Monday 23 December 2019

Homemaking Mondays: A Quiet Morning

How is your day going?  
We have been cold here, but a chinook is just blowing in to warm us up. 
There hasn't been much direct sunshine.
The sun will come up behind the clouds and then just move low over the sky 
until it goes down behind the mountains.
The sunsets are beautiful! 

My younger daughter just had her birthday and she requested a 
chocolate peppermint wacky cake. 
She loves woodsy things so I added some spruce boughs and cones 
with a dusting of icing sugar over top. 
Oh, and my son put a homemade bear candy on the cake to. :)
It is quite delicious....we're still eating on it.  

My youngest son's socks are finished.  
He's quite happy with them and I'm so glad that they will be used. 
He noticed after putting them both on that the stripes were matching!  
I suppose I got the ball of yarn right in the middle with them. 
I just hope that he doesn't wear them out too soon. 
I still have to learn how to properly darn them. 
Now I'm working on my other son's socks.  
One down and I've started on the next. 

This morning was a quiet morning.  
I was able to get up, shower, start the fire, and read through part of the 
book of Ephesians before my oldest got up. 
What an incredible truth that God's mercy and grace has extended to the gentiles. 
A mystery that is revealed in the New Testament though Paul. 

Even then as my oldest and I made breakfast I had to go up and wake the house.  
Was a very nice quiet morning as the light slowly crept into the sky.  
After things were cleaned up and the kids had gone out to shovel the drive and rink I sat with a cup of tea in the dim living room in my great grandmother's rocking chair and just enjoy some quiet. 
Do you treasure moments like that? I sure do. 

While the kids were out skating or working on their own projects I did some more knitting. 
Then I made some stew from the leftovers in my fridge.  
I love leftover stew/ uses up things and is it's own treat as it rarely is re-done.  
I'm not one for recipes it's just whatever is available at a certain time. 

I hope you have a beautiful day! 

Love and Prayers,

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