Monday 28 February 2022

Homemaking Mondays: Let Gardening Begin!


It's time to start gardening again and I'm so happy about that!
The sun is shining more and more and is warmer.
Today my boys had a homeschool garden planning day.
We had a great discussion and note taking time and then we got 
our hands dirty! 
Because of course you can't garden without getting dirty now can you?
I'm not one for gloves so my hands have dirt in them often 
from now till fall time. 

We headed out to the shed to collect trays and pots.
I have some heating mats and a grow light to that will be plugged in.

OH, and this year the boys put together
the indoor greenhouse for me. 
It was a gift from my husband and I've had it for years.
Still works great and I've used it inside and outside.

Sometimes I think that I need more pots...but really 
no, I don't. hehehe

Now with seeds...I can't be honest with myself and always buy more then I need. 
But then again...I always plant more then I need. 
No problem really as I can give them away.

Pulled out my seeds and found the ones that I can plant early.  
Tomatoes, herbs, and some flowers.

I lined up the seed packets on the trays so that I could 
see what I needed to fill with soil.
I don't like to pull out more soil then I need to for it often just gets 
dumped or just dries out and gets dusty.  
Of course I could just plant some extra plants???

Soon there will be lots of little seedlings to care for and that will be lovely! 
I think gardening is one of the many blessings the Lord has given.
To watch each stage of growth and pay attention to the details of 
God's creation is amazing and to me calming. 

Thanks for dropping by! 
Love and Prayers,


Sister in the Mid-west said...

I am excited for you!
I agree that gardening is a gift that can bring us closer to God. I like the way you said it.

Sunshine Country said...

I love gardening so much too! I gave my seedlings an extra early start, and hope to plant them outdoors in late April. It's always an exciting time of year! I enjoyed reading your post!