Monday 31 August 2020

Homemaking Mondays: Gardens and Adventures

This week has been full of harvesting the garden.  
Fall is upon us and the garden is finishing up. 
We have been pulling carrots and a few potatoes
along with most of the rest of our greens aside from the kale. 
It likes the cold and it's growing amazing this year. 
Some of the root veggies are hardening off in the soil for a week or two more.  
Then they'll store better.  
I don't have a lot as my garden wasn't too big but it's 
nice to have some healthy organic food for my family. 
Below I have my mint bed.  
This is the first year that I've planted mint outside and it seems to like it. 
Not sure how it will overwinter 
so I did take a few cuttings and started them indoors.

We have lots of resident squirrels about our place and this one likes to hang out by the front door.  This day our dog chased it up on the side of the house. 
His name is Little Red and he lives in the trees by the garage we think.

There was one day that the rain stopped for a bit and I
took a couple of my kids and we went on a picnic. 
It wasn't far, just across the lake. 
We climbed out into some mud flats by the springs that feed the lake.
It was very wet with little tufts of grass that we hopped around on. 
Up further we had mounts where grew some 
Labrador tea, small evergreens, scrub birch, willows, and blueberry bushes. 

The fall colours are erupting and it's so beautiful! 

There were little pools coming down from the springs in places. 
I liked this section with which looked like little stepping stones in it. 

There were multiple  places where springs came out of the hill and made their way 
down to the water's edge.  Some were running, and other's seeping.

The clouds were beautiful over the mountain.  
That is the shore we explored. 
It may not look like much...
but it held some very interesting little finds. 
There is beauty in every place. 

This week I've been making more jam. 
Making room in the freezer for other things. 
Lessons are going well with the children and it is good 
to have new things to learn. 
We've been scouting the cranberry patches. 
They are low bush cranberries.
Soon...very soon they'll be ready to pick and then there will be a feast of them.
This year they have grown so well. Yum! 
Dehydrating the last of the herbs and flowers. 
There is a lovely stash of tea for this coming winter. 
Below are the ones that I collected myself. 
There are calendula petals, spruce tips, red raspberry leaves,
fireweed leaves, rose petals, yarrow flowers, chamomile flowers, and mint.
I am not drying most of my mint as I like it fresh better. 
I like herbal teas on their own, but sometimes mix them with some 
black (orange pekoe) tea. 

Thank you for dropping by!  
Love and Prayers,


Monday 24 August 2020

Homemaking Mondays: Fresh Organization

I hope you are all having a nice day! 

I'd like to share with you a few of the fresh organization things I've been 
working on this week. 

I have a counter/ table thing in my kitchen that seems to just
be a catch all for everything. 
So....I decided to make a nice little spot to put often used things.
I grabbed a silver basket my husband had and I put things 
like flashlights in there. Then I found
this shelf thing that fit over it nicely. 
I put a doily under the kleenex just for pretty. 

Then I have a pen jar.  I have my chalkboard markers there 
because I use them to label my canisters.
Plus we always need to know where a pair of scissors are.
I have a metal bowl that has a magnet in it so it
holds all sorts of odds and ends from paper clips
to small nails. :) 
Then we had this fun Ring for a Hug bell and yes, it gets used. 

I have a big spider plant that has lots of babies right now.
They look so fun and fresh.
Soon they'll go into some soil to start a new plant. 
No one can really have too many plants can they?

So this is the full view. 
The calendar on top. 
A couple schedules for the family 
for working times in the kitchen.

Then I set up a spot with an old wooden letter box 
for some envelopes. 
We also keep our chore cards in there 
and some extra note paper. 
The blue box to the left is full of stamps.

I also had a cute little shelf that needed a new coat of paint. 
I used a nice light blue with an eggshell finish.
I put it up in my room as a nightstand.
I put some of my knick knacks 
on it...I don't have a lot. 
I have a wind up lamp and a tea cup candle on top. 
I did add my battery powered clock and a box of kleenex later. 
I usually have my clock next to my bed on the floor...
but this makes me get up to shut it off. 
Strategic for me! :) 

This is my side of the room.  
I thought the little shelf fit perfectly in. 
The rocking chair is my great grandmother's and 
I love it to just relax in later in the evening before 
it's time to shut off the lights.  
The little rag rug I made a few years ago and it's
still holding up well. 

