Monday, 31 May 2021

Homemaking Mondays: Scent of Home


A beautiful rainy spring day here. 
yesterday we got some sunshine and decided that 
yes, it was time to start putting out the flowers and the 
They are all planted and are covered with frost blankets.
It was down to 2C last night but everything is doing fine. 

Above I planted some stocks in the planter by the front door. 
In time I'll add some sweet peas that I have germinating in a tray inside.
They smell so beautiful! 
I think it's a wonderful way to be welcomed into the home.

The tomatoes are happy in the greenhouse
after being put into bigger pots.  I added some 
marigolds and basil to each of their pots.
I find that by adding those plants
it makes the tomatoes sweeter and keeps 
pests away. 

I have a variety of tomatoes this year. 
Above the yellow pear and below the tumbler 
ones are producing fruit already. 
the others are showing signs of flowers so they won't be too far
away from joining the production lines. 
I'm looking forward to enjoying some fresh 
produce from our garden on our table. 
For me to be able to do this is a very rewarding
part of homemaking.

Yesterday I also planted the strawberries.  
We had bought a few plants *the ones on the left
and then dug up and combined the ones that were 
spread around the greenhouse.  
It will be interesting to see what fruit we get. 
I hope the voles & squirrels don't discover them.

I found this beautiful zinnia 
and had to come home. :)  
I planted it beside the delphinium.  

Then of course there are pansies!!! 
My favourite and even though this year
there weren't many colours to choose from we did find
these pretty ones!  

It's been a challenging week for my husband who had a bad fall. 
He's progressively doing better but we are sticking close by if he needs us.

My children decided that they should start swimming. 
"Let's go swimming they said....It will be fun they said."
They did have fun...and then shivered for a few hours afterwards. 
Yes...there is still a lot of snow on the mountains. 

Thank you all for dropping by! 
It is so encouraging to hear about your lives 
that you share in the comments. 
Praying you have a beautiful day
and enjoy the blessings of the Lord Jesus! 

Love and Prayers,

Monday, 24 May 2021

Homemaking Mondays: Sometimes Waiting is Hard


Sometimes waiting is hard. many different aspects of life. 
Today as I went to check on my greenhouse 
and clear the roof of water pockets 
from last night's rain...
I passed my pot collection. 
They are all waiting for their flowers and herbs.
The weather has been quite cool this spring 
and it's going to take longer to 
safely put out the plants. 
Below I bought a new planter to go on at the top
of the steps to the front door.
I hope to have sweet peas there to smell nice as you come in.  

The plants coming up on their own 
are slow coming as well.
The chives in the one garden bed,
some delphiniums in another. 

Then I have some happy little garlic sprouts 
that have come up. 
Little bits of joy to make our 
gardener hearts to smile.
There is new life in the spring. 
It gives us pause to observe it's beauty.

Here are some of the flowers and berries 
waiting to be planted. 
Some new kinds to try
and then my beloved pansies. 
There were not many blue varieties this year
and I'm glad I could snag these ones.  

They are covered with a frost blanket at night in the greenhouse
just to make sure they don't freeze.  

Some of the garden space we have 
is quite old and has not been used for some time.
The grass, trees, and weeds have taken over.
Yesterday my daughter helped me clear and dig up one section
of an old bed to plant some raspberries in. 
As time will allow in the future 
I hope to clean up the other beds to be used as well.
These raspberries are from a dear friend's yard.  
Planting them in memory of her. 
It has been a treasured thing for my children to 
pick her raspberries. 

After checking on the greenhouse 
I wandered down to the lake's edge.
It's a bit of a cool day with rain
so peaceful though. 
Sometimes the clouds feel like a blanket.
The comfort of the Lord is here
when days are hard, when there are struggles. 

Psalm 27:14

"Wait on the LORD: be of good courage, 
and he shall strengthen thine heart: 
wait, I say, on the LORD."

Love and Prayers,

Monday, 17 May 2021

Homemaking Mondays: New Beginnings


Glad you have stopped by! 
It's springtime here in the Yukon
a time of new beginnings.
The crocus are blooming and the trees are starting to
show little buds. 
The starter plants in the house are about ready 
to go outside as soon as it warms up a bit more at night.

