Monday, 29 May 2023

Homemaking Mondays: Wildlife Gardening & Different Way of Eating


How is your homemaking day going?
I hope you are enjoying the day and all that is 
flowing into it.
I woke today to a very cold day
it dropped down to freezing last night 
but all seems well this morning.

Last night while I was out checking on the garden
I stopped to admire this large clump
of lupins that has erupted into bloom recently.
Soon the forest floor
will be blanketed with their beautiful blue
scented blooms.

My sons led a bee hotel activity 
this past week and it got me to thinking 
about the wildlife gardening that
to me is just as important as
planting the seeds for what we want to grow. 
Gardens are a little habitat 
that we get to play a part in. 
Thinking of the pollinators is a huge aspect
that takes some consideration.
All those bees and butterflies,
lady bugs and yes, even mosquitos. 
Is our yard/ garden space welcoming to them?
A few years ago my father gifted us a 
bumble bee house. 
It has been used, not every year but a few. 

The butterfly house also has played a part in 
sheltering butterflies during cold nights.

This year with the inspiration of my boys
I put together a new bug/bee hotel
for our yard.  
In the past our bug hotels have 
had quite the turnover
in critters finding shelter there. 
I hope this one is also enjoyed by little critters.

Speaking of little things. 
My daughter sweetly gifted me with these 
amazing beautiful stitch markers. 
Little tea cups and tea pots.  
Just adorable really! 

As for a different way of eating. body has been telling me lately 
that something needs to change. 
I've decided to go on a no sugar diet
which is more of a lifestyle.
With that I'm learning to do some new things.
If you know me at all...then you know
I love to try new things in the kitchen.
This past weekend I made some egg waffles 
for something new.
It's eggs, a little sour cream, parmesan cheese
and then some shredded cheese over top.
Pour into the griddle and close the lid.

It's a challenge eating this way...but there 
are some fun things to.
I've already been seeing some positive 
changes getting away from the sugars. 
My husband has recently joined me in this journey. 
It will be interesting to see what comes of this.

Well, I am off to get some bread made
for my family (those that still eat it),
and then on to some spring cleaning.
It's that time of year the inside of the kitchen 
cabinets need a good scrub.

I pray you have a lovely day!
Love and Prayers,

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