Monday 30 December 2019

Homemaking Mondays: A Space for Mom

Today I'd love to share with you a space for Mom. 
I think it's important for all mom's to have a place that is just theirs in a home. 
Yes, she no doubt claims the kitchen, but she needs a place to rest,
and to be productive at the same time.  

I am blessed in this home to have my favourite arm chair 
tucked away in the corner 
of the dinning room by the window.  
It is close to the kitchen so I can stock the stove, stir dinner,
take things out of the oven and not have to be 
standing around when it's not needed.
If you are like's not good to walk away and get busy 
in other parts of the house.
That's when things get forgotten and burnt. 
Yup...saying that from experience. :) 

I love to be able to read my Bible in the mornings here. 
A quiet space where the Lord gives strength and learning as well. 

Sometimes it's just a spot to enjoy a cup of tea and watch out the window 
or smell the mint plants as you brush past them.

It is also my station for when the kids are working on 
their homeschool lessons at the table.
I can be productive when they are not needing me.

In my corner space I keep the yarn out that I'm planning to use. 
My space was such a mess of bags of yarn and baskets of stuff.  
So when I saw these little crates come on sale at the store:
I snagged a couple. 
I put all my sock yarn in one, and my cotton dishcloth yarn in another.
There are still baskets and bags of yarn, but I can see it better and 
I pray I'll get to using it up for it's needed end 
in good time.
It's easier to get things done that are staring you right in the face.
Plus it looks much nicer now. 

I kept this one basket up on top to stash some of my tools in. 
I found that sweet lacy wooden ruler and use it a lot. 
This past month I picked up the blue plastic sock form for the smaller socks in our house.  
It's still big...but then again so are my kids feet! :)  
I have a little blue sewing tin to keep some buttons and my darning needles in.
I have a big stash of knitting needles, but I just put the ones I need now in the basket.
I also put a lacy doily on the crates because they are all rough. 
Come spring I'll sand them down and paint them. 
At least for now the doilies will help keep the splinters away and the yarn from snagging.

My daughter has created a bag for finished products.  
She has been knitting scarves and wash clothes. 
They will stay here until she is ready to find them a new home. 

Here is a pair of socks I just finished for my older son.  
He's quite happy with them and I made them a touch taller 
so they protect his legs when he skates. 

I just started on a pair of socks for me...then we'll all have some new socks.
SO...I'll be sitting in my comfy chair in the corner knitting today.
Just a couple more days left this year....would be nice to start the year with some new socks...
but not sure I'll make it. 

It's so nice to have that quiet space that I can watch and manage the household 
and still not be on my feet all the time. 

Do you have such a place?  

It may not look anything like mine. 
I used to just use one of the kitchen chairs and tuck my work basket 
on the counter of the kitchen when I wasn't using it.  
Or is your favourite spot a step on the staircase in the middle of the home?  
I've done that to.  
It's just nice to have a place where you can get off your feet from time to time and still
be apart of what is going on around you.

Love and Prayers,

Monday 23 December 2019

Homemaking Mondays: A Quiet Morning

How is your day going?  
We have been cold here, but a chinook is just blowing in to warm us up. 
There hasn't been much direct sunshine.
The sun will come up behind the clouds and then just move low over the sky 
until it goes down behind the mountains.
The sunsets are beautiful! 

My younger daughter just had her birthday and she requested a 
chocolate peppermint wacky cake. 
She loves woodsy things so I added some spruce boughs and cones 
with a dusting of icing sugar over top. 
Oh, and my son put a homemade bear candy on the cake to. :)
It is quite delicious....we're still eating on it.  

My youngest son's socks are finished.  
He's quite happy with them and I'm so glad that they will be used. 
He noticed after putting them both on that the stripes were matching!  
I suppose I got the ball of yarn right in the middle with them. 
I just hope that he doesn't wear them out too soon. 
I still have to learn how to properly darn them. 
Now I'm working on my other son's socks.  
One down and I've started on the next. 

This morning was a quiet morning.  
I was able to get up, shower, start the fire, and read through part of the 
book of Ephesians before my oldest got up. 
What an incredible truth that God's mercy and grace has extended to the gentiles. 
A mystery that is revealed in the New Testament though Paul. 

Even then as my oldest and I made breakfast I had to go up and wake the house.  
Was a very nice quiet morning as the light slowly crept into the sky.  
After things were cleaned up and the kids had gone out to shovel the drive and rink I sat with a cup of tea in the dim living room in my great grandmother's rocking chair and just enjoy some quiet. 
Do you treasure moments like that? I sure do. 

While the kids were out skating or working on their own projects I did some more knitting. 
Then I made some stew from the leftovers in my fridge.  
I love leftover stew/ uses up things and is it's own treat as it rarely is re-done.  
I'm not one for recipes it's just whatever is available at a certain time. 

I hope you have a beautiful day! 

Love and Prayers,

Saturday 14 December 2019

Homemaking Mondays: Butterflies and Indoor Fun

I'd like to share with you some fun butterfly cards that I have recently made.  
I had found this great set of chipboard butterflies and they 
kept popping out at me when I entered my craft space.  
So.... they needed to find a home. 

I know butterflies are a summer creature,
but they are lovely all year round.

I had fun putting together the papers and ribbons.  

These little postcards I got online ages ago 
needed homes to, so I made some more cards.
Then I was given some lovely brads and added those to.

Something fun to give to someone in the middle of winter. 
Some colour and to let others know they're thought of.

I made something this week out of pure desperation actually.
It was time to get something made for supper and I had not planned anything. 
Nothing sounded good so I headed to the fridge to see what needed to be used.
I found cream cheese, pesto, spinach, and some grated cheese.  
I needed bread as well, so I made some.  I used some of the dough like a pizza. 
I rolled it up after layering all the "leftovers" and added some sprinkle cheese on top.
I've since been educated that it's called stromboli. 
It was delicious! 

This week my kids for their homeschool meeting at the local community centre 
worked with another family to create a fun obsticle course...below is the beginning. 
It went all around the room and one of the mom's timed the kids and it was so fun! 
The kids tried to best their own times and it got a lot of energy out. 

Which was good for my kids had a morning in the kitchen and there was chocolate! 
My daughter and I put these together.

My daughter and sons made rice krispie squares together and then drizzled leftover 
chocolate over top.  It was leftover from dipping pretzels...never got a pic of those. 
They also made some cheese buns. 
I love it when we have kitchen times together my children and I. 
They are getting so good at the little things of measuring and problem solving for heating and such. 
We have the wood cookstove and it's a challenge to get the oven the right temp for the right amount of time. Then there is the stove top and finding just the right "hot spot". 
I love that my kids all can manage the wood stove and stock it when needed. 

Today we were out chopping wood and hauling it to the porch woodbox.
They are all hard workers and it doesn't take long to get that job taken care of. 

Then they headed to the skating rink beside the house.  
We had a blanket laid out on the bank to sit on.  
Our bench collapsed I'll have to find a way to fix that. 
For now the bank works.  

Winter is a wonderful time to do things indoors and outdoors.
What have you been up to?

Love and Prayers,

Sunday 8 December 2019

Homemaking Mondays: Winter Splendour and Busy Hands

I'd like to share some of God's winter splendour with you.
It is so beautiful when the frost covers the trees. 
The dead trees around take on more frost and the shades of white and grey
blend through the forest so incredibly. 

I love how the shades take away the gloom of the darker days.

Then the sun comes out and lights up the sky sending rays to 
make the snow sparkle like diamonds.
Gives me pause as I go about the days needs.

This past week I made some marscapone cheese 
for some tiramisu cake.  
Just heavy cream with lemon juice warmed at a certain temp.
I don't drain mine and find the creamier texture 
works just fine in the cake.

I also made some meatballs for supper tonight. 
Just some ground beef and some spices. 
(salt, pepper, onion powder, garlic powder, tarragon, and parsley)
I had to quickly store the leftovers before the kids devoured them.
Now there are some in the freezer for other meals.

I've also been working on socks.  
I finished this pair for my daughter.
I use the Rye sock pattern for these. 

Then this pair for my husband. 
I used a solder's sock pattern and it made them nice and big for him.

I just found this picture of the pattern online.

Now I'm working on a pair of socks for one of my boys.  I'm not fast, 
but I try to keep my hands busy. 

I have made some cards that I'll post later this week. Just needed some more in my stash. 
I have now cleaned up my sewing area and hope to be doing some sewing. 
I have been whittling away at my mountain of mending as well. 
I hope to get it finished this week. 
There are always those little jobs that seem to build up 
when you tell yourself that it can wait until tomorrow.  
I find that it is so much more fun to create new things then 
to mend those that have worn spots. 
Something I'm working on. 

I hope that your week is lovely!  
Sometimes I don't know what to share...
but this is a little of what is going on in my home. 
With homemaking it is always changing.  
There are always things to attend to.
Things that give you pause and thank the Lord.
Things that make your days full with serving your Lord and your family.

Love and Prayers,

Monday 25 November 2019

Homemaking Mondays: Spread Your Roots

Happy Monday to you!
This past week I've been working to divide and re-pot some of my plants.
They are getting root bound and need some new space to
spread their roots. 

First up was my chocolate mint.
I didn't go too crazy like I usually would in springtime. 
I just cut it in half and found a pot that would still fit the root ball with some 
extra space for it to grow.

One of the halves I potted into a pot that I've been saving for a bit.  
The lid got damaged so that I can't use it to cook in.  
So...I thought it would made a lovely planter.

I also cut back my morrocan mint plant drastically. 
It was very root bound and I had a hard time keeping it watered enough.
So now I will have enough springs once rooted to start a couple more plants.

I up potted the original plant and it's growing lots of new little shoots. 
Once it starts to spread it's roots out more it's going to take off and 
we'll have to be drinking a lot more of this in our tea. :) 
I have found that plain black tea with a big sprig of mint makes a nice 
flavorful drink that is perfect for mid morning.

The sun rises have been so pretty lately.  
A few days ago I captured this one with the peachy clouds as 
the sun started to lighten the sky.
There is definitely less daylight as we near the end of the year. 
These moments of colour sure bring joy! 

The temperatures have been dropping again after another 
week of a chinook. 
The lake has been making all sorts of noises. 
Some very loud and wake us up at night.  
Some are cracking, some sound like thunder rolling,
and some even sounds like bullfrogs under the ice.

Our family has been ill this past week.
So we've been eating less and find that cold foods are best at times.
My daughter cooked up a big pot of boiled eggs.
These I pulled from the fridge today to have for lunch.

Along with cutting up the leftover pizza.
This was so strange...we had leftover pizza to eat. 
That hardly ever happens in my house.  
Appetites are at a minimum right now. 

Thanks for dropping by!  
I hope you have a beautiful day!

Love and Prayers,

Sunday 17 November 2019

Homemaking Mondays: Making Homemaking Interesting

Today it's been moist and foggy.  
It has left some lovely frost on the trees and bushes.

I've been watching it all from the inside of my it's windy and quite chilly out. 
Yes, some days I do stay next to the fire and busy myself inside. 

 One thing that makes homemaking interesting is
trying new things and then also enjoying the usual.  
It doesn't need to be in the kitchen, you can find new things to do in any part of your home. 
Like moving furniture around...adding a plant or picture 
someplace new to freshen things up.
Really the possibilities are endless if you take the time to think about it. 

This week I decided to try something new.  
I've been wanting to do this for awhile, but hadn't worked up the courage to do it. 
Yes...I'm talking about pressure canning.  
Funny thing is... it wasn't so scary once I got into it. 
Now I have a couple jars of wonderful chicken bone stock in my pantry for soup. 
I also have ideas for what to can next.  If it were you....what would you can?

Then I made some sourdough bread. 
It is such a nice comfort food with butter slathered on it while it's warm. 

Another new thing for me this year is making socks.
I'm not the best knitter, but I sure do enjoy it.  
I am also happy about learning to make socks for they 
are so practical and warm.
Even if you get your feet wet, the wool keeps them warm
 until you can get home and dry out.

Then I tried something new for dinner. 
I made some skillet buns.  
I don't remember ever doing this. 
They were so nice and fluffy, with a lovely browned top 
and crispy bottom.

I also added a couple eggs and some milk... 
which I rarely do. 
They were great for dinner.

I have heard many say that homemaking is boring and monotonous. 
Yes, it can be monotonous for there are the same 
needs of cooking, cleaning, and childcare. Add homeschooling to that for some of us. 
BUT! boring does not need to be a part of that equation.  
To be bored or find it uninteresting is all on our own shoulders.  
We can make it interesting if we just give it a bit of effort.

Are you finding homemaking to get a bit boring?
Just try some new things and I'm sure that you will find that 
things can get pretty interesting. 

Love and Prayers,

Monday 11 November 2019

Homemaking Mondays: Pausing to Take Notice

What makes you pause to take notice? 
There are many things that stop me in my tracks.
Things that make me pause in my daily routine.

As I made my bed and opened up my curtains,
the view from my bedroom window had me stopping.
Just to stare in wonder as the sun was coming up and lighting 
the tops of the mountains.  The ice cloud hovering below the 
summits and the stillness that we were experienceing. 
It was -30C and the wind that brought it in the night before had 
blown itself out. 

At times like these all I can do is thank the Lord for his great creation,
and for allowing me to see it.
Praising the Lord is just giving glory due His name. 
We can praise him anywhere at anytime.

This week the kids and I have started another celery plant in a jar on the windowsill. 
It will be interesting to see just how big we can get it to grow. 

This week I also made some cards after a long time.
It was nice to play with the paper and lace.  
I was given some pretty brads for my birthday and I used the first one on a card for my Aunt.
For me to be able to send a card in the mail to someone is such a treasure.  
Like sending a piece of myself. 
Cards give me pause...because of the pause I get full of delight when 
I get one in the mail.  To know that someone was thinking of me. :)

One other thing that gives me pause is finding a special place in the woods. 
Below is a log that my son thought was a great place to sit while gazing out on the cove. 
It's in the new picnic spot that we found while we were tromping about in the woods.
Those places that make you just look around, staring up at the sky through the branches, 
taking in the other things growing about, listening for the sounds of the birds and little creatures. 
As cool as it would be to see a big creature (as a moose or bear) I would rather not be in 
their habitat when that happens. 
I know some people like to take their music with them to the woods...
I cannot fathom why? 
Just listen to the music that is around you. 
The trees and the breeze, the birds signing, the squirrels chattering.
Then you can add your part with your boots crunching the snow underfoot. 
It's all about how you really is music.

Thank you for taking the time to visit me today! 
When those times of pause come...thank the Lord for things.
Praise His name for the things that he brings into your life. 

Psalm 107:8
" Oh that men would praise the LORD for his goodness, and for his wonderful works to the children of men!"

Love and Prayers,

Sunday 3 November 2019

Homemaking Mondays: Puttering In the Kitchen

Hello! Thanks for dropping by!
Do you love to get in the kitchen and just putter about?
I'm not talking about the necessary meals, but 
just spending time there because you like to?
 I sure's a fun place to be. 

This week while puttering in the kitchen, feeding my sourdough starter...
I got to wondering what to do with the discard this time round. 
Then I remembered a recipe from a new cookbook I have for 
sourdough crackers.  (The Prairie Homestead Cookbook)
I happened to need some crackers so...
time to get a bit dirty! hehehe

I made my crackers a bit thick, but they were so very delicious!
I cooked them in the wood cookstove oven and they came out so nice.
Even my son who isn't fond of anything sourdough liked them.

They are light and flaky and perfect in soup. 
That is what we used them for first.

Next we needed a quick snack so out came the 
crackers, peanut butter, and marshmallows. 

Usually I use soda crackers, but these were so much better! 

Another puttering I did in the kitchen this week was to separate up 
a ham that I got on discount at the grocery store. 
 I don't have a meat slicer...just a knife and my not so great slicing skills.
I think we're set for ham for quite a while.
For sandwiches, soup, and omelettes. 

This soup is creamy ham and potato.  
I added onions, peppers, carrots and parsley in a bit of butter. 
Then the potatoes and water with some salt and pepper.
At the end I added some flour mixed with sweet buttermilk to thicken it.

Sometimes just puttering about the kitchen is making a lovely cup of tea.
Straightening up a few things or wiping up some stray crumbs. 
One thing I need to get better at is sweeping more through the day.

Do you putter in your kitchen just because? 
What do you like to do/make?

Love and Prayers,