Monday 29 May 2023

Homemaking Mondays: Wildlife Gardening & Different Way of Eating


How is your homemaking day going?
I hope you are enjoying the day and all that is 
flowing into it.
I woke today to a very cold day
it dropped down to freezing last night 
but all seems well this morning.

Last night while I was out checking on the garden
I stopped to admire this large clump
of lupins that has erupted into bloom recently.
Soon the forest floor
will be blanketed with their beautiful blue
scented blooms.

My sons led a bee hotel activity 
this past week and it got me to thinking 
about the wildlife gardening that
to me is just as important as
planting the seeds for what we want to grow. 
Gardens are a little habitat 
that we get to play a part in. 
Thinking of the pollinators is a huge aspect
that takes some consideration.
All those bees and butterflies,
lady bugs and yes, even mosquitos. 
Is our yard/ garden space welcoming to them?
A few years ago my father gifted us a 
bumble bee house. 
It has been used, not every year but a few. 

The butterfly house also has played a part in 
sheltering butterflies during cold nights.

This year with the inspiration of my boys
I put together a new bug/bee hotel
for our yard.  
In the past our bug hotels have 
had quite the turnover
in critters finding shelter there. 
I hope this one is also enjoyed by little critters.

Speaking of little things. 
My daughter sweetly gifted me with these 
amazing beautiful stitch markers. 
Little tea cups and tea pots.  
Just adorable really! 

As for a different way of eating. body has been telling me lately 
that something needs to change. 
I've decided to go on a no sugar diet
which is more of a lifestyle.
With that I'm learning to do some new things.
If you know me at all...then you know
I love to try new things in the kitchen.
This past weekend I made some egg waffles 
for something new.
It's eggs, a little sour cream, parmesan cheese
and then some shredded cheese over top.
Pour into the griddle and close the lid.

It's a challenge eating this way...but there 
are some fun things to.
I've already been seeing some positive 
changes getting away from the sugars. 
My husband has recently joined me in this journey. 
It will be interesting to see what comes of this.

Well, I am off to get some bread made
for my family (those that still eat it),
and then on to some spring cleaning.
It's that time of year the inside of the kitchen 
cabinets need a good scrub.

I pray you have a lovely day!
Love and Prayers,

Monday 22 May 2023

Homemaking Mondays: Can Others Tell You Live There?


I hope you are enjoying 
your homemaking day! 

There are so many things that make 
our homes places that reflect us.
Can others tell that you live there?
Each of us have our interests,
our cherished "stuff",
our ways of doing things,
our own styles.

I think of these things when I walk 
into another woman's home.
You can really learn a lot about a person
by just walking into their home.
That brings me to think
what do others think of my home?
Do they see what interests me?
Do they feel at home and welcome in my space?
What kinds of things are important to me?
What does the Lord think of my home?
Is it filled with things that honour Him?
or should I reconsider what I have brought into my home.

As I go through my home I am evaluating 
what needs to be here and what needs to go.
With moving in a few months and also Spring cleaning.
Part of refreshing the home is evaluating
the place everything has in our homes.
Above I found a beautiful plate at the free store.
I brought it home and will use it as a serving dish.
Something beautiful and useful.
That said I have other serving plates that will find a new home
as I no longer have a place in my home for them.
Over time I have found my home changing.
As I slowly find things that I enjoy,
that suit my personal style
and not just a specific function.
Our homes are so much more then just a place
to lay our heads at night.
What does your home say about you?

This past weekend my husband 
took us on a fun adventure.
He drove us out to a community 
not so far from home.
It has a lovely beach.
We had a little picnic in the town park.
A couple of my children went for a big walk way down the shore.
I stayed closer to the vehicle with the others.
The warm sand was lovely to walk in although
further out on the beach the wet sand turned bitter cold.
The wind was a bit brisk and I must say that I love
how it blocks out the noises around you 
blowing your hair about your face in untameable ways.
It was a lovely day to spend some time together
as a family enjoying the world God has made.

This week in the garden 
there have been some wins and losses.
The squirrels have been nibbling down my little
greens seedlings.
The tomatoes and squash are growing strong
and the herbs are enjoying the added warmth and light.
The hascaps have leaves popping out as they 
are following suit to the trees.
The brilliant green of spring is amazing...
along with the smell of sap that fills the 
afternoon air in the heat of the day.
I bought some more flowers this past week
and have planted them out in the yard.
I found a cute little basket that had the bottom
taken out of I put it in my big steel pot.
The colour is starting to come out 
with the flowers and colour the yard.
Things are still covered at night and through
the morning as it's still quite cool and frosts at night.

The new glass in my butter churn I must say
works beautifully! 
My arm is definitely out of shape for this task
and it took me a long time on my first go.
The butter turned out perfect
and I shall be using this more often.
I love the smooth sound of the gears
a melodic sound in the quiet of the kitchen.