Little touches of pretty things that do practical things to. 
Makes the place feel fresh and happy. 

At the beginning of the post I put up a picture of some
pretty papers on just plain old 
banana chocolate chip muffins.
Sometimes the simple touch of something pretty 
changes everything. 

Praying you have a beautiful day! 

Love and Prayers,

Monday 17 August 2020

Homemaking Mondays: Preparing for Fall

Today I'd like to share with you some of the 
preparations I'm making for fall.
Yes fall! 
Here in the Yukon it's upon us and the temps are dropping
and the colours changing. 
The garden flowers are starting to fade,
although some of the heartier ones are still 
looking vibrant and lovely!

The ducks have started to gather together.
The squirrels are fluffing up their nests 
and the mice are looking for warm places to 
live for the winter.
I'm not going to be sharing my home 
with them though. 

I have been doing a bit more canning. 
I made tomato soup, salsa
and banana jam.
Now I've since learned that banana jam 
doesn't last long so I won't be making a huge 
amount of it to store.
It sure is delicious though!

I've pulled out my sourdough starter from the fridge
and woke it up to make more 
delicious sourdough breads.
This loaf I baked in my dutch oven 
and then listened to the delightful
crackling sounds as it cooled. 

The colours are starting to creep into the green.
Down close to the water's edge the scrub birch are starting 
to show their lovely hues.

The bear berry leaves are brilliant red, 
and some of the Labrador tea have gone a bit orange.

The timber berries are bright orange now with the lovely 
reddened leaves.

The sap in the trees is running again...but down to the roots. 
In places you can see these fun little drops
on the evergreen trees.
Now is not time to be tree hugging...
unless you want to be stuck to one.

The fungi are abundant this year and 
as we tromp through the woods we discover their varied 
and interesting shapes and colours.

In the garden the rhubarb is starting to show off it's bold colour
letting us know that it's done for the season.

The garden is finishing up it's growing and with the cooler temps
and this year with the rain it's not doing much more.
Some root veggies will stay for a few more weeks
and the potatoes if I can keep them from getting 
frozen off. 
For the beans and lettuce, tomatoes and squash
it's time to finish up the last of the harvest and 
prepare their soil for winter.
I learned from a wise permaculture friend
that the soil needs bedding down for the 
winter as well. 
To help the bacteria and micro organisms that 
help our plants grow to overwinter well. 
I'll be adding some extra compost and soil 
as a mulch.

I personally love the fall.
So this time is just a time for doing new things,
enjoying new smells and new tastes.
I bought a pumpkin patch candle...
and it's time to start making pumpkin spice bread as well.
Then there is the lovely season for starting to drink the tea 
from the herbs that I've been harvesting all summer. 
This year I've been blessed to have some 
chamomile, mint, yarrow, calendula, sage,
spruce tips, fireweed, and red raspberry leaves. 

Do you love the fall? 
What kinds of things change for you in the fall time?

Love and Prayers,

Monday 10 August 2020

Homemaking Mondays: Who is Visiting?


Who is visiting? 
In your yard or your home? 

I find that in these times when social distancing 
has become the norm, 
we are missing visits.

We have just moved to a new home and
we are starting to notice more and more who
is visiting. 

We have lots and lots of squirrels,
but they are becoming more familiar and are getting names.
There is this one that loves to come to the tree
outside the kitchen window.  
He's not so fearful of us anymore and will 
sometimes stop for a little visit and 
chatter with us. 
We call him Fatso...because he's so big.
He's getting ready for winter and eating lots and lots. 
He likes the "feeder" we have out, and then we 
discovered his stash of drying mushrooms and cones as well. 
He will be well provided for during the winter.

