Monday, 5 June 2023

Homemaking Mondays: A New Egg Basket and Jerky Jar


I hope you are having an egg-celent day!
We've been having lots of sunshine 
and then last night some rain came. 
We've been quite dry so that is a blessing.
This past weekend I scored this brand new wire basket
from the free store. It was intended for washing veggies
from the garden but it's sturdy enough for eggs.
My old basket was starting to fall apart in places so this was just right.
One part of buying farm fresh eggs is 
that they can just sit out on the counter.
They look pretty and it saves space in the fridge.

One other new thing on our counter
is that I've switched out a couple of the canisters.
I took the sugar and put that away in another cupboard
as I'm not going to be using it much for now.
I thought it would be better used for 
homemade jerky and electrolytes this summer.
The jerky jar was full...but we all knew
it wouldn't be like that for long.
Homemade jerky is so easy to make if you 
don't already make it.
Just slice up some meat thin,
put on skewers and hang in your oven on a rack
at 270F with the door ajar for a day.
(I use a wooden spoon to keep it ajar)
I turn my oven off at night and then back on in the morning
if it's still not quite ready.
Being homemade you can make it whatever flavour 
you want. I usually just at salt now.
A money saver when you eat a lot of it. 

My youngest son and I made some fun willow
supports for some of the delphiniums 
at the community garden. 
We're going to make some for ours at home as well.

With some of the sunshine we've had
the bumble bees have been coming out more.
They love the petunias up by the front step.
Below you can just see one tucked into a blossom.

I was gifted some Moroccan mint
since I'd sadly killed the plant I had before.
It smells wonderful and makes such good tea.
I have it in the house for now 
until the major risk of frost is gone.
Then I might just put it in the greenhouse. 

The pansies are growing well. 
We bought them when they were pretty tiny.
It's nice to see their cheerful little faces as we take 
the frost blankets off in the morning.

Our rosewood is blooming beautifully.
It's so hearty and doesn't mind the frosts at all.

Under a porch we have I pounded in a nail
so we could hang up the sitting hammock there.
Out of the rain but close to the flowers. 
It will make a great place to enjoy 
the shade this summer.

It's lovely to be able to enjoy being outside.
Making for days of picnics 
and dirty feet. 
We're almost finished up our yearly lessons
so summer break will be greatly enjoyed.

I hope you have a beautiful day!
Love and Prayers,

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