Saturday 30 April 2016

A Play Computer

Hello Friends! Today I have a quick post I'd like to share with you.  My boys love computers and pretending to use them when they're not on ours. :)  So my husband took this old IMac that we found at the dump and gutted it of all it's components. We tied a weight on to it so that it would adjust properly like a "real" one.  Then we took the cover of a spreadsheet book we found at the dump also, cut the binding off and overlapped it over the opening.  Adhered it with crafting tape.  It fit perfectly into the rounded edges of where the previous screen had been.  (the previous screen was smashed to bits so was removed also) 

So now the boys have a play computer that looks like a real one.  The keyboard and mouse that they have with it came from the dump free store also. :)  So a cheep fun toy for the kids. :)

This last pic shows better the overlap that was made.

Thanks for dropping by!  May you have a blessed day!

Wednesday 27 April 2016

Lacy Thank You

Hello Friends!  Today I have a card to share with you that I made for a sweet friend as a thank you.
I used a Stampin' Up card base (which I inked a bit) and then some sweet Stampin' Up papers.  I tied some ribbon on and added a little wooden embellishment.  Somehow in the pictures the ribbon and paper look very didn't look that off in person.

I love how easy it is to make a card when you have such lovely things to work with!

It is a wonderful thing then blessed by others just because.  I am so thankful for all of those people that the Lord has brought into my life, to encourage me and to cheer me!  May the Lord be praised for his great kindness to me!

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Monday 25 April 2016


 Hello Friends!  Today I have some buggles to share with  you. :)  I saw this craft on Pinterest and thought it would be so cute and fun.   I searched for ages to find the little glass rocks...and when I couldn't, a dear friend of mine mailed me some! She sent some really big ones and some small ones. 

 We went through my card crafting paper and found some with patterns that were smaller and would look good "under glass".  We cut the paper to fit under the stones and then modge podged it on.  After that was dry, we added some modge podge on the underneath so that we could stick them outside and they'd be sealed from any water. 

Now for the googly eyes. :)  When it was all dry, we turned them over and added some googly eyes with just a touch of modge podge glue.

Here are some close up pics of some of my favourites.   Soon they will be out in the garden and flower bed to add colour and interest.   We spend lots of time outside gardening and just enjoying nature, so this was a great addition to that.

Thanks for dropping by!  This was such  fun and easy craft for the kids and when we get more stones someday we'll be making more, just for fun.   A good summer craft to do out on a blanket in the yard.

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Nothin' Says Lovin'

Hello Friends!  I love this homemade sign that hangs in my kitchen.  It holds my array of tea strainers so they are handy also.  I love tea, and have started growing some different herbs for tea which is fun. :)  I found this sign at a free store and I'll never be giving it away. :)  Helps me to keep in mind that what I do in the kitchen is loving and caring for my family. 

One thing that my family loves to do is to try new things.  One new thing that we found at the grocery was blue potatoes.  Have you tried them?  We thought that since they were so small that we'd slice them up and bake them like we do our  homemade french fries.  So we put them through our food processor (much faster than slicing them by hand). 

Aren't they so pretty on the inside?

We laid them all out on a cookie sheet, rolled them around in some sunflower oil and tucked them in the oven.  They cooked much faster than the regular Yukon Gold ones we are used to and had a stronger flavour as well.  Very delicious!

I served them with meatball sandwiches on homemade buns and it was a great combination.
Yes, we did eat some more vegetables with our meal...but I forgot to put some on the plate. :)

Thanks for dropping by!  I hope  you have a blessed day and remember that working in your kitchen providing good healthy and delicious foods for  your family is a way of loving them.  The Lord Jesus has given us such a wonderful job in caring for our families!  Let us joy in it and not let it be a chore for us. 

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Manly Birthday

Hello! Today I have a card to share with you that I created for a young man.  I I tried to go with simple, and a mysterious smoky paper. :)  And of course some screws.   I used a sentiment stamp from Tina Weinke and then added distressing to the edges of the papers.  The board panel is popped up with foam cubes. 

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Tuesday 19 April 2016

Window of a Heart

Hello Friends! Today is the birthday of my sweet friend just over the fence. :)  So I had a good reason to play in my craft room. 

