Monday 28 August 2023

Homemaking Mondays: Fresh Air Through My Kitchen Window


I stood at my kitchen window
and breathed in a deep breath of fresh air.
The breeze was blowing in through
the kitchen window 
bringing with it the cool scents of the forest.
The smell of the lake
and the seasons changing greenery.
Have you smelled the forest
and noticed those subtle changes in the trees?
The frost have started here 
and nature is preparing for fall to come.

Some blankets are drying on the line
and make me smile to see them fluttering
in the breeze.
It's time to start freshening up the bedding
before it's too cold to do so. 
Well...not impossible
but it's a lot more work
to dry and freshen things on the line
when the weather is cold.

I was out for a drive with my husband 
and we were noticing how the trees 
are beginning to change into
the cheerful fall colours.
Soon there will be leaves on the breeze.

This week I made some salmon patties with 
leftover salmon. 
I added some parmesan / marble cheese
along with a couple eggs.
They fried up nice and crispy and delicious.
I love how you can make these with any meat
so it can use up leftovers well.

Even though I'm not eating bread 
at this time,
my family still enjoys fresh bread.
I still love having the grain mill
to make fresh flour
and the little bowl I found is the 
perfect size for the amount of flour I need.
Interesting how this simple tool brings me 
such satisfaction.
What are some of your favourite tools
in your kitchen?

As gardening comes to an end
in my neck of the woods
the root veggies are being pulled.
True you can leave them in the ground
much longer.
Although I'm not a fan of pulling them 
with freezing fingers.
Below are the last of our carrots.

My husband took me on a nice 
day trip adventure this week 
back into the mountains.
It was such a beautiful day!

Following the good news of us being about to stay here,
I've begun unpacking. 
Not everything but just those things
that I know we shall be using through 
the winter months. 
My bookshelves are ready 
and so is my sewing/ craft room. 
My husband bought me a new ironing board
as mine was failing.
So I have a nice new surface to iron up 
fabric that I need for sewing.
There is excitement to delve into
some new projects.
I have plans for aprons and perhaps a quilt.
It's amazing how unpacking 
these things back into the same space
has made it feel all fresh and new.

I hope you are enjoying
your homemaking day.
Perhaps there is some fresh
new excitement to 
create something new for your home? 

Love and Prayers,

Monday 21 August 2023

Homemaking Mondays: End of Season Delights


How have your days been going? 
Some say that summer days are slow
but I find that they go by so quickly. 
Short burst of heat surrounded by clouds and rain.
Then amazing growth followed by quick harvests and 
clouds of mosquitos and black flies. 
Some do not like the wind...but it makes being outside nice.

My garden is finishing up.
I pulled the beats, garlic, carrots, tomatoes, and greens.
Above is the sweet Candy Cane beet variety 
along with the mini carrots that are best eaten just this way.

Another aspect of the garden that is coming to a close are the flowers.
The tea garden flowers are about done and the harvests
have been stored. 
There is still quite a bit more mint that will hang around for a bit 
in the cooler weather.
My old neighbour gifted me some amazing honey from his hives.
I'm not really eating honey or sugar now...but a little snitch 
doesn't hurt too much. 

I've been bringing in flowers from the garden to enjoy on the 
kitchen windowsill. 
Snapdragons are nice and hearty
and will still keep blooming through the early frosts.

This year I let my dill go to seed for the first time. 
It is interesting to see how it has changed.
I shall be saving the seeds for fridge pickles.

See Judith ---- the pink lupin has bloomed!!
It is a beautiful addition to the flowers at the front step.
The blooms are so pretty and are lasting so long!

Now the fresh herbs are about finished for the summer as well.
It's been nice to have them to season foods and soups.
A lovely aspect of summer!

Good news is that the person that has bought the house
we are living in wants us to stay for the winter.
So....we aren't moving, just yet. 
The Lord is good and we can relax and prepare for winter.

My girls are settled into their new home 
and it was a joy to be able to visit them and have them host me.

Thanks for dropping by! 
I hope you have a lovely day keeping your home!

Love and Prayers,

Monday 14 August 2023

Homemaking Mondays: Some Time Away With Family


It's been awhile since I posted.
I have been enjoying some time away from home.
My husband and sons and I went to visit some family.
It was a beautiful trip and even with a lot of rain
the clouds and bright sun in between 
gave us moments of pause.
God's immensely beautiful creation
was all around us. 

We drove for many hours but in between
there were a few times where I could take some pictures.
Little pockets along the highway where 
there were lookouts to enjoy.
We got to visit with my family which we haven't seen 
in quite some time altogether.  
It was great to re-connect as we played, explored and of course ate.
Although my sister-in-law plainly put it that it was the
healthiest family reunion she'd ever been to.  
Many of us were watching our sugar so there were less treats.
My brother cooked a lot of the meat on his smoker
and now my  husband will be looking for one for us. 

Dan and I had our 27th wedding anniversary
while we were there 
and we got a picture together down by the river.

Along our travels we saw lots of wildlife
amongst those were plenty of bison grazing by the highway.

I adore clouds and the immense clouds that we saw
all through our trip were delightful! 
I've got lots of pictures of clouds...
although I'm sure you wouldn't want to see them all. 

My brother took us to see a fossil wall 
up the side of one of the mountains.
It was incredible how many shells there were all 
grouped together in multiple layers that were 
a few feet deep and many feet long.

From there the bunch of us hiked up to the power lines.
They are so huge and you could hear the 
heavy buzz from them when you were close or under them.
Lovely view from up there.

We spent lots of time down by the river as well.
We went swimming, floating, and just enjoyed 
collecting ahem...many rocks.
It was hard to go barefoot here so we just 
used our runners to make our way through 
the crossings and swimming times.
The water was kinda frigid like Yukon lakes
so coming out into the bright sunshine was so nice.
I got a bit sunburnt even with sunscreen the sun was so intense.

The one lake we stopped at on our trip 
the boys and I hung out on the dock 
while Dan rested.
The day was hot and the water 
was very refreshing...and numbing. 
Good to take care of the itch of black fly bites.

The view from the dock was lovely 
and I could have stayed much longer then we had time for.

Some people love the prairies
but I find the mountains 
keep my heart.

We came home and the next day we helped our 
girls move out to their own place.  
Then as soon as possible the boys
moved into their old rooms.
The boys haven't had their own rooms
since they were infants.
So this will be a new experience for them.
A welcome one I believe. 

I came home to a well cared for garden
thanks to my daughter.
Now fall is starting to stretch it's fingers 
and the garden is beginning to need more tending to.
I've harvested some of our garlic and it's delicious!
I'll be pulling some old plants and pulling out the frost blankets 
to keep the rest cozy on cold nights.
The frosts are coming.

 Thank you for dropping by!
I hope your days of homemaking are pleasant
and fulfilling. 

Love and Prayers,