Monday, 23 May 2022

Homemaking Mondays: Crocus and Gardening Experiments


It is a lovely spring day here again. 
No sunshine today but things are starting to sprout more. 
The trees are starting to bud and the crocus are out.
Just this week they have begun to emerge and 
they are just gorgeous!

I do love the feathered stems and how they cradle that
lovely yellow centre from the cold each night.
The Lord is awakening the sleeping plants now.

Inside there are sunflowers blooming in the windowsills.
Their cheerful colour brings smiles to our faces each day.

This year I'm trying another experiment in the garden.
I've been seeing in gardening blogs and pictures for a few years
how people use these old rain gutters.
So....I have been wanting to try it. 
I was gifted with a bunch of old gutters from a friend.
So...this year is the year to try it out. 
I have taken these smaller ones and screwed them up to 
the side of the greenhouse wall. 
They have strawberries in them and will have some pansies soon.
I also thought of herbs...but don't know what might
compliment strawberries?

Then I have also planted a couple nice long pieces with peas.
These peas are the shelling kind as the snap peas are planted in the 
outside garden.  
I'm going to grow them in the gutters until I have the soil 
under them prepared to slide them into. 
It will buy me some good time. 
The mice have already discovered the peas so I had to put them up on top
of the rain barrels in the greenhouse for now.  
Soon I'll have a bench in there to deter the mice.  
I don't mind sharing some but they seem to take more then their share 
if left unchecked. 

A new addition to the perennial bed is this cute dwarf columbine.
I purchased it from a local lady at our bedding plant sale
that was held at our community centre.
It's so cute and I've never had one like it before. 

My daughter also from the same lady 
bought this cute little larch tree. 
It is one of her favourite kinds of trees. 
It will be interesting to see where it finds a new home
in this yard of ours.

Spring is a season for new things. 
It will be interesting to see how things progress. 
There are already little seedlings pushing through the soil.
I look forward to the first tastes from the garden.

Praying you have a beautiful day! 
Love and Prayers,

Monday, 16 May 2022

Homemaking Mondays: Things Are Changing


It's a cool rainy day again here today. 
It seems we get a sunny warm day and then 
a couple cloudy rainy ones.

My daughter had bought me these lovely pansies above.
So I planted them into some tins I've been collecting.
A cheerful space above the kitchen sink.

Things here are changing more and more.
The rain is helping melt the rest of the snow.  
Yes....we can still have snowball fights in the yard 
in the middle of May! Yup...unseasonable for sure.

There are large open patches of ground now.
The garden beds that are raised are all thawed out now.
Below my roseroot perennial is up
along with some delphiniums and fireweed. 
They're just tiny but the signs of life are encouraging. 

Inside the sunflowers are bursting into bloom.
Their cheerful faces can be seen inside and outside.
We have 13 of them in the house. 
Once it's warm enough out they will go out to the flower beds. 

More homemade cheese buns. 
They are so good on cool days.

I also bought some herb starters.
The ones I started haven't done well so I 
went to my favourite local garden centre for some. 
Rosemary, peppermint, summer savoury, & lemon thyme. 
I potted them up in little pots for the window space.
Of course they will share with the existing window plants.
It makes for a crowded counter space...but I kinda like it that way.

One thing new I tried this week was overnight oats.
I've been thinking about it for a long time....and finally did it.
I have to say I really like them! 
This recipe was milk, yogurt, thick oats, chia seeds, & maple syrup.
I topped it with strawberries in the morning and yum! 
I was the only one that would eat it in the morning so I'm glad 
that I can just make it in a mason jar for me. 

Yesterday I took my morning tea outside 
to see about the greenhouse.
It was a black/peppermint mix this time.
I do love my black tea with cream and sugar/honey.

Here is my greenhouse! 
This past weekend I had a lovely couple from our community
come and help us put a new roof on it. 
It was an interesting project and didn't cost us a penny. 
We used the broken boards...piecing them together.
Then we cut down some trees - we have lots!
We had saved all the nails from the boards....pounded them straight 
and used them to nail the structure back into place. 
We had a couple new 2x4's and a couple spikes in the toolbox for the trees.
Then the next day a couple of my children helped me 
put up the plastic to cover the roof and voila!  
It's ready for planting!!!!