My older son and I took a detour
on the way to his music lesson this past week.
It was such a beautiful day we decided to take a bit of a climb
to see the lake above the dam.
So calm and peaceful.

I wanted to share this sweet little pillow that I found the free store.
It's an April Cornell and I love the 
beautiful hand stitched look.
A lovely fresh pillow cover for my chair.

I also found this beautiful
little candle holder at the free store.
It was a bit dirty...
but nothing a little scrubbing couldn't fix.
I put one of my beeswax candles
on it and it's ready to go.
Plus fun fact...there was a hole
in the wall right there 
so it was like it was waiting for that
candle holder to come and cover it. :) 

Thank you for stepping into my life and home today!
I pray you enjoy your homemaking this week.

Love and Prayers,

Monday 15 May 2023

Homemaking Mondays: Freshening Up For Spring


I hope you are enjoying your day
whatever it is you have found to set your hands to.
Here it is a lovely spring day 
and I have been puttering about the house. 
I find that I will go to do one thing 
and then find something else that needs doing
and before long I am way off track from where I started.
Does that happen to you?

I have been more thoughtful as of late
with knowing we are moving
to take in those little details of things I love about this place.
Like this sweet little bench 
that sits out in front of the house overlooking the lake.
Not far from it were the lovely crocus above
just starting to bring some colour to the yard.

Of the little trees that are scattered about the forest on the trails.
I love this little one that is growing out of this stump.
I first noticed it when it was super tiny and have 
enjoyed watching it grow.

I love being down on the shore of the lake.
Listening to the wind in the trees
and the frogs at this time of year
singing away in the grasses by the shore.
The clouds are beautiful
and I could stand and watch them 
for hours as they shift and change.
Reminding me that change can be beautiful.

I came across this delightful little basket with a lid
this past week at the free store.
I have brought it home to store away all our 
painting supplies.
We don't need as much space for them as 
we don't use as many as we used to with the children
growing up and finding new interests.

This past weekend I was spoiled 
by my family with some very special gifts.
One is this sweet soup tureen.
My husband saw it and thought it looked
like a giant tea cup. :)
I very much love the blue florals on it
and will be looking forward to 
putting some delicious soup in it for my family.
Also to the right in the picture shows the new glass
for my old family butter churn.
Now I can churn some butter
just like my family did for many years past.

Some delightful lavender/earl grey soap
a lovely new pink violet and picture.
Then a new dress in my favourite colours.
It's a lovely summer dress and the weather was cool
so I put a sweater over it. 
The necklace was a gift by my daughter for my birthday last.
It's a copper piece of fireweed.
I don't have much jewelry but just a few special pieces.

It is lovely to freshen things up for spring.
I've started my spring cleaning.
As the windows have been open the sounds of spring 
have come filtering through the screens.
The song birds and the little squirrels finding their voices.
The fresh air cleansing the stuffiness of winter.
All of these lovely things to bring smiles to our hearts.

Thank you for dropping by!
Love and Prayers,

Monday 8 May 2023

Homemaking Mondays: Burst of Spring


A week ago I got a call from my brother
and he wanted to know if we'd be around the next weekend.
He ended up coming for a visit and it was so nice!
We got to do lots of chatting and some exploring our 
favourite places that he had not seen.
Above is one evening we went out to the Wheaton River Bridge.
The sun was setting and it was stunning 
As you can see there was still quite a bit of snow...but 
with the warmer temps we have been having it would all be gone now.

With the burst of spring
things have been busy with yard work and little projects.
Little seedlings are sprouting 
in the warm greenhouse.
I have them under row covers as it's not heated in there.
It is getting warm enough during the day that it needs to be 
opened up so that it doesn't cause too much 
of a temperature swing for the little seedlings.

We're still waiting for the crocus to come out in our yard
but they are coming in other more exposed areas. 
We did a bit of raking up close to the house
but will leave the other areas till the little critters
hiding in the leaves and brush wake up.
With moving I dug up my hascap bushes 
and put them in pots while they are still dormant.

This past week I also had a little fun project to do.
I had gotten this plant from the plant swap 
and the pot was spray painted yellow. 
Yeah, not my thing so.....
I hot glued some jute cord to it and I think 
it looks way better. :) 

This past week I also tried out an idea I saw.
It was using my salad spinner to dry off my fruit after washing.
I must say it works really well
and since I already had the salad spinner 
it was worth it.

Washing the fruit and putting it in glass
really does help it last longer.
Interestingly the fruit in the jar lasted better then 
the fruit in the silicone bag.  

The burst of spring weather and things starting to grow
draws me outside and with that
the need for snacks and thermoses of tea.
The reminder to put on sunscreen as the first
sunburns of the year are felt. 

I hope you are enjoying the spring weather wherever you are.
Taking time to notice the little details.

Thanks for dropping by!
Love and Prayers,