Wednesday 28 March 2018

Pizza Please

Hi!  Do you love pizza?

My family does, and it's nice to make in so many variations to.
I make pizza on cookie sheets and then cut it so we each get two pieces.  

Our favourite is pepperoni, and this past time we got some 
bison pepperoni from a local butcher shop to try. 
It was SO good!  

We also very much love just plain cheese pizza to. 
 I like to add fresh parmesan or feta to the regular marble cheese.  

No, I don't add vegetables to my pizza...we have them on the side. 

We just use a regular bread recipe and I just don't let it rise but knead it out to fit the pan.  
Two pizzas worth and then there is two meals made. 

Do you have a favourite pizza?  Do share!


1 comment:

Danielle Dunn said...

I love the bison pepperoni. :)