I'm going to get started on my rain gutter pea project. 
Then get some other little starters going.
Too cold at night to put out the plants from the house though.
Need to haul some water for the rain barrels. 
Well I also have a plan to attach a rain gutter to the greenhouse
to collect rain water.  
Too bad I didn't have time to do that yesterday as today 
it is pouring rain.  
I do have a feeling there will be plenty of rain this year.

Thank you for dropping by! 
I hope if you are gardening this year 
that it's going well for you.

The changing of the seasons is lovely
and at times we just need to step back from the 
everyday hopes of warmth
to just enjoy the details it brings.
Yesterday I meandered through the trees. 
Taking in the new smells
listening to the new raucous of bird calls
watching the squirrels dashing about
hearing the wind in the trees. 
I do love the trees! 
Their smells change in the spring.
The evergreens seem more pungent and fresh
while the aspens are still awaiting buds.
I did bring some broken may tree branches in the house.
They are starting to grow leaves.
I thought that would be better then just leaving them outside to die. 
I've never done that we shall see how long they last.
I do hope they might root and I can grow them out again.

Praying you have a beautiful day! 
Love and Prayers,

Monday, 9 May 2022

Homemaking Mondays: The Things That Make Us Smile


It's a fine spring day here.
The sun is shining and the snow is melting.
The wind is blowing and the wind chimes are 
giving us their beautiful music.

The warmth is slow in coming to the north this year
although the tendrils are starting to reach 
our further and further.

Yesterday I enjoyed some tea out in the yard 
up against the house in the sunshine. 
It was so warm I could even take my shoes off 
and feel the sun on my feet. 

One reason for tea trays is to be able to 
have tea in various places. 
Sometimes I just take a cup with me outside,
but I love how I have the option to have more 
then just one cup.

My family isn't big on observing days.
Although my sweet family did give me some 
lovely gifts this past weekend. 
I've been inspired to use cloth napkins more 
Then a scented candle in a tea cup...what could be so 
delicate and sweet as that? 
I also was given a beautiful new shirt that I'm wearing today.
Lastly a gift card from all my men to go to a my 
favourite garden centre. 
It is always wonderful to be able to stroll through 
the garden centres and find items you couldn't grow yourself. 

There is a new flower on our hydrangea and it's beautiful! 
It was a blue plant when we first got it but
I'm sure with the different water and such that it will
continue to have blossoms of different colours.
All beautiful and special!

Another flower gracing our home this week is the tomato flower.
It always excites me to see them emerging.
Looking forward to the tasty sweet tomatoes that will come.

Another sweet in our home this week are these chocolate
Rice Krispie treats.  
I just melted a few bags of the Hershey mini-kisses 
from the baking isle and then mixed in
some Rice Krispie cereal. 
It all took just a few minutes and after sitting in the 
fridge to cool, we cut into it. 

Having a cup of tea in the sun.
Listening to the birds and the windchimes.
Feeling the ground under my feet.
Just enjoying the beautiful day that the Lord has given.

I of course had some company. 
Our dog just loves it outside and will 
often be found laying out in the warmest part 
of the yard she can find. 

It is so easy to get stuck into the mentality of only going outside 
when there is something to be done. 
It is a special thing to just go out and breathe.
Just listen and observe.

Praying you have a blessed day!
Thank you for dropping by.

Love and Prayers,

Monday, 2 May 2022

Homemaking Mondays: Awkward Spots

It's a beautiful spring morning here 
and there is some sunshine and lots of gusting winds. 
The birds are singing their cheerful tunes 
and the squirrels are running about all over searching
through the spots of ground that are showing under the trees. 

Today I wanted to share with you an awkward spot in my home. 
There is a place where there used to be a stove and so the 
built up area is still there.  
What to do with that space as you can't really put much there.
I've wondered about what to do with that space for some time. 
We can't put a stove there anymore 
so there is a cabinet where my daughter keeps her
leopard gecko mealworm farm and other supplies out of the way.
Then there is a small table added with a basket of blankets 
so they are easy to grab when one needs a bit more warmth.  
I just re-arranged some pictures and plants for the space and it seems
to be much better.  
Do you have a place in your home that kinda 
muddles you with it's awkwardness?