This year in our new place we are blessed to have this huge
greenhouse space. 
My children helped me get some new plastic put on 
the old frame and we cleaned out the roses an trees from the 
inside....although we have not dug out roots. 
We will be putting our plants out there in pots. 

It's nice and warm in there!  
Lots of condensation on the inside 
as we work on getting some more ventilation put in.

We did get some snow this past week and it turned to slush quickly. 
The plastic  held just fine although we did need to help 
push some of the puddles off the one corner. 
I have no way of heating the greenhouse at the moment 
so I'm waiting until it's not freezing at night. 
I have frost blankets...but tomatoes and cukes don't like the cold 
and I don't want to chance them.

This week I found some chow mein noodles at the store.
They don't always have them. 
I also found oyster sauce so decided to make some 
chicken chow mein with my son.
We put in chopped onions, garlic, diced carrots and celery. 
Sautéed it up with some olive oil. 
Then added a bit of oyster sauce and soya sauce. 
Mixed in diced chicken and then the noodles. 
I used the onion greens from our sprouting onions.
I also wanted to ask how many of you like to use
the little mini graders? 
It is one of my little kitchen treasures. 
I think it works perfect for garlic, nutmeg and other odd things.

The home seems to be in transition now.
Setting out plans for homeschooling for this coming year as per 
our required paperwork with our Territory.
I am only planning for two this year as my 
second daughter is graduating this year.
Another new beginning for her. 
A couple of my children have had the first canoe paddle 
of the season on our little lake and today I saw
a kayaker out. It's cold, but the ice has finally gone.

This week some friends of ours place has flooded unexpectedly. 
Our daughter has been over helping a lot. 
(she works there and has her horse there)
There are lots of people and crews working to save the house. 
The horses were evacuated. 
We have been blessed to help some with feeding all those 
who are working there. 
It is an extension of homemaking that we homemakers 
are blessed to share in. 
Just heard a trench was dug and that water is starting to 
be diverted away from the homestead. 
Hope it continues to flow away.

Praying you have a beautiful week! 
Love and Prayers,

Sunday, 9 May 2021

Homemaking Mondays: Refresh the Virtuous Woman


It is a beautiful thing homemaking is.

In all the stages of life it's important to come back to 

the Word of God and refresh.

I've been reading through some of my old studies on the

Proverbs 31 virtuous woman. 

Thought I'd share some links if you were interested in

this study as well.

A Virtuous Woman 

A Virtuous Woman part 2

A Virtuous Woman part 3

A Virtuous Woman part 4

A Virtuous Woman part 5

The worlds around us is changing as the seasons change. 
Our little lake is starting to open up as the ice melts. 
There are some perennials starting to emerge from the soil 
as it thaws.
This past week we got the greenhouse's old plastic removed 
and the boards cleaned up.
Then we got rain and it stopped the project...for now. 
Soon we'll get the plastic on and then 
we will start to get things put out.  
We are now above freezing much of the time at night. 
Not that warm during the day...but it's coming. 
There are little bursts of colour inside as the plants mature.
There are cheerful tiny sunflowers, geraniums, cosmos, 
and some tomatoes. 
Promises of what is to come in the summer garden. 
As things in the garden progress...
inside the home there is bread made, soup bubbling, 
fresh laundry folding, sock knitting 
and restful cups of tea.

Praying your day is filled with the love 
and contentment of homemaking. 

Love and Prayers,

Tuesday, 4 May 2021

Homemaking Mondays: First Picnic of the Season

Today we got out for our very first picnic 
my children and I. 
It was a beautiful spring day and so we decided to 
enjoy our first picnic of the season. 
We went to a place not far from home. 
The wind was still quite cold
but the sand was still warm in the sunshine.
We spread out our blanket and relaxed for awhile.

We had a simple meal of peanut butter and bumble berry jam on
fresh homemade bread. 
Yes, it was white bread this time with flax seeds.
We had it with chips and seaweed snacks. 
Not the most nutritious...but it tasted so good!

Then there was a bit of exploring and nature watching.
Much was done in bare feet! 
The aspen trees on the one ridge were putting out an amazing 
fresh smell as the sap is running in them.
They were starting to bud out and it smelled so good!
We saw a family of eagles and a couple 
squirrels racing across the sand from tree patch to tree patch.
We found this great climbing tree as well.
There was one huge branch near the bottom on the other side
of the trunk and you could just sit on it. 

