Monday 28 February 2022

Homemaking Mondays: Let Gardening Begin!


It's time to start gardening again and I'm so happy about that!
The sun is shining more and more and is warmer.
Today my boys had a homeschool garden planning day.
We had a great discussion and note taking time and then we got 
our hands dirty! 
Because of course you can't garden without getting dirty now can you?
I'm not one for gloves so my hands have dirt in them often 
from now till fall time. 

We headed out to the shed to collect trays and pots.
I have some heating mats and a grow light to that will be plugged in.

OH, and this year the boys put together
the indoor greenhouse for me. 
It was a gift from my husband and I've had it for years.
Still works great and I've used it inside and outside.

Sometimes I think that I need more pots...but really 
no, I don't. hehehe

Now with seeds...I can't be honest with myself and always buy more then I need. 
But then again...I always plant more then I need. 
No problem really as I can give them away.

Pulled out my seeds and found the ones that I can plant early.  
Tomatoes, herbs, and some flowers.

I lined up the seed packets on the trays so that I could 
see what I needed to fill with soil.
I don't like to pull out more soil then I need to for it often just gets 
dumped or just dries out and gets dusty.  
Of course I could just plant some extra plants???

Soon there will be lots of little seedlings to care for and that will be lovely! 
I think gardening is one of the many blessings the Lord has given.
To watch each stage of growth and pay attention to the details of 
God's creation is amazing and to me calming. 

Thanks for dropping by! 
Love and Prayers,

Monday 21 February 2022

Homemaking Mondays: Renewed


It was time for some renewing in the house. 
Sometimes in the middle of the winter things just need 
a fresh touch.  
I changed up the top of my one kitchen hutch
and dusted off this little framed verse that was there. 
I must admit I am not great at dusting often.

This is one of my favourite verses and it is a good 
reminder as we can loose our focus on things. 
God's will is much different then the worlds.
It is good to have verses put up around our homes to bring 
our attention to the Lord and what His will is for us.

A short bit ago a friend of ours retired from his job so we made 
some fun carrot cake cupcakes for him and his wife to enjoy.
It's a diabetic carrot cake with lots of carrots and flaxseeds. 
So it's not only delicious but better for us. Not that cake can really 
be labeled healthy...but it sounds good. :) 
We have accumulated a few different fun cupcake papers. 
I did have them stuffed in a drawer but saw this
fun idea on Pinterest.  
Yes, sometimes creativity needs a boost at times. 
I had just finished using this one jar and thought it would 
make a great place to store them so that we could enjoy 
their cheerful colours and then be inspired to use them more. 
I found this beautiful large doily at the free store and it 
was perfect paired with a blue ribbon and bow.

I put a new plant on the top of my hutch as I sadly
ended up killing my ivy that was there.  
Not sure what I did, but it didn't make it through this winter.
I have started a new jar of clippings that will hopefully take root
and become a new plant in the spring. 
I still very much enjoy using the little candy jar with the bird on top. 
It was a gift from a friend and it makes me smile. 

It's been fairly warm and I was surprised to wake up to 
almost -30C this morning.  
The sky is mostly blue and the sun is shining on 
the icicles hanging from the eves.  
The sunshine brings a warmth to the inside of the house
as it shines in the windows. 

Thanks for dropping by! 
What do you like to do in your homes to 
renew them in the middle of winter? 

Love and Prayers,

Monday 14 February 2022

Homemaking Mondays: Pink Petals and Darning Socks


It has been so wonderful to have more sunshine!
It seems to brighten so much and not just with light.
My husband bought me these beautiful flowers 
for the remembrance of 26 years since he proposed to me. 

I've stared some darning.
It is a sad reality that with wool socks 
come holes  that need to be fixed. 
I inherited a darning egg and it is quite helpful.
So...with the holes comes a new
skill to learn. 

I collected all the socks to be mended
some extra wool, my darning egg, a darning needle,
my glasses and my sharp scissors that were a gift from a dear friend.
The first one wasn't too pretty...but 
I think I got the hang of it as I went along. 
The next time I might try the knitting patch technique
just to see what I like to do better.

It is so fun to have cheerful flowers in the house.  
Plus...I think they smell lovely to.

I made a few cards with the new papers I've acquired.
It's nice to be able to give a personal touch to what is sent.
I'm truthfully not good at making wintery
flowery it is. :)

Thank you for dropping by! 
I hope you are having a lovely day keeping your home as well. 

Love and Prayers,

Monday 7 February 2022

Homemaking Mondays: A Taste of Cheerfulness


This week I've had a taste of cheerfulness. 
It is that time of year that I start dreaming of spring and planting things.
I found these new seeds at Canadian Tire
and no I didn't go there for that reason...but strayed into the garden section. 

Then I found these lovely daffodil bulbs in the grocery store this week. 
I love their cheerful yellow blooms and the scent of spring.
The one stem had 3 blossoms on it!

We had a couple birds come spend some time in the sun against the 
living room window.  
There was a magpie that was actually pecking at the window 
and talking to us wanting in. 

Still a good time for hearty soups. 
I made a sausage and tomato soup topped with 
cheddar cheese for lunch one day.

I've also been eating some more smoothies.
This one was a blackberry/cranberry mix with hemp and flax seeds.

My family has also been enjoying putting puzzles together.
Below is a 2000 piece one that we just finished no long ago. 
Do your families enjoy doing puzzles?  

We are currently having a nice chinook and the sun is shining! 
A nice break from the cold in the middle of the winter. 

Thanks for dropping by! 

Love and Prayers,