Thursday 29 March 2018

Yummy Gummies!

Hello!  Gummy Bears Anyone???

We learned to make gummy bears at the local community centre and 
wanted to try them at home as well. 
My husband ordered me these great silicone forms.  
They came with the little droppers to.

We collected the needed things.  I'm not a big jello fact I haven't bought any for years. 
I thought we'd try some with the jello, and then some with just juice and gelatine.  
(We used organic grape juice, and it could have used some added sweetener)

The moulds came in such fun colours and after washing them up we set them out to be filled.  

The droppers were fun, and much easier than using a spoon.
Then we looked at the recipe.
We made three batches today.

It was fun to watch them fill the little compartments. 

Once they were all filled, we set them out on the deck as the temp outside was just around freezing.  

Once they had set, we popped them out of the moulds and tasted a few.  
They wanted to eat lots, but I made them wait until snack for that. 

I think they're cute!  and yummy!

The very berry ones are a lovely shade of blue...but I truthfully hate to think
 of what it took to make them that colour. 

We made a few bigger ones to experiment with that to. 

Have you ever made gummy bears?  A fun activity with the kids for sure! 

Hope you have a lovely day!

Wednesday 28 March 2018

Pizza Please

Hi!  Do you love pizza?

My family does, and it's nice to make in so many variations to.
I make pizza on cookie sheets and then cut it so we each get two pieces.  

Our favourite is pepperoni, and this past time we got some 
bison pepperoni from a local butcher shop to try. 
It was SO good!  

We also very much love just plain cheese pizza to. 
 I like to add fresh parmesan or feta to the regular marble cheese.  

No, I don't add vegetables to my pizza...we have them on the side. 

We just use a regular bread recipe and I just don't let it rise but knead it out to fit the pan.  
Two pizzas worth and then there is two meals made. 

Do you have a favourite pizza?  Do share!


Tea and Yarn

I hope you are enjoying the beauty of spring...or at least dreaming of it.  
Here in the Yukon, the temps are climbing a bit above freezing at times and the melting has begun.  The snow is shrinking and you can hear dripping here and there.  

For me I felt it was time for some more fresh wash clothes in bright colours.  
I've been making some with a Robin Egg blue, and found this lovely Creamsicle and Emerald Isle.  
I thought they'd be nice to have as well. 

I find it so relaxing to crochet and have some tea at the same time. 
Do you do this? 

My son loves berry teas, and I found this one at a local store.  
It has a very rich pungent flavour and is very nice!

Thanks for dropping by!  
Praying you have a lovely day!


Tuesday 20 March 2018

Yukon Adventure

I'd love to share with you about one of our Yukon Adventures we've had recently.  
It was a glorious day the Lord had made, and we wanted to be outside.

We took a hike up to a lake not far from our home.  About a 12km round trip.  

We followed a well packed skidoo trail and even then in the warmer weather 
we've been having it was quite soft in spots.  

The sun was shining brilliantly, and we definitely needed sunglasses.  
Since we didn't all have some along, we took turns.  

There were wonderful stands of trees around, and below you can see the stand of trees in the middle of the picture.  This is where we stopped to have a snack and rest.

We had hauled a sled with us, and then took out the blanket and laid it on the snow.  
Next time a tarp should be in order so that we didn't get wet! yes...afterthought.

My daughter poured the hot chocolate (Yes that is a must on a winter picnic!),
and we shared around cookies and apples.  

Love this little sled as it held a big blanket, the snack bag, extra dry clothing, snowshoes and my daughter's big camera case.  

My daughter loves to take pictures with her nice camera wherever she goes. :) 

My boys pulled out their snowshoes after having a break and explored the area around where we stopped at the edge of the lake.

Of course Sophie our dog was with us and had a grand ol' time!

Lastly, so it proves I was there....a pic of me out in the snow 
where I'd gone to get a better view of the  lake. 

Thanks for dropping by!
Praying you have a lovely day enjoying the blessings of the Lord's creation!


