Tuesday 30 March 2021

Homemaking Days of Mine



I hope your enjoying your 
homemaking day! 
It's been mostly cloudy here 
with a bit of sunshine is coming through.
It's been a mix of snow and then sunshine...
as well as lots of wind.  

Inside there are things growing. 
Like my lemon oregano bush that I up potted this week.
It smells so nice when I brush up against the leaves.
I also planted up some onions that had sprouted in my pantry.
Below is the tray of lettuce and spinach 
sitting on the oil monitor stove in the dinning room.
I almost planted radishes between the rows and then 
decided not to. 

Here are some trays of herbs and flowers that 
have started to grow. 
I'll need to separate them out quite soon into
separate pots. 
Some for us and some for the local community market.

Inside the house smells like fresh bread.
I also have a sourdough loaf rising to be baked later in the day.

This past weekend we enjoyed some sliding fun with friends,
and a hot dog roast as well.
Winter fun is still happening!

With spring comes the desire to eat more eggs. 
Does that happen in your family? 
Below are some "fancy" eggs that we make.
It's just scrambled eggs with some peppers, onions,
spinach and ham tossed in. 

There is some dripping going on! 
With the temperature rising above freezing we are starting to get
a few icicles forming.  
This one has been growing for quite some time and we are wondering 
if it will reach the ground before something happens to it.
We still have a lot of snow...but spring is coming....
and I have a feeling we'll have some pretty 
cool puddles to navigate. 

It is nice to have lots of things to enjoy and look forward to.
Homemaking is a joy.
Lots of variety and room for creativity. 

Praying you have a blessed day! 

Love and Prayers,


Sunshine Country said...

Your plants look so nice. I have never tried starting spinach or lettuce indoors. I may have to give that a try sometime to give it a head start. I love homemade bread! Seeing yours made me think I should make some again soon. :) Those eggs look delicious also.
All of our snow has melted awhile ago where I live, and I am enjoying seeing more and more flowers this week - daffodils, hyacinths, and crocuses. It's past time I should be getting our potatoes in the ground, but I'm waiting yet on getting the spot tilled up for them. Hopefully that will be soon.
Thank you for sharing about your week!

mamasmercantile said...

My goodness that is a lot of snow. The bread and those eggs look delicious and making me hungry.