Monday, 20 September 2021

Homemaking Mondays: What Remains


I'd love to share with you some of what remains from 
The heavy frosts have come back and the snow is starting
to touch the mountain tops again.
The leaves are starting to fall and at times
the gusts of wind bring a huge shower of them 
and it's beautiful!

The last of the garden has been harvested 
although there are still calendula 
blossoms that keep coming. 

The colours are beautiful and the air crisp.
It's a wonderful time to walk in the forest.
We've been out low bush cranberry picking.
Some have been made into jam and some frozen
and some just eaten fresh...before getting to the buckets. 
There is just one more harvest market at our community centre
where I sell some jam and relish. 

I have finished the scarf I shared with you last time. 
I don't think it'll be long before I need to be using it. 
Almost time to pull out the woolies and warm coats.
The darkness is coming back as well. 
It's beautiful at night to see the stars again. 

So what remains where you are? 
What is happening in your lives right now?
I hope you are enjoying a lovely fall time and what remains 
of your summers. 
For me it amazes me how the Lord has created the seasons.
How things seem to flow into one another.
Love and Prayers,

Monday, 13 September 2021

Homemaking Mondays: And Now It's Fall


Summer was lovely....
and now it's fall. 
It's been so beautiful out even with the 
frequent rainy days. 
The colours are changing and the smells in the forest
have a new heavy scent as the leaves fall
and the berries ripen. 

My family has been enjoying some time with 
family visiting.
Also spending time with friends out at their cabin. 
This is a "road" we enjoyed 
navigating to get there. 
They gave me the chance to try kayaking 
for the very first time. 
As we paddled across the lake I thought of my 
friend Ingrid and how delighted she'd 
be that I finally gave it a try. 

We had a lovely bbq and ate out at our picnic table
even though it was quite cool. 
Of course the hot coals were perfect for 
roasting marshmallows. 

I'd made potato salad and it is still 
one of my favourite dishes for picnics. 

The colours have changed and the leaves are falling. 
I love the red/orange colours the scrub birch changes to.
It follows the shoreline around our little lake. 

We enjoyed some great canoeing in the evenings. 
The lake this one night was so calm and serene. 

I've also begun a new scarf for the winter. 
It is coming along nicely and will be welcome with the 
chill that is now in the air. 

The garden is about finished..just some kale hanging on. 
I've been slowly moving things to the compost pile. 
The freezer is bursting from the garden storage and it's a great feeling.

I hope your fall has been full of treasures as well. 

Love and Prayers,

Monday, 23 August 2021

Homemaking Mondays: Seasons are Changing and so is the Garden


I hope you are enjoying a beautiful day.
Here in the Yukon
the seasons are changing.
The frosts are coming back and the cranberries are starting to ripen.
The colours are starting to turn and there is that
crispness and coolness on the breeze. 
I feel a twinge of sadness for the fading warmth of summer.
Although I feel an excitement for the fall time. 
I love the change of colours and the change of smells in the forest.

This morning we woke to a heavy frost on our garden.
The garden is changing to.  
Some things are finishing up and others are hanging in there.
I love how kale handles gets crunchy and then thaws,
 then tastes so much sweeter afterwards. 
The peas...we are going to pick and eat what is left right away.

The strawberries are done for the year. 
They have been such a delightful treat when we've beat the 
squirrels to their juicy sweetness.

I have harvested my garlic from the garden.
It was my first year growing garlic at this place. 
The bulbs are not very big but are nicely formed. 
They will be going into the freezer for delicious meals this fall and winter.
I learn more each year and with each attempt it's getting better.

The tomatoes have been ripening nicely in the greenhouse...
but now I'm going to need to bring the rest of the green ones 
inside to keep them from getting frozen in my unheated greenhouse.
I'm going to be making some green tomato mincemeat with my mom soon. 

I have been making some roasted tomato soup, salsa, relish, and jam 
for the pantry shelves.
I need to can some more chicken for soup so I'm watching the sales.
I always feel like a squirrel at this time of year tucking things away for winter.
There is fresh bread cooling on the counter awaiting lunch
and it is nice to be able to pull fresh homemade jam out of the pantry to spread on it.

As the seasons are changing I enjoy the fact that the Lord has given me this 
eatable hobby.  Gardening and canning to help take care of my family.

Then there are the flowers...
they are starting to fade as well with the colder weather. 
Some are covered in frost blankets again...
and some will be brought inside. 
I am going to try to see how long I can keep my lavender plants going.
Then there are the herbs...
the rosemary and chocolate mint will come inside. 
The rest of the herbs are tucked in to the freezer or dried and jared.
It's a lovely time of year! 

Praying you have a beautiful day!

Love and Prayers,

Monday, 2 August 2021

Homemaking Mondays: Summer Paths


Sorry to have been so quiet lately. 
I have been off on summer paths. 
Some to the garden, 
some to the forest,
some to the lake,
some to places I've never been.
So many amazing place that the Lord has created. 

Fun finds in the garden.
Both veggie and flower. 

We took a trip further north in the Yukon.
It was wonderful to see places we've not been before.
Another part of the Yukon River.

Then Little Salmon Lake. 
It had some of the best skipping rocks!
It was a very hot day and being by and wading in the water 
was such a lovely relief. 

It also seems there are new flowers to enjoy
in the garden every day. 
I love the variety of colours and 
Oh, and smells...echinacea smells so amazing
it's no wonder the bees love it so much.

I hope you are enjoying some summer paths as well.
Thank you for dropping by! 

Love and Prayers,

Sunday, 18 July 2021

Homemaking Mondays: Summer Days


Summer days bring such delight.
The garden is starting to produce some more eatable items. 
It's fun to bring in herb bouquets to add to our meals.

