some pictures from the internet I loved.
One day I'd love to have a real copy of them...but that is for future.
For now they are just tacked up...I have yet to find a frame for them.

Then I when I put away the summer hats needed a place
for a couple hats that I didn't want squished in a box. 
I picked up a couple little hooks and installed those on the wall
so the hats will hang all year and be out of the way, yet accessible. 

The morning after the lake froze
dawned bright and filled with sunshine!
It was glorious to see the yellow light spread 
about the lake and into the trees 
as the sun came above the mountain.

There has been one brave soul 
out skating thus far...but it was not me.
I shall wait till the ice is a lot thicker
before I venture out. 
Hopefully we won't get much snow before we
have a chance to skate about on it.
It is so nice to be able to go all the way around the lake
and at times be able to gaze through the ice 
to the world below.

The lake as it's freezing
has come back to life with it's "sounds".
At times cracking, moaning, or just sounding like whales
calling to each other. 
Very interesting to listen to at night.

What kinds of things have you 
added to your home 
to add a touch of warmth to it?

I pray you have a blessed day!

Love and Prayers,

Monday 16 October 2023

Homemaking Mondays: Something For Those Special People In Our Lives



It's a heavy fog kind of day here
and the lake is completely obscured. 
The fog is brightening up the outdoors and even though
the sun is not yet up it is cheerful out.
The grey jays are flittering about
waiting for their morning 
We now have four of them
and I love how they sit on the branches around the feeder
saying hello.
For some reason I find their conversation
very sweet.
I joined my husband for his morning walk
and it is so lovely and crisp
with the frost
having spread about the leaves
and needles on the evergreens.

This past week I finished up making some cards.
I know there are many ways to tell others
that they are important to us
and that we're thinking of them.
For me creating cards is a special way to do this.
In all of our busy lives...we need to make time 
to let others know that they are not forgotten or unseen.
To give them something small
just to let them know they're special to us.
Do you know someone that may be encouraged
to know that they are thought of?

I put together a couple little baskets
simple soap/candles/washcloths.
Something practical and lovely.
For those that the Lord has put in my life
that I see often.
Their smiles uplift me and brighten my days.

It was my parents 50th wedding anniversary
this past week.
A wonderful milestone in marriage.
Praying for them as they continue on this 
journey of life together.

This past week we also 
splurged and bought a new carpet.
No it's not very big. I was hoping for a larger size
but it is a nice
cozy spot in the middle of the room.
Our dog is quite delighted with it
and readily sprawls out to the sunlight.
It is not too thin so that your toes can sink in as you walk across it.

We have also been blessed with finding some 
nice curtains at the free store. 
We picked up a simple curtain rod at Walmart
and my son installed it for me.
Now we'll have an extra layer of protection
from the cold on winter nights.

Thanks for dropping by today!
I'm so thankful for each of you that take
time out of your days 
to pop by!

Love and Prayers,

Monday 9 October 2023

Homemaking Mondays: Do You See The Details

This past week we got our first snow. 
Of course it never lasts.
It was lovely to see the snow melting on the leaves.
Like little globes magnifying the details on each leaf.
The snow brightened up the colour of the fallen leaves 
just as it brightened up the forest
even in the wee hours of the morning
when the light of dawn had been previously dim.

I really enjoy leaves.
All the shades of colour from just one tree.
With all the sizes and vein patterns.
It reminds me of fingerprints and snowflakes.
All of them unique and beautiful.
How many times do we stop to actually look at the details?
Do we just flatly think...oh leaves?
Or do we seek out their uniqueness? 

Then as the temperature dropped in the night
the little droplets froze and held their little 
lenses clearly.
Sometimes I wonder if we look at our lives this way to?
Like taking little portions of it
and putting it under a clear globe to notice the tiny details. 
If you do...what do you see?
Do you see the beauty or the flaws or the quirky details?
Each has it's place and part in the bigger picture.

After the snow came more rain.
The low lying clouds and fog over the lake are so pretty.
The snow is gone and puddles and squishy ground remain. 
I find myself very quiet, watching the season change
and taking in the details.
The wind blowing leaves and water droplets from the trees.
The birds coming back to check on the feeder.
Soon I will be putting out some seeds for them
but for now I'm holding off because of the hungry bears.
I do go out and feed the grey jays from my hand
as they are super friendly.
There have been some beautiful swans that have
stopped over to rest on the lake, 
waiting out some of the bad weather.

It is fun to also watch the squirrels scampering about
storing the last of what they can find.
They are getting their thicker fur 
and that makes them look even chubbier then before.
There is one that likes to come up on the windowsills and peek in.
I think it would love to be invited in but that won't be happening.
Soon it can enjoy the bird feeder 
and that will help it to 
keep warm.
I saw a tip to use bacon fat mixed with oatmeal
to make feeders for the birds for winter.
So...I have some of that started and after it 
gets really cold out I'll put some out for the birds
and who knows...the squirrels might like bacon to?

We got a new rug for our living room 
which is off gassing in our spare room for now.
We had to get rid of our old one due to mold.
This new one will add a new layer of comfort to the room.
Then next item I need to find is a curtain rod for the big window. 
I found curtains at the free store, so next is to get them up.
Another layer for winter to help keep out the cold at night.
I haven't had curtain in the living room for a few years
so this will be different.

This weekend I was gifted this lovely tea cup.
The lady no longer had need of it and I was delighted to give it a new home.
It has such a nice handle on it.  
Some tea cups are awkward to hold, but not this one.
The pattern is simple and elegant.
There is a stain on the inside that I've yet to be able to get out.
I tried baking soda, which usually works for me.
Do you have another suggestion?
I tried to find out how old it was but couldn't...yet.
No matter...I enjoy it and will use it and that is what it's all about.
As seen above... I enjoyed a pot of tea.
I like this tray because I can sit it on the couch next to me 
and not worry about spills. 
Our little moveable end table is in use at the moment 
holding a board with a puzzle in progress.
My one son and I are enjoying puzzle building and this is our 
third one in a row.
The first two we glued and put up in his room
although I'm not sure the third one will have that same purpose.
I find that doing puzzles really helps 
to problem solve and makes one focus on details.
Helps with memory and fine motor skills.
Those things in our days
often have more purpose then just entertainment.

On the yarn front... I have finished a pair of socks for my niece
and those will be popped in the mail soon. 
Next I'm going to knit some socks for me as I could use another pair.
The "mens" socks are still serviceable at this point.
I found another wooden tool at the free store that is 
like a darning mushroom.
I looked it up and it's a wooden massager from the Body Shop.
Called a Thai wooden relaxer
that is much cheaper then getting an actual darning mushroom.
If you wanted a cheaper option for that tool.
Lightbulbs do work but I like the unbreakableness of the wood.
That will get good use keeping those socks useable. 

I think that homemade or store bought knit or crocheted items 
are so wonderful this time of year. 
The dampness of the changing seasons seems to call for wool.
A dear friend of mine is making a sweater...and that sounds like a great idea to try! 
I love how wool is so warm even if it's wet.
I have ideas for some wool mittens this winter as well. 
I love those nordic patterns but that is beyond my skill level.
What style of mittens do you enjoy?

Well...time to go strip the sheets on the beds and get them in the laundry.
Even without having the option of the clothesline anymore
it's a necessary change up.
Time for some warmer sheets....something flannel I think.

I hope you have a lovely homemaking day! 

Love and Prayers,