Monday 17 October 2022

Homemaking Mondays: I Love Fall


I know I've said this before
but I love fall.
I love when the colours change and set the world aglow.
 I also love it when the leaves have all fallen
leaving the world in shades of brown.
The forest darkens and as you watch the wildlife 
are preparing to bed down for the winter. 
The sunshine is more slanted and shines deeper into our rooms.
There is a coziness to it all.

In the kitchen there are also fall preparations.
Canning beef stew for quick easy meals.
Delicious apple sheet pie
enough to share.
Today there will be mincemeat cookies 
after the bread comes out of the oven.

I've finished up the cowl I was knitting.
First time knitting in the round and with the seed stitch.
It's not perfect but it's warm and comfortable.

Along with the knitting I bought some fun
crochet cotton to work practice some crochet stitches 
with another lady I met.
Easy projects to add some colour inside our homes.

The snow has come down the mountains this week.'s not staying.
We have had lots of rain and some warmer temps so it's all but gone.
It's like a wake up call to all....Are you ready for winter?
Then we get a little break to get those last fall projects 
taken care of before the snow comes for good.  
For me I had forgotten to tuck up the canoes 
against the house so that will happen today.
Then I need to finish tucking steel wool into the mouse holes 
that have been created in the porch. 
The first snow is always good for snowmen or snowball fights.
This time round there was a layer of frozen rain on top
so with the crust it was best used for first sledding trips. 

This past week at the free store I found this 
beautiful crocheted afghan and I washed it up and 
it's now adorning my bed and is so cozy!
It's lovely to snuggle under for quick naps to.
Do you find you are more tired during season changes?
I sure do and take time for little rests.
I also found a couple lovely sweaters that I can wear.
It's still warm enough (just above freezing) that you can wear
just a heavy sweater over a long sleeved shirt. 
The cozy fall attire that will soon turn to winter coats. 
For now I love the benefit of layers.

Whether you are at the end of fall or just beginning 
depending on where you are.
I do hope you are enjoying the beauty 
and special moments that come with fall.
Through it all may you see the Lord's handiwork 
in all the details.

Thanks for dropping by!
Love and Prayers,


Margie said...

I also love the changing leaf colours in the fall.

I still need to do some garden clean-up before the temperatures drop below zero!

Sister in the Mid-west said...

It is the time of year for cleaning up the yard to prepare for winter. Last week the children and I were taking out the tomato vines and heaping compost mulch onto our garden beds. I still have a little bit to do. This October has been very sunny and mild. I have enjoyed it!