The geraniums in the window are starting to bloom more 
and it's lovely to see their cheerful colours.  
They will go out into the garden once it's warm enough. 
Though as you can see in the picture we still
have a lot of snow to melt away before that will be happening. 

With the cheerful spring feeling
I've been having more tea times.
I often just grab a quick cup of tea as I do things 
about the house.
Although making a small pot of tea helps
to make me sit down and enjoy it more.
I have a small camping table that is easy to set up and gives
me a place to set my tea tray.

My boys have been enjoying this new kit 
that we've gotten for homeschool.
It's helping them as they study electricity. 
It's a great kit that has lots of different components 
that are re-usable as they just click into the 
circuit boards. If they were soldered then it would 
just be a one time activity.  
Come summer we'll do some soldering outside.
It has a dreadful smell so best done outdoors if possible.

I've made a couple of cheesecakes this week for birthdays.
For some reason I've never been able to get the cakes 
not to crack.  Good thing that they are still delicious regardless. 

This week I also made up a big batch of bone broth.  
I love it when it's all nicely gelled. 
It's good to add to soup and rice. 
I know some people who just drink it straight 
but that is not for me. 

I do hope you are enjoying a beautiful day! 
Sometimes it's beautiful in the sunshine or in the fresh rain.
Each day is such a lovely gift from the Lord Jesus. 

Love and Prayers,


Monday, 25 April 2022

Homemaking Mondays: Flowers in My Home Garden


This past week I acquired a couple new things. 
One is a lovely new tea cup and saucer that I just love!
The delightful blue and white and the sweet butterfly.
I've also tried this new Meyer Lemon tea by Stash and it's delicious!
A good wake up tea.

With all the flowers that are around the house 
I was inspired to add more. 
I saw this idea on an ad that kept coming up in my social media feed.
So I talked to my daughter about it. 
She is a wonderful designer so she created this for me.
The flowers in my garden as a mother. 
I went rummaging through my collection of frames 
that I've collected.  
I only had to cut the picture down a tad and it fit.
It's sitting here on my sewing machine but at some point 
I will find it a permanent home. 

I am loving the beautiful burst of the pink violets as well. 
I must say I do also adore the little ruffled petals. 

With homeschooling I've been trying something new
for when the boys read books. 
They read all the time but I wanted to challenge them to 
dig a little deeper and think a little more about what they are reading.
I came across this SOAPSTone method. 
It asks some good simple questions for the 
speaker, occasion, audience, purpose, subject, and tone. 
No book how simple it may seem is just fluff. 
Every book has something that it's teaching or wanting to convey. 
The author of the books values and beliefs also come through in their writing. 
So doing author studies or research is good to understand more about
what you are reading. 

The springtime is becoming more forceful up here 
and winter is starting to back down.
The sun is warmer when it does shine and the temperature is rising more.
The winds are strong and yesterday we actually had rain.  
Of course it was snowing again some this morning....but it's already melting nicely.
There are now little patches of soil under some of the bigger trees.  
There are puddles and mud in the drive and the smell.  
Oh the smell of springtime is starting to come on strong! 

Indoors the seedlings are growing. 
I am itching to start the greenhouse work...but alas
there is still too much snow just yet.  
I re-seeded more squash today as for some reason my others 
don't want to grow? 
With gardening it's my eatable hobby and every year is an experiment.
Sometimes some things grow without effort and others 
well...they need some strong encouragement. 
In it all the Lord is good and there is always something to eat in the end. 

I pray you all have a wonderful week! 
Thanks for dropping by!

