Monday 20 December 2021

Homemaking Mondays: Local Tea and Winter Days


Deep in winter and the days are darker
and the cold is settling lower.
It's nice to hunker down and enjoy some times just 
watching winter from the inside 
of the windows.

The birds have been a source
of wonderful entertainment as they
gather round the feeder and perch up in the trees.
We have lots of chickadees, pine grosbeaks, and 
also some regular grey jays.
My younger daughter is especially friends with them 
and they come and eat from her hands
and will perch on her hat or shoulders.

When the weather turns a bit colder
or the the winds pick up they come to the feeder
more often and the flocks of "regulars" gets bigger.
The resident squirrel at this feeder is often chasing 
the birds away for her chance to snag some seeds.
She's one tough squirrel and has lived through visits by 
a weasel that comes around.

Fry bread/ bannock is a great quick bread to make
when I don't feel like baking.
Below this one turned out like a heart 
and my son says he can see the word love 
written in it.

For the comfort of tea
it's nice when you can enjoy some local 
blessings with it.
I have some wonderful fireweed tea that I bought from a local lady 
with some added rose and calendula petals.
Can't just have one cup so you need to make a pot.
Stir in some local honey and it is a wonderful treat on a cold day!

My daughter has been making some of these beautiful snowflakes.
They are crocheted and she says they are 
very easy even though they appear quite intricate.

With the cold we've been using up a lot of our canned chicken.
So when I found some chicken breasts on sale, 
I bought a bunch and canned up some more. 
The jars are wonderful to have on hand for quick meals.

Here is a sunrise we saw this past week.  
The light is precious at this time of year and when
the sky starts to glow I find myself at the window just watching.

Well today is my daughter's birthday 
so I'm off to put some chilli on and ice a cake. 

Praying you have a beautiful day!

Love and Prayers,


Linda Shukri said...

Thanks for sharing your life! Love the snowflakes. My grandmother used to make those. She'd starch them afterward so they'd be stiff to hang on a Christmas tree.

Sunshine Country said...

I enjoyed catching up with your latest post! Feeding birds in the winter is always enjoyable. We need to refill our feeders here; we often get blue jays and cardinals where I live. I used to crochet snowflakes like your daughter has been baking - that's pretty!