Monday 20 November 2023

Homemaking Mondays: Each Day is a Piece in Your Life's Quilt


Are you enjoying a cup of tea today?
I made some green tea for myself. 
Well it's matcha powder (culinary grade)
but I'm not adding cream or milk to it at this point. 
Still delicious on a cold day.
Winter is deepening here in the Yukon and I woke to -25C.
It's dark and overcast and the snow 
is starting to filter down from the clouds.
The truck is plugged in so it starts nicely later. 

A couple of days ago the sun came out
and I went for a walk on the lake.
The snow was glittering like diamonds
and you could feel the sun's warmth.

Inside is warm and cozy.
This week I've been working 
on putting some pieces together.
I found them started and decided to 
create a pinwheel patter with them.
Next is some more ironing seams 
and then I'll stitch them together. 
I'll need to pick up some quilt batting 
in town this week.

I've also been finding new things to enjoy 

on my new way of eating. 

I fried up some beef fat trimmings and then saved 

the tallow for other things.

The crispy bits were delicious!  

I also have enjoyed having quail eggs.  

They are perfect boiled up for a quick little snack

or to go along with lunch.

The snow is brightening up the outside world 
even when not much light is available. 
With the cold the birds are delightfully fluffed.
They come out as the day lightens up 
looking for food and some company. 
Sometimes we have a bunch of chickadees, grey jays,
grosbeaks, and a squirrel 
all sharing at the feeder chattering 
amongst themselves. 
It can be very entertaining to fill the feeder
and then watch from the kitchen window.
My camera zoom isn't so great but below you 
can see the grey jays all fluffy on the branch.

So you could say this past week has been
a quiet and gentle week.
Not a lot of things going on but having a nice gentle rhythm.
The daily tasks being done around the home.
 I did up-pot a couple plants.
Not because the plants were growing too big
but because I'd killed the bigger plants. 
So I am just giving another plant a chance to try to survive in it. 
I have noticed once again the difference of cleaning the floors
when the house is more closed up. 
The freshness of the cleaners lingers.
This week I've used rose castile soap to mop with and it's so nice! 
A couple drops of essential oil (lavender) in the bathroom
after scrubbing the tub.
Little things of note that were sometimes missed
when the windows could be flung open to let in the fresh breeze.
Taking notice of the little things in our days
wondering what the bigger picture looks like.
The older I get and look back at time passed
I am noticing the quilt that is coming together. 
Just like the one I'm sewing. 
Each little piece has a place to match or contrast. 

I hope you have a lovely week! 
Love and Prayers,


Anonymous said...

Life is a quilt of happenings. If only we could clearly remember all the little thing that brought everything together.

Sister in the Mid-west said...

Those quilt pieces are so quaint! They make me want to do some quilting, too.
I like to fry chicken skins (that I take off of chicken thighs) and render all the fat out. The fat is good for other cooking projects and the crispy skin pieces are really yummy, in my opinion.

Marilyn @ MountainTopSpice said...

Beautiful thoughts shared Jennifer! I agree, life is like a quilt, made up of wonderful good things that are small and simple in nature, but bring so much joy when all pieced together. We have little to no snow here yet. I have bird feeders that I enjoy watching through our windows too. They are such happy souls entertaining souls to watch! Many blessings to you dear friend!