From our picnic we headed over to a friend's place.
The family taught my kids how to do some archery and it was really fun. 
They learned the mechanics of the tools and also the important safety guidelines.
Then we joined them for the first marshmallow roast in their fire pit that
has just been cleared of snow.  
The open patches of snow have mostly melted...
but the sheltered places and in the trees still harbour much.

Our yard is slowly coming out from under the snow.  
We are hoping that in a couple weeks we can start planting in our garden beds.
The seedlings inside are growing like crazy and there are even a few
little blossoms on a couple of our tomatoes. :) 
The squash already need bigger pots as well and the herbs need trimming. 

Hope your homemaking this week is blessed! 

Love and Prayers,

Monday, 26 April 2021

Homemaking Mondays: From Seeds to Jars


I hope you are enjoying the day 
and all that comes with it.
Here it's a sunny spring day and the snow is 
continuing to melt outside.

Inside the seedlings are growing well.
They are loving the extra warmth from the sun
and I have started to take seedlings out to my sunroom 
so they can get some more light now that 
it's warm enough for them. 
It doesn't get direct light all day
but for a few hours it helps since it's more then
they get in the windows.
Plus it helps to harden them off
as it's much cooler out there then in the 
house against the windows.

I like to watch how things progress from seeds to jars.
The tomato seedlings are getting nice and tall. 
They will be up potted into bigger containers and then again
in a few weeks to their permanent ones.
Each time I plant them deeper in the soil so that the 
stems can put out more roots and grow a stronger plant. 

Once the plants produce then I'm going to be saving tomatoes
to make roasted tomato soup.
I just canned up some more this week as there was
a sale on tomatoes at the store. 
I look forward to having fresh ones from our garden.
Although especially the very first ones...
just go right into our mouths. 

This week has also been a week for making cards.
I'd like to share with you this one as 
it just makes me smile!
I made this for special friends.

Flowers in all shapes.
I checked the perennial flower bed.
The snow is now off of it and you can burrow your 
fingers about four inches down before hitting ice.
I'll be watering them with warm water...
and before long we should see some lovely little shoots.

Right now we have gardening on our minds as 
the house is full of extra plants. 
It's time to also clean out the freezer and can up the 
extra fruit that is still there. 
In a month we'll be eating fresh rhubarb.  
It is interesting to watch the journey of a plant. 
Each plant that the Lord has created has a purpose. 
Either for food or pleasure or both.

Praying you have a beautiful day! 

Love and Prayers,

Monday, 19 April 2021

Homemaking Mondays: Touching the Soil


How is your homemaking day? 
The past few days here the sun has been warm 
and is melting away the snow. 
There are little patches of ground showing here and there 
just enough to enjoy some time in bare feet.

The plants have been loving the added sunshine. 
They are growing nicely and by the time it's 
warm enough for them to be outside they'll be ready.

Our cucumber and squash seeds are germinating and 
soon they'll be taking over the window space.
The warmth and brightness are so welcome to the plants 
as well as to ourselves.

The bright sunlight has also brought out more blossoms inside the house.
A cheerful addition to the room. 

Outside the garden beds are starting to show.  
Once the snow gets down a bit further 
I will cover them with some frost blankets 
to help them get ready for planting.
I'm looking forward to touching the soil.
May sound funny to some....
but there is something very special and satisfying 
about playing in the dirt.
Perhaps that is something that is just a special memory
from when I was a young child?
As I've gotten older I have learned that dirt isn't just dirt
but it's another whole amazing world the Lord Jesus 
has created. 
There is a lot of life in the soil.

I think soil..or dirt is such a big part of homemaking.
We garden in it, we wash it off our food, 
we wash it off our kids and ourselves.
We wash it off our floors and out of our clothing.
At times in the past I've been very put out about how much dirt there is.
Now....the Lord has given me another insight into it.
It's a part of our lives...not a problem. 
Just another aspect of the world God has placed us in.
Dirt means there is growth.
Dirt means there is life happening.
All a part of caring for our homes and our families.
Perhaps touching the soil...will make you smile.

Love and Prayers,