We have birds that come to visit..and 
the chickadees are super friendly to. 
We saw a swam out on the lake today for the first time here.
So graceful and serene amongst the raindrops. 

As things open up more it is nice to start having people visitors again. 
There is a special connection that is made when you 
can visit in person...even if there is no contact. 
But have to admit hugs are so amazing 
when you've not had one in awhile!
Even with this pandemic we need to not loose that 
special touch of caring. 

This past week our family has been able to see more
people and it's so refreshing! 
I got to hold my friend's grand daughter for the first time
and she's 4 months old already. 
What a treasure! 
Got to see a dear friend who has not been having 
any visitors due to the pandemic for months.
Got to have a dear friend in my home again. 
Such special times. 

The community centre is opening up again. 
There was a biking activity held and the boys could spend some 
time with their friends again.  
The girls went for a bike ride though the trials around there.
I stayed and worked in the community garden..and enjoyed 
some nice conversations with others who dropped in.

Then my youngest three had participated in something called 
Walk to Tuk.
It was a virtual walk where teams combined walking/ exercising time
to make their way from Ft. Providence to Tuktoyaktuk 
Northwest Territories, Canada.
There was a delay in them receiving their t-shirt prizes. 
This week they got them and then went for a walk with 
some of those that had also participated.  
It was really nice. 

All of this has brought to heart 
that we are all in need of 

Also knowing that the Lord 
visits with us when we open up His word and 
spend time with Him. 
What a comfort and encouragement He is! 

We need to make sure that those that are lonely have 
some kind of visits.  
On the phone or in person. 
Taking time to share each other's lives with each other. 
I believe that is what the Lord would have us do. 

Love and Prayers,

Tuesday 4 August 2020

Around My Home

Sorry I didn't get to posting yesterday...
it was  full day and my 24th wedding anniversary
to my beloved husband.
He took me out for a beautiful drive
and to get ice cream. 

Today I'd like to just share with you some of what
is around my home. 

My children and I just finished up painting the stairs to the 
front door and the garage doors this week.  
It's so nice and bright and fresh now. 

The flowers are put back but they aren't big 
or showy so much this year. 
They are mostly small flowers that give me pause as I walk by. 
Some we planted from seed and some 
we purchased from the store. 
Below is the lovely purple petunias that 
smell so amazing when you get close.  
I'm all for beautiful flowers...
but scented ones are just amazing!

Then I have a bunch of these delicate little 
pearl flowers.  
So tiny and lovely!

I'm so glad that my daughter found these 
echinacea flowers.
They are so vibrant and cheerful.
They also smell amazing when they 
start to bring out their pollen.
The bees just love them.

I also recently learned to make and can my
own roasted tomato soup.  
Quick meals for the winter
stashed in my pantry.

Then there is the daily life of needing bread. 
I like to have tea when I'm working in the kitchen. 
That day was peppermint chamomile...
one of my favourites.

Then there is a jar of buttermilk 
culturing on the counter as well.
I've not been able to get buttermilk powdered culture starter
so I just used some buttermilk from the store.  
It's not as thick..but it's still delicious!

Then there was a need for some pickles. :)  
Do you have those needs? 

I made some dill and some sweet. 
I used this cool little tool to make the sweet ones 
different then the dill. 
The dill was from our garden...
first year that my dill has done so well. 

They are "curing" in the fridge,
and in a couple days we'll be trying them out.

Then this past weekend I took
my kids out hascap berry picking.
It was a bit overcast and sprinkled on us a couple times.
The stiff breeze kept most of the bugs away so it was
really nice. 

We picked for a couple hours.

These are some of our berries. 
They taste kinda like a grape and a blueberry mixed. 
Very sweet and very juicy...
we all came home with lots of stains. 
On hands and mouths. hehehe

It was quite a drive up to the farm so we also popped in to 
visit a friend we rarely see on that end of town. 
Was a delightful day all around. 

Thanks for dropping in here to my blog to!  

Hope you are having a beautiful day! 
Love and Prayers,