Then there are the fridge pickles.  
I use a recipe from the Prairie Homestead Cookbook. 

Now the hard part is waiting until they're ready. 

The poppies are starting to bloom and it's beautiful 
the variety of colours that are coming out.

My family took a lovely trip 
to a nearby lake and the water is so high.  
The flooding is getting bad, and the wind 
blowing the waves against the shore 
is not helping matters. 
So beautiful though. 

Summer markets at the community centre have 
begun again, and I've got a table with 
some jams for sale.

With the summer days things seem to be moving at a different pace.
It is nice to just have some rest, but also 
to take the time for some things that can only be done in summer.
We've played some frisbee golf at our local community centre.
Spent time on the lake, 
picking wildflowers in the forest,
and just standing still to feel
the warm breeze on our faces. 

Summer is lovely when we stop to take note
of it's simple gifts. 
I love that the Lord has given such attention to 
the details of summer.

Thank you for dropping by! 

Love and Prayers,

Monday, 5 July 2021

Homemaking Mondays: Colour of Summer


I just love the colour of summer! 
As the flowers in the garden mature and flower 
I also enjoy the season of flowers in God's garden.
The summer wildflowers are so beautiful right now.
Below are a couple pictures that I took at the local golf course.
It's like a carpet of colour that smells so beautiful as you walk through it.

I found a patch of beautiful arnica and picked a handful
to infuse in oil for salve.
Picking just as much as I need...
leaving some for the bees and for propagation. 
The cheerful colour as you walk through the trail
makes me pause and smile.
Every year they come back...a gift.

Meadows with a mountain view.
Reminding myself to take time to just enjoy it. 
To not rush off to the next thing that needs doing...
but pause.  
Listen to the birds and the hum of the insects in the grass.

Pausing also to see the beautiful insects.
Here I captured a pretty damsel fly that was one of many 
that flies about the shore where we go swimming.
The kids have been spending lots of time in the water 
with the heat we've been having.
Good to cool off after a long day.

I've been doing a bit of canning in this heat though.  
I am making jam and rhubarb syrup for the community market. 
I am actually happy that canning season has also arrived.  
It's a lot of work but so rewarding. 

Praying you are all enjoying this day.

Love and Prayers,

Monday, 28 June 2021

Homemaking Mondays: Touches of Colour to Make You Smile


I hope you are enjoying your summer! 
Summer has come on full in the Yukon now.
The heat is soaring and the sun is shining so brightly.
The sun never really goes down here...just dips down just 
below the mountains and comes back up.
So...going to sleep while it's still bright is just the norm for  now.
With all the intense bright light the garden is growing fast.
The long cold cloudy spring had things growing slowly but now
they are growing exponentially. 

I love the touches of colour that are all around us.
In the yard and in the forest. 
We went from carpets of crocus, to carpets of lupin.
Now as the lupin is fading, the wild roses are coming to bloom.
There are also so many smaller flowers hidden in amongst the forest bushes.

I was out working in the yard and then stopped for a cup of tea.
Yes, it was hot but it was still so nice! 
I have put trays of ice cubes in the freezer for the first time this year.
Now I need to make room for making popsicles. 
We often just mix a container of frozen orange juice with yogurt and freeze 
that into the molds.  Nice and refreshing.

In the greenhouse there are lots of plants...
some I planted and some that grew all of their own accord.
Below is some lovely yarrow.  
I'll be saving some of the flowers for tea and salve.

Then there is my lovely chamomile that has just started
to flower!!!  The ones in the greenhouse.
My jar of dried chamomile is getting low.

Then there are the Labrador Tea flowers.
They have a lovely light scent and last quite awhile in a vase once cut. 

This year my daughter chose some lovely columbine flowers to add
to the perennial section of the garden.
First blooms came out this week.

I have a section of the flower buckets that have a lovely 
pastel feel to them.  They are starting to really grow in this heat.
In the back bucket there are poppies that are getting close to blooming.

One of my favourite containers is the one
steel kettle.  The petunias and lobelia look 
perfect together. 

I find this season of flowers and warmth so 
inviting and peaceful.
In it I see the amazing creativity the Lord has displayed.
His attention to detail and variety.
It is that way in our lives to. 
He is creating many small details 
and sometimes we just need to pause to take note of them. 

Thank you for dropping by! 
Praying you have a beautiful day!

Love and Prayers,

Monday, 21 June 2021

Homemaking Mondays: When Things Are Quiet


What do you do when things are quiet? 
Do you stop to notice the details around you?
Here in the Yukon it's been rainy...
checking on the garden with an umbrella. 
There is a special smell in the air with the rain.
The leaves on the trees are coming out more and more. 

We are blessed with watching the sun set on the other side of the lake. 
The golden hues and reflections in the water
are magnificent to behold. 
It's late at night, but worth staying up for.

There are sweet droplets of rain hanging on the trees and bushes.
I thank the Lord for watering the earth and all 
those beautiful plants he's created. 

We have a sweet little squirrel that lives in our shed. 
She has gotten used to us being here. 
She has a special place she likes to sit and eat her breakfast. 

The garden is growing!
Although it seems cheers the heart.
Dreams of shopping from the garden 
that is still to come.

My family yesterday took a drive 
and found these sweet bluebells at the side of a pullout. 
If I had a shovel with me...some may have come home.
Perhaps I should tuck a little shovel in my truck for times such as these?

Talking about shopping the garden.
There are a few herbs that I can snitch from.
The fresh basil and chives tasted so delicious 
in our roasted tomato soup. 
One part of homemaking that I enjoy is adding those 
that makes a home feel more cozy and welcoming. 
It doesn't need to be something big
as those little details seem to touch us deeply. 

May your day be splendid! 
Praying you have a pleasant day adding garnishes to your home.

Love and Prayers,