Monday 27 March 2017

Flamme Tomato

Hello!  Have you started your seeds yet?  I started seeds a few weeks ago, and I'm happy that most have done well.

My family loves tomatoes and I have been experimenting with new kinds that my kids have tried elsewhere.  There is this lovely lady at the community market that shares tomatoes with my kids. :)  She's so sweet!  Now the kids have new varieties they enjoy.  I planted some Sungold tomatoes, Yellow Perfection, our usual Yellow Pear, and some Siberian tomatoes.  Then this week I found some Flamme Tomato seeds which are a medium orange citrusy kind.  I have been really wanting these, and the Lord provided in His time.  I pulled out some more peat pods that I had and planted some.  These seeds are from a local farm so they are already climatized for up here in the Yukon. I set the plate of starters on the back of the stove to stay warmer and hopefully they'll germinate well.

 I always start more than I need just so that I know that when they get bigger that they'll survive.  Then I find homes for the extras. Sometimes I've been able to sell some and make enough to pay for all my seeds.  That's nice when that happens.

There is always fun in growing things.  To see the miracle of life, and to know that you can provide some food for your family with just a bit of effort.  God is good!  

Praying you have a beautiful day! 

Snuggle in Light Blue

Hi! I'd like to share with you a snuggle in light blue.  I made this blanket with a lovely yarn that is a mix of light blue and white.  It seemed like a plain colour on it's own, so I thought a nice pattern would be fun.

I did a few rows of regular granny square and a few rows of solid granny square.  It ruffles a bit and is very soft!

On the edging I thought I'd do a picot, and then forgot when I started to stitch back into the same has little loops but is still very pretty.

Now it's in my find a new home pile. :)  Do you have one of those?  I love to make things, and often there isn't a person in mind to start with to give it to.  I also find that I give away most of what I make,  and it's such a blessing for me to do this.

I hope you have a wonderful day!  If you're working on something, I'd love for you to share what it is.

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Monday 20 March 2017

Little Red Pole Rescue

Hello! I'd like to introduce you to a little red pole we helped.  He flew into one of our windows and had trouble flying afterwards.  My daughter went and scooped him up and we brought him inside and put him in a little cage we have.  We put a piece of kindling through the bars for him to hop up on.

He was very scared and would hide down in the little corner most of the time at first.  We put some birdseed in there for him (the kind we feed them with outside) and waited.

Then he started to just hop around like crazy holding onto the bars and pecking trying to get out.  We didn't want him to hurt himself more so we put a towel overtop of the cage and he settled right down.

Before bed, after he was calm we put some water in for him and said goodnight.

In the morning we took the towel back and let him have some light.  We had put him on a stool by the one window so he could see out.  He hoped around and ate and then he started to flap both wings (he wouldn't do that the night before) and then he would just hop up and stare out the window.  His friends had come back for the day (they fly away in the evening to a place I know not).  We decided to let him test his wings again and took him outside.  We opened the cage door and he hoped to it and flew away.  He still wasn't flying strong, but it wasn't too wobbly.  He is now back with his friends and we are happy he's ok!

I love how this opportunity gave my kids an interest in finding out more about these little birds that grace our yard and sing to us. :)  I love how my children interact with the creatures in our environment.  How they treat them as special creations from the Lord Jesus and admire the amazing detail that each creature has been created with.

Genesis 1:21 "And God created great whales, and every living creature that moveth, which the waters brought forth abundantly, after their kind, and every winged fowl after his kind: and God saw that it was good."

Thanks for dropping by!  Praying you have a splendid day!

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Thursday 16 March 2017

Pretty Birdie Cards

It's a wonderful thing to be able to add these little sweet touches to life.  This winter we've had lots of interaction with the birds in our yard. We get to watch them fluttering about the bird feeders and through the trees.  We've helped a couple birds to rest and heal from hitting our windows.  Unfortunately we've also had to bury some that didn't make it.  We've tried many things to keep them away from the windows, but I guess they just like what they see inside?  We were thinking perhaps one day when it's warm we should just open the doors and windows (without screens) and have an open house? :)

Well, this all got me to wanting to make some birdie cards.  I went through my stash and pulled out some images that were bird related, and then some papers that were given me with some birds on it and went to work.
Above I used an image from Showgirl's Creations that I love.  I added the heart stamp to the postage spot.  I had a bit of a pretty doily that I tucked under the corner and added some nice twine to compliment the little house in the picture. I added a touch of distressing to the paper edges to soften them.

