Monday 17 August 2020

Homemaking Mondays: Preparing for Fall

Today I'd like to share with you some of the 
preparations I'm making for fall.
Yes fall! 
Here in the Yukon it's upon us and the temps are dropping
and the colours changing. 
The garden flowers are starting to fade,
although some of the heartier ones are still 
looking vibrant and lovely!

The ducks have started to gather together.
The squirrels are fluffing up their nests 
and the mice are looking for warm places to 
live for the winter.
I'm not going to be sharing my home 
with them though. 

I have been doing a bit more canning. 
I made tomato soup, salsa
and banana jam.
Now I've since learned that banana jam 
doesn't last long so I won't be making a huge 
amount of it to store.
It sure is delicious though!

I've pulled out my sourdough starter from the fridge
and woke it up to make more 
delicious sourdough breads.
This loaf I baked in my dutch oven 
and then listened to the delightful
crackling sounds as it cooled. 

The colours are starting to creep into the green.
Down close to the water's edge the scrub birch are starting 
to show their lovely hues.

The bear berry leaves are brilliant red, 
and some of the Labrador tea have gone a bit orange.

The timber berries are bright orange now with the lovely 
reddened leaves.

The sap in the trees is running again...but down to the roots. 
In places you can see these fun little drops
on the evergreen trees.
Now is not time to be tree hugging...
unless you want to be stuck to one.

The fungi are abundant this year and 
as we tromp through the woods we discover their varied 
and interesting shapes and colours.

In the garden the rhubarb is starting to show off it's bold colour
letting us know that it's done for the season.

The garden is finishing up it's growing and with the cooler temps
and this year with the rain it's not doing much more.
Some root veggies will stay for a few more weeks
and the potatoes if I can keep them from getting 
frozen off. 
For the beans and lettuce, tomatoes and squash
it's time to finish up the last of the harvest and 
prepare their soil for winter.
I learned from a wise permaculture friend
that the soil needs bedding down for the 
winter as well. 
To help the bacteria and micro organisms that 
help our plants grow to overwinter well. 
I'll be adding some extra compost and soil 
as a mulch.

I personally love the fall.
So this time is just a time for doing new things,
enjoying new smells and new tastes.
I bought a pumpkin patch candle...
and it's time to start making pumpkin spice bread as well.
Then there is the lovely season for starting to drink the tea 
from the herbs that I've been harvesting all summer. 
This year I've been blessed to have some 
chamomile, mint, yarrow, calendula, sage,
spruce tips, fireweed, and red raspberry leaves. 

Do you love the fall? 
What kinds of things change for you in the fall time?

Love and Prayers,


living from glory to glory said...

Hello Dear Jennifer, I also love Fall, it has been terribly hot here with much wind. I think I have been inside way too much this summer. I have been making zucchini bread and I still have a lot of tomatoes coming from the greenhouse.
Are you enjoying the new platform on Blogger?
Keeping busy and staying close to home!
Sending a big hug...

Margie said...

I'm also looking forward to the cozy season of fall. I've already started thinking about the autumn teas. Bring on the pumpkin spice!

Sister in the Mid-west said...

Very nice post about fall. I like to put off fall as long as I can, though. Let me enjoy summer! :)

Linda Shukri said...

Hi Jennifer!
Yes, I'm looking forward to fall as the summers here in SC are way too hot (90 deg for months) to sit outside, except for tonight. It is down to 73. When it starts getting a little cooler I can do more things outside. Otherwise, the indoors is where I stay with central air! :-)

I enjoy reading about all the things you are doing.


mamasmercantile said...

I am holding on to Summer for as long as I can. Although I must admit that I am quite prepared for the Autumn and have already completed preparations for the store cupboard and fuel.

Annie said...

I'm not quite ready for fall yet but reading your post makes me almost ready. :) Here in North Idaho it's still fully summer. I just planted some more radishes this past week.

I am usually ready for fall right around the middle of September but this year I feel like I am clinging to summer with all my might. I think it's because winter hung on for so long this past year. I kind of hope summer will hang on a little longer this year for us too.

I do love fall hiking. I actually think it's one of my favorite times to be out in the mountains. I am hoping to get in at least a couple fall hikes this year.

I have never heard of banana jam and am so curious! I am going to go look up the recipe!