Monday 27 March 2017

Flamme Tomato

Hello!  Have you started your seeds yet?  I started seeds a few weeks ago, and I'm happy that most have done well.

My family loves tomatoes and I have been experimenting with new kinds that my kids have tried elsewhere.  There is this lovely lady at the community market that shares tomatoes with my kids. :)  She's so sweet!  Now the kids have new varieties they enjoy.  I planted some Sungold tomatoes, Yellow Perfection, our usual Yellow Pear, and some Siberian tomatoes.  Then this week I found some Flamme Tomato seeds which are a medium orange citrusy kind.  I have been really wanting these, and the Lord provided in His time.  I pulled out some more peat pods that I had and planted some.  These seeds are from a local farm so they are already climatized for up here in the Yukon. I set the plate of starters on the back of the stove to stay warmer and hopefully they'll germinate well.

 I always start more than I need just so that I know that when they get bigger that they'll survive.  Then I find homes for the extras. Sometimes I've been able to sell some and make enough to pay for all my seeds.  That's nice when that happens.

There is always fun in growing things.  To see the miracle of life, and to know that you can provide some food for your family with just a bit of effort.  God is good!  

Praying you have a beautiful day! 

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God's Grace Overflows said...

Hello friend!
How awesome that you are starting seeds. We have yet to do that. But, on the bright side we have a greenhouse and can plant anytime. We just need a free weekend to plant. ;)
It is amazing when we can plant to provide for our family. Yes indeed...God is Good All the Time!

Thinking of you,