For this next card I used some polka dot paper with some fun print paper.   A touch of lace and a tag that I found in my stash.  Not sure who it's from, if you know please let me know so I can give credit. I then added some baker's twine to the tag, some little crocheted flowers, and a pearl for their centres.

For the final card I used this lovely birdie paper I was given and it was so pretty I didn't want to cover it up.  SO, I just added a touch of lace with a brown satin bow.  A few crochet flowers, a couple with pearls and one with a metal brad for the centre.

It's so nice to be able to put together these simple cards that will be a gift from our home to someone special.

Thank you for dropping by! Praying you have a beautiful day!

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Monday 13 March 2017

Pretty Jar Toppers and a Curtain

Hello!  Do you have some jars that don't have lids or that are just plain?  I was going through tidying up my towel drawer in my kitchen and came across these pretty cloth napkins.  Now my family doesn't use cloth napkins but I use them for this and that.  Mostly I use them to cover bread that is rising/ cooling.  These ones were in the bottom of the drawer and they immediately captured my attention!  You see I have some big jars that I use to hold grain, sugar, and some flour in.  I have them tucked in behind my toaster oven (we use it instead of a microwave) and i thought it would dress them up a bit.  I went digging for my elastic bands and found some that were the proper size to nicely stretch over the lid area.   Now I have pretty lids for all of my jars and it brightens up that little corner on my counter.

My husband put up a shelf on the other side of our counter for some extra storage.  I didn't much like looking directly at it when I was in the kitchen. So.....I had found a lovely lace curtain at the free store at the dump, and it fit perfectly in that space.  I went out with the kids for a short walk and cut down a couple little trees and they are sitting up on some of those non-marking hooks.  They're not very straight, but I think it adds to the charm.

Being lace it doesn't inhibit the flow of light between the areas, but does effort a bit more privacy.

Thanks for dropping by to see me!  It's so nice to be able to share some of the little joys in my life with you!

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Monday 6 March 2017

Making Do and Mincemeat Cookies

This past weekend I needed a big container to put some cookies in to give away for a reception.  I went through everything in my kitchen, and decided I'd have to make something for I might not get the container back.  SO, I went through my all paper recycling bin.  I pulled out a box that had been broken down, I cut the lid from it and then took the tabs off the bottom part of the box.  I taped it together and then added the extra piece in there for more stability.

It looked not so great that way of course and I wondered what I could quickly cover it with.  Tissue paper to the rescue!  I used a couple different colours then started lining it with cookies.

These cookies are mincemeat cookies.  I used the last of the homemade mincemeat from my Mom for them.  They are delicious!!!  One of the wonderful memories of my childhood that I'm sharing with my kids.  I have yet to learn how to make the delicious mincemeat that my Mom learned from her Mom.  Perhaps this year will be the year.

Grandma Von Zuben's Mincemeat Cookies

1 pint mincemeat (2 cups)
1 cup shortening
1 1/2 cups sugar
1 egg
1 tsp baking soda
1/2 tsp salt
3 1/2 cups flour

*bake 350F for 10-12 minutes

Thanks so much for dropping by!  Praying you have a lovely day! 

Lovely Lavender

Hi!  I know I've been posting lots of apron...but I just can't help myself. lol  There is still more lavender fabric to work with and I do love aprons!  Most are for gifts though.

For this one I  used some of the purple linen and then attached some of the lovely lavender print across the bottom and then a piece of the leftover material from the other aprons.  I added some lace that has a faint purple hue to it then for the final touch some lovely big buttons!

This next one is very similar, but it didn't have so much of the lavender field pattern and so I added the lace and also a crochet doily that I made in white.  Then some little crocheted purple flowers and as a finishing touch some wonderful wooden buttons!

I didn't have all the same buttons, but I think it adds to the charm.

Well there you have it. :)  More aprons.  I'll have more coming in the future, but for now I'm going to turn my attention to other projects.  I hope you have a wonderful day! and if you have time and love tea cups I encourage you to look into the tea cup exchange over at The Enchanting Rose.   You have just a short time to sign up.  This is the first year I put my name in, and am very excited about it. :)

Thank you so much for dropping by!  Praying you have a lovely day!

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