Tuesday 4 August 2020

Around My Home

Sorry I didn't get to posting yesterday...
it was  full day and my 24th wedding anniversary
to my beloved husband.
He took me out for a beautiful drive
and to get ice cream. 

Today I'd like to just share with you some of what
is around my home. 

My children and I just finished up painting the stairs to the 
front door and the garage doors this week.  
It's so nice and bright and fresh now. 

The flowers are put back but they aren't big 
or showy so much this year. 
They are mostly small flowers that give me pause as I walk by. 
Some we planted from seed and some 
we purchased from the store. 
Below is the lovely purple petunias that 
smell so amazing when you get close.  
I'm all for beautiful flowers...
but scented ones are just amazing!

Then I have a bunch of these delicate little 
pearl flowers.  
So tiny and lovely!

I'm so glad that my daughter found these 
echinacea flowers.
They are so vibrant and cheerful.
They also smell amazing when they 
start to bring out their pollen.
The bees just love them.

I also recently learned to make and can my
own roasted tomato soup.  
Quick meals for the winter
stashed in my pantry.

Then there is the daily life of needing bread. 
I like to have tea when I'm working in the kitchen. 
That day was peppermint chamomile...
one of my favourites.

Then there is a jar of buttermilk 
culturing on the counter as well.
I've not been able to get buttermilk powdered culture starter
so I just used some buttermilk from the store.  
It's not as thick..but it's still delicious!

Then there was a need for some pickles. :)  
Do you have those needs? 

I made some dill and some sweet. 
I used this cool little tool to make the sweet ones 
different then the dill. 
The dill was from our garden...
first year that my dill has done so well. 

They are "curing" in the fridge,
and in a couple days we'll be trying them out.

Then this past weekend I took
my kids out hascap berry picking.
It was a bit overcast and sprinkled on us a couple times.
The stiff breeze kept most of the bugs away so it was
really nice. 

We picked for a couple hours.

These are some of our berries. 
They taste kinda like a grape and a blueberry mixed. 
Very sweet and very juicy...
we all came home with lots of stains. 
On hands and mouths. hehehe

It was quite a drive up to the farm so we also popped in to 
visit a friend we rarely see on that end of town. 
Was a delightful day all around. 

Thanks for dropping in here to my blog to!  

Hope you are having a beautiful day! 
Love and Prayers,


Margie said...

Happy 24th Anniversary! What kind of ice cream did you get?

I love the purple petunias!

Sister in the Mid-west said...

What a full blog post? You have been busy! Happy Anniversary!
I had never heard of hascap berries. Thank you for showing me what they look like. Maybe someday I could taste some.
I transplanted a bunch of plants yesterday from our old house to our new place. I really didn't want to leave my flowers behind!

Phoebes World said...

Lovely post...and you have been so busy
The flowers are beautiful (Im a flora fan)
I will be making bread tomorrow.. but my tea of choice is PG Tips (sent by my daughter in England)
I have never heard of hascap berries so I had to google. They sound very interesting..but I bet they make lovely jam
Happy Anniversary
Phoebe x

Sister in the Mid-west said...

I accidentally have a question mark where I should have an exclamation mark. Oops! :)

Linda Shukri said...

Happy Anniversary! :-)

Love to hear what you are doing. Never heard of those berries before! They must be delicious!