Love and Prayers,

Monday, 18 April 2022

Homemaking Mondays: It's All In How You Mix It


How do you like your tea? 
I like to mix my own tea mostly.
Some of this and some of that.
I also like my tea nice and strong.
Add some cream and sweetener and it's lovely.
I do enjoy simple herbal tea as well
although lately I've been drawn to adding some 
black tea in with mix. 
Chamomile, Ivan's Tea, Peppermint,Red Raspberry and Black
is my go to mix at the moment. 
Sadly I have just finished up the last of my Ivan's Tea
so I'll be anxiously awaiting the fireweed this summer.
Do you like to mix up your own blends of tea?

With all the new growth celebrating the longer
hours of sunshine are the geraniums.
I did take some cuttings to start some new fresh plants.
In doing so I cut off the flower stems
and they are being enjoyed in little vases.
I love the little bottles that my essential oils 
come in and after they are emptied
they may beautiful little vases for small bits of flowers.

With the longer hours of sunshine 
the melting is continuing to change the scenery.
There are more patches of ground showing and the icicles 
are forming and dropping from the eaves. 
This one big icicle outside our main door lasted 
a long time before dropping away.
It doesn't look that long in the picture but it was 
a few feet long. 

There are lots of ways to look at things.
With spring comes puddles, mud, dirty vehicles,
and random drastic changes in the weather. 
Sometimes I admit it can be a bit frustrating at times.
It is all in how you look at it though. 
Just like I like to add this and that to my tea
I am trying to look at each aspect as a beautiful 
part of the blend. 

 I pray your day is blessed today!

Love and Prayers,

Monday, 11 April 2022

Homemaking Mondays: Snow is a Melting!

Snow is melting! 
There is a lot of snow to go...but it's starting.
The icicles off the eves are lovely and 
there are patches of ground showing here and there.  
It is wonderful to watch the birds and squirrels 
scouring the earth for tasty bits. 
Even our dog seems to find patches of clear earth to lay
down in.  Then of course there is some cleaning at the door to be done.

I went out for a short hike with a couple of my children.
The snow is quite soft but on the skidoo trails
it's still quite manageable.  
Even with the heavy cloud cover we could see
the distant mountains on the horizon. 
I also found this cool tree at the edge of the trail.
For some reason all the texture caught my eye.

There was also this cool tree trunk with the colourization on the bottom.
It was also much bigger then it looks in the picture. 

The springs are running stronger
and at one point the trail goes over them. 
It's a well packed trail and will be there for quite a bit longer.

This week some cinnamon buns 
were in order. this time I just used vanilla in the icing
that in the picture has melted into them. 

It has been a lovely week just puttering about the home. 
There are so many little things that come to 
our attention as the increased sunshine 
seems to stir us to action. 
With changing up the top of the sewing machine 
I thought that I'd add these cute little bluebirds from the hutch.

Along with the search and destroy missions on the cobwebs
it's good to dust those out of the way places we like to pretend don't 
exist most of the year.  It's a work in progress.

Thank you for dropping by today! 
Praying you have a beautiful spring day!

Love and Prayers,

Monday, 4 April 2022

Homemaking Mondays: Friends Share Life's Journey


This journey of life the Lord God has given each of us.
He has also graciously allowed us friends to 
walk alongside us. 
Now the greatest friend I have known is the Lord Jesus himself.
The real one that I met through His Word.  
I am grateful for the treasure of the others 
that have come into my life.
From my husband to ladies that have let me share my life 
with them and their lives with me.
Those in person and those that I've never met outside of the internet.
I'm a fairly quiet person but treasure those I know.

Little moments shared in the comments of this blog
are also special to me. 
A lady I've never met shared a delicious bread recipe with me. 
Yes, I did try it today and it's delicious! Thank you! 

Also learning from others online that I've never spoken with. 
Through their blogs and things they have written. 
One thing I have enjoyed and has become a kind of friend is this cookbook.
The Prairie Homestead Cookbook. 
Some of us view our cookbooks as friends.
Those recipes that we use often 
or just cookbooks that we read through that inspire us
to care for our family through our kitchens. 

I think friends are like flowers that bring a fresh scent
to our lives and smiles to our faces and hearts. 
Some are in our lives for a short time and some for a lifetime.
All part of the lives that God has given us. 

Thank you all for dropping by
and I pray you have a blessed day!

Love and Prayers,