Sunday 11 March 2018

Nurturing a Love for Growing Things

For one of our homeschool group meetings, a Mom taught us all how to plant sprouts in soil and
 let them grow to about this big, and then eat them!!!  
They are delicious!  These being sunflower sprouts.  

We all planted some sprouts of our own.  
Add a bit of soil to the bottom of your container, load it down with soaked sunflower sprout seeds, and then cover with some soil to help keep them moist.  Water often.  
It didn't take long for our sprouts to come us and be eaten. :)  Yum! 

We did save out one little sunflower sprout that had lots of roots and planted him in his own pot.  
Just to see how he grows.
We like to do these little experiments. :) 

It is wonderful to nurture the love of growing things in our children.  
So they can know where food comes from, 
to learn to provide some foods for themselves, and 
most of all to see the amazing creation that the Lord God has made!

This wonderful Amazing Seeds magazine was ordered from Baker Creek Heirloom Seed Co. by a fellow homeschool mom.  She shared copies with all the kids in the homeschool group we attend. 
You can click on the above link to order your own. 

It is a fantastic magazine with lots of trivia, 

interesting stories,

information on plants,

and flowers.

This was very interesting for all the kids as they browsed through them and then shared something with the group that they thought was interesting.  

I hope you have a wonderful day!  Perhaps even taking some time to think about gardening. 


Thursday 8 March 2018

Birthday Cards

Hello!  Today I have some birthday cards to share with you 
that I created for some family this month.  

I bought some new papers that were cheery and bright, and I was itching to try them out.  
I found some of these clear stick on sentiments, along with some lace, crocheted flowers and brads they came together nicely.  

I created the one below a bit more masculine for my Dad.  
He loves birds and I thought of him when I saw this slip of paper.  
A touch of corrugated cardboard and some ledger paper were in order to. :) 

Thanks for dropping by!  
I hope you are having a lovely day, and perhaps some time for crafting. 


Sunday 4 March 2018

Cheerful Disposition

Do you think that violets have a cheerful disposition? I do.

They bloom throughout the year and add a splash of colour to wherever they are.

Today I transplanted some starter violets that have been growing for some time.  
I had found these sweet Royal Crafton tea cups at the free store.  
They are the perfect new homes for  these lovely violets!

They are small plants now, and with this amount of soil will be able to 
live for a long time in these cups.

They are very cute, and I need to find just the right space for them to have a permanent home.  
They don't like to be moved around much. 

For now they are by my office window.  
Once they are strong from the transplant they'll 
be moved to their new home.

There are four of them. 
I'm thinking that perhaps in my bedroom window they would be happy?

Thank you for dropping by so I could share this little pleasure with you! 
May you have a delightful day! 


A Medieval Trebuchet

Today I'd like to share with you some building fun my boys and I have had this weekend.

I found this kit at a garage sale and so even with the idea of flying objects, 
my boys and I took to building it. :) 

We haven't gotten into medieval things at our home, but my son was learning about levers and such so this was just up his alley and field of study at the moment. 

We got out the instructions and collected all we needed except for the snack part. 
I thought it was so fun that they added that element. 
We had just eaten lunch so more food was not necessary. 

There was a bit of measuring, snapping and cutting to do.  
Good practice! 

There was also lots of glueing and we even needed a small hammer to get all the pieces together. 

The hose pieces that were cut were a bit finicky to get onto the poles, 
but at last it was moving smoothly where it should go. 

We found some gravel in our science kit to add to the bucket, and the clay was rolled into a nice ball. 

Every so often when the mechanism doesn't work just right...there is gravel that goes flying around the room.  

We situated the trebuchet so that it would fire towards the kitchen pantry cupboards so as to protect most of the items in the house from harm.

It was a great activity to do with them.  
Something hands on that helps them to remember the lessons without feeling they're 
"in school". 

A great part of homeschooling is that learning happens in "real life" 
and not just in some classroom.

Thank you for dropping by today! 

I hope you have a beautiful day!