Monday 31 October 2022

Homemaking Mondays: Winter Coziness


Winter has come to stay and one day there were swans 
and ducks on the lake and the next
morning it was frozen over for good.  
It has been snowing lightly for a few days now 
and the sky is a lovely soft grey. 
It adds a light chill to the edges of the windows
and I'm glad that we have plastic covering our biggest ones.
The entryway rug is now wet from 
snow being tracked in. 
Now it's a challenge to get past the entryway to the 
downstairs with dry socks.
Or in my case wet feet.  I still like to be barefoot
until it gets too cold to do so. 
No more laundry on the line so the dryer 
is working more. 
It does add a nice warmth to 
the downstairs so that is good.

It's been a time for soups 
and roast chicken dinners. 
Cozy foods.
Spice bread has been made again
and I have one more pumpkin to cook up.

With the growing darkness
I've been using candles more.
First thing in the morning I love the softness
candle light adds to the room.
At night we have some low lights in areas 
we're not using as much. 
Since the butter churn isn't functional to make butter
we added some tiny lights to it 
and it makes a fun little lamp in a previously dark corner.

I've begun to tackle more knitted socks.
I'm learning to do a german short row heal this time.
I knit while the boys do their morning lessons.
I found a cool engineering book
that highlights one hundred of the major inventions 
over time.
The boys are going to pick a few of them to study in more depth.
It's nice to be able to do things like this together.

I hope you are having a lovely day homemaking! 

Love and Prayers,


Anonymous said...

Another lovely warming read. Aunt June

Sister in the Mid-west said...

I'm a bare foot girl, too! :)
I am running into trouble finding time to work on handiwork projects. You knitting during morning lesson time is inspiring.

Margie said...

What a bright idea to repurpose the butter churn!

I've done something similar by putting fairy lights inside a clear teapot.