Monday 10 August 2020

Homemaking Mondays: Who is Visiting?


Who is visiting? 
In your yard or your home? 

I find that in these times when social distancing 
has become the norm, 
we are missing visits.

We have just moved to a new home and
we are starting to notice more and more who
is visiting. 

We have lots and lots of squirrels,
but they are becoming more familiar and are getting names.
There is this one that loves to come to the tree
outside the kitchen window.  
He's not so fearful of us anymore and will 
sometimes stop for a little visit and 
chatter with us. 
We call him Fatso...because he's so big.
He's getting ready for winter and eating lots and lots. 
He likes the "feeder" we have out, and then we 
discovered his stash of drying mushrooms and cones as well. 
He will be well provided for during the winter.

We have birds that come to visit..and 
the chickadees are super friendly to. 
We saw a swam out on the lake today for the first time here.
So graceful and serene amongst the raindrops. 

As things open up more it is nice to start having people visitors again. 
There is a special connection that is made when you 
can visit in person...even if there is no contact. 
But have to admit hugs are so amazing 
when you've not had one in awhile!
Even with this pandemic we need to not loose that 
special touch of caring. 

This past week our family has been able to see more
people and it's so refreshing! 
I got to hold my friend's grand daughter for the first time
and she's 4 months old already. 
What a treasure! 
Got to see a dear friend who has not been having 
any visitors due to the pandemic for months.
Got to have a dear friend in my home again. 
Such special times. 

The community centre is opening up again. 
There was a biking activity held and the boys could spend some 
time with their friends again.  
The girls went for a bike ride though the trials around there.
I stayed and worked in the community garden..and enjoyed 
some nice conversations with others who dropped in.

Then my youngest three had participated in something called 
Walk to Tuk.
It was a virtual walk where teams combined walking/ exercising time
to make their way from Ft. Providence to Tuktoyaktuk 
Northwest Territories, Canada.
There was a delay in them receiving their t-shirt prizes. 
This week they got them and then went for a walk with 
some of those that had also participated.  
It was really nice. 

All of this has brought to heart 
that we are all in need of 

Also knowing that the Lord 
visits with us when we open up His word and 
spend time with Him. 
What a comfort and encouragement He is! 

We need to make sure that those that are lonely have 
some kind of visits.  
On the phone or in person. 
Taking time to share each other's lives with each other. 
I believe that is what the Lord would have us do. 

Love and Prayers,

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