Tuesday 30 March 2021

Homemaking Days of Mine



I hope your enjoying your 
homemaking day! 
It's been mostly cloudy here 
with a bit of sunshine is coming through.
It's been a mix of snow and then sunshine...
as well as lots of wind.  

Inside there are things growing. 
Like my lemon oregano bush that I up potted this week.
It smells so nice when I brush up against the leaves.
I also planted up some onions that had sprouted in my pantry.
Below is the tray of lettuce and spinach 
sitting on the oil monitor stove in the dinning room.
I almost planted radishes between the rows and then 
decided not to. 

Here are some trays of herbs and flowers that 
have started to grow. 
I'll need to separate them out quite soon into
separate pots. 
Some for us and some for the local community market.

Inside the house smells like fresh bread.
I also have a sourdough loaf rising to be baked later in the day.

This past weekend we enjoyed some sliding fun with friends,
and a hot dog roast as well.
Winter fun is still happening!

With spring comes the desire to eat more eggs. 
Does that happen in your family? 
Below are some "fancy" eggs that we make.
It's just scrambled eggs with some peppers, onions,
spinach and ham tossed in. 

There is some dripping going on! 
With the temperature rising above freezing we are starting to get
a few icicles forming.  
This one has been growing for quite some time and we are wondering 
if it will reach the ground before something happens to it.
We still have a lot of snow...but spring is coming....
and I have a feeling we'll have some pretty 
cool puddles to navigate. 

It is nice to have lots of things to enjoy and look forward to.
Homemaking is a joy.
Lots of variety and room for creativity. 

Praying you have a blessed day! 

Love and Prayers,

Monday 22 March 2021

Homemaking Mondays: Friends Share Life's Journey


Isn't that a beautiful truth. 
I thank the Lord Jesus for all the friends 
He has placed in my life. 
In person and online.
The above hand towel is a gift from a friend 
as are the two banneton baskets. 
She and I share a love for making things in the kitchen.
It's so beautiful when we can 
acknowledge those simple things.
A loaf of bread...a cup of tea.
It may seem simple but over the years
those little things are precious. 

Along with the banneton baskets....
this time I used my grain mill to grind some rice flour.
It is better to use in the baskets instead of just a towel.  
The flour is not glutenous and so it doesn't 
allow the bread to stick the same. 
Of course you have to wet the basket down before adding
the rice flour to it.  
It looks so pretty when you turn it out to be baked. 
I like it better then using a towel in them.

I was wanting some comfort food this past week.
I pulled out my recipe binder and made some
apple crisp...along with whipped cream.
Today I made some blueberry buckle as well.

The little seedlings are doing well. 
Below the cosmos are getting their feathery leaves.

I potted up the tomatoes from their little
peat starter pots. 
I always take off the netting before planting in the soil.
They are doing well and if the Lord wills
we shall have lots of tomatoes growing.

It has been a lovely week.  
Lots to do, but also lots of time to enjoy 
the company of family and friends.

Thank you for dropping by!
Love and Prayers,

Monday 15 March 2021

Homemaking Mondays: The Beauty God Brings

It is a lovely wintery March day today.
The mercury is rising some through the day 
so that is nice and later this week it'll be warmer. 
Then the windows can once again be opened 
to freshen up the house. 

I am sorry I've been a bit quiet. 
A couple weeks ago I lost a dear friend of mine.
It is hard to say goodbye. 
I treasure the memories and times the Lord 
gave for us to share. 

The Lord has been freshening up our home 
with the beautiful flowers
that are opening and giving a beautiful light scent
to the room.
Have you ever smelled a grape hyacinth? 
Delicate and sweet!


There are still little tiny rosemary seedlings coming
in the new terrarium. 

There are tomato seedlings that are ready to be 
transplanted into pots.
Hopefully I can get that done today.
It is so hard when starting seeds.  
You look at the trays and all the little plants....
and then have to think ahead to how big they will 
become before going outside. 
There is only so much room next to the windows. 
So planning carefully is important.
I still always end up moving furniture to accommodate more 
before it's safe outside.

As there is lovely growing things inside...
winter is still far from over here. 
I went with a couple of  my children to go sledding
with some of their friends.
The below picture is the top of the sledding hill
where you can see for miles! 
Perfect day to be out...
the only wind was what you felt
flying down the hill.
There were skidoo rides up to the top and so I joined in the fun 
a couple of times. 
A bit sore today...but it was so worth it! 

It has been a bit since I have done a whole lot in the kitchen 
as far as fun baking.
My children have been wonderful and have been taking care of 
things as I've been busy doing things
for my friend who passed away.
I made bread...and then my daughter sliced it up
boiled some fresh eggs, sliced some cheese
and laid out a nice meal for us. 

The Lord is good to us in all the little details of life.
May we always keep in mind 
That we can put every aspect of life into 
it's proper place. 

Love and Prayers,

                              Romans 10:9-10 
"That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved.

For with the heart man believeth unto righteousness; and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation."