Monday 8 November 2021

Homemaking Mondays: Frosty Air and a Cup of Tea


The air here is getting frostier!  
Before the dusting of snow came there were lots 
of fun frosty things to see.
Down at the water's edge the grasses had some great spiky frost.
The time of running around without mittens is over.
It's strange how when you first head out into the cold air
the first shiver seems energizing. 

I brought home some tea from a friends estate.
We always enjoyed a nice cup of tea when we had visited.
Now I shall drink tea as I remember her. 
On cold days a nice hot cup of tea 
is just the thing to make me feel cozy...
that and snuggling under a warm afghan or shawl. 

I also changed out some of my canisters on the kitchen counter top.  
I got these big glass ones (to the right in the pic below)
to put the sugar (B/W) and baking powder in.  
I kept my salt canister as it's just the perfect size for me. 
The white ones I had are washed and put away 
and the blue ones I stashed in the cupboard.
It makes a nice fresh look and is less cluttered.

Down at the lake the ice is nice and thick.
It still makes noises and cracks...but is safe to be on.
There are now lots of skate marks as the kids and neighbours 
have been out enjoying the clear ice before the snow.
The little tufts of frost are very cool and sprout up all over.

The frost on the wind chimes is so pretty.
As is the frost that covers most surfaces.  
One of those incredible canvases of God's artwork.
The only place I don't enjoy frost is on the truck windshield
when it's so hard that it won't scape off well. :) 

Down by the lake we've put out a bench.
For changing into skates or just sitting 
to enjoy the scenery.
When we go skating I take a blanket down to sit on.

The sun is coming out later in the day now
and when the sky is clear enough for it to shine
it's breathtaking.

As winter is settling in things are getting into a new rhythm.
More knitting and reading.
More baking and soups.

Praying you have a beautiful day!

Love and Prayers,