I created this card with a Stampin' Up card base that I was given by a sweet online friend! I chose this card base for it reminds me of the lace stenciling art that we saw once at an exhibition of lace stenciling on vehicle hoods.  It was amazing and she and I both agreed that having something like that hanging in our house would be fantastic!  Here's a glimpse.

I inked the heart portion so that it came through on the inside to create the pattern there.  Then I cut out the heart on a piece of lovely Bo Bunny paper that my daughter bought me at a garage sale. :)  I added some lace and ribbon, choosing the measuring tape one for she loves to sew.  Then I made a crochet flower to match the paper.  It's a new flower pattern that I used and you can find it HERE!   It's free and so easy!  I popped a brad in the center and put the flower over the lace. 

Here's a look at the inside.   I think it looks charming.

One final pic that shows the colour of the paper a bit better.

Thanks so much for dropping by!  Praying you have a lovely day!

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Saturday 16 April 2016

A Snugglie Quilt

Hello Friends, I want to share with you a snugglie quilt I made.  Well I made two of them, one for each of my boys to go on their beds.

As you have probably caught on if you have followed my blog for a bit.  I love finding uses for used, scavenged, free things.  The Lord always seems to bless us with things that we can use or re-purpose.   I happen to have a friend that finds LOTS of things for me and smuggles them in to the house.  I have a husband that likes to have more things leave the  house than come in...but that's just not as fun. LOL  I'm not a junk collector though, I just love things that can be given a practical use.  If they have no use, they leave quickly.

So with that in friend brought me over on separate occasions a couple flannel leaf sheets and a couple cloth table cloths.  So what else would pop into my head but matching quilts for the boys.  Here in the Yukon it's good to have lots of warm blankets.

I found a sheet of quilting batting at the free store (recycling section) of our dump so that went for one quilt and then I purchased a king sized quilting batting and doubled it up for extra warmth on the second.  I didn't do anything fancy, just sewed some...fairly straight lines and then made some binding out of the extra pieces of the flannel sheets.

I could hardly get them finished before the boys were snuggling into them.  I'm so glad they like them and that they'll keep them warm on cold Yukon nights.

Do you love finding ways to use things that are given you or that you find? 

Thanks so much for dropping by!  I hope you have a delightful day!

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Monday 4 April 2016

Soft Baby Things

Hello Friends!  Today I have some soft baby things that I've been making for my new niece.  I love her so much and haven't even met her yet in person.  She lives too far away to go and visit right now, so I'm sending some Auntie, Uncle, and cousin love in the mail.

I cut out some soft floral flannel and hemmed the fresh edges.  Then I crocheted around the edges with some variegated crochet thread.   I was surprised how easy it was to poke holes through the flannel.  So something that I won't hesitate to do again.

Then I had seen a tutorial on how to make a little quilted baby change pad.  Something I wish I had been able to do for my babies but didn't know how.  I used to put a receiving blanket over the plastic/ vinyl ones I had.  So I thought since I had these lovely flannel pieces of material that's exactly what I'd do.  SO I cut them out, found matching flannel to back them and tucked some quilting batting in between.  I quilted it with my free motion foot and tried doing a stipple stitch.  I edged it with some matching basting strips and now they're ready to go.  Now she can get her little bum changed in comfort. :)  And they're totally washable!  Plus they fold up nicely to go into a diaper bag or use at home. 

I made the receiving blanket out of the same yellow/orange floral flannel since I had a piece big enough left over.  I didn't have a yellow crochet thread so I opted for the variegated.

Thanks for dropping by!  What sort of things do you like making for babies?  Are there things you know how to make now that you would have loved to have known earlier?  I love how in life we never stop learning and even if our children are growing up we can use these skills for others.

Colossians 3:17 " And whatsoever ye do in word or deed, do all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God and the Farther by him."
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Friday 1 April 2016

Bundle of Joy!

Hello Friends!  How very precious are babies and such a joy to their parents and families!

Psalms 127:3 Lo, children are an heritage of the LORD: and the fruit of the womb is his reward.

This card I've made for my brother and sister-in-law who just had their first little baby, a girl! :)  She's so sweet and I'm so happy for them.   

For the card I've used some fun papers by Colorbok and some misc lace that I saved off of an outfit.  I used a clear stamp I had in my collection and then coloured in part of the rattle with a spectrum noir marker.  It's simple but I thought it didn't need anything more.  

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