Monday 30 December 2019

Homemaking Mondays: A Space for Mom

Today I'd love to share with you a space for Mom. 
I think it's important for all mom's to have a place that is just theirs in a home. 
Yes, she no doubt claims the kitchen, but she needs a place to rest,
and to be productive at the same time.  

I am blessed in this home to have my favourite arm chair 
tucked away in the corner 
of the dinning room by the window.  
It is close to the kitchen so I can stock the stove, stir dinner,
take things out of the oven and not have to be 
standing around when it's not needed.
If you are like's not good to walk away and get busy 
in other parts of the house.
That's when things get forgotten and burnt. 
Yup...saying that from experience. :) 

I love to be able to read my Bible in the mornings here. 
A quiet space where the Lord gives strength and learning as well. 

Sometimes it's just a spot to enjoy a cup of tea and watch out the window 
or smell the mint plants as you brush past them.

It is also my station for when the kids are working on 
their homeschool lessons at the table.
I can be productive when they are not needing me.

In my corner space I keep the yarn out that I'm planning to use. 
My space was such a mess of bags of yarn and baskets of stuff.  
So when I saw these little crates come on sale at the store:
I snagged a couple. 
I put all my sock yarn in one, and my cotton dishcloth yarn in another.
There are still baskets and bags of yarn, but I can see it better and 
I pray I'll get to using it up for it's needed end 
in good time.
It's easier to get things done that are staring you right in the face.
Plus it looks much nicer now. 

I kept this one basket up on top to stash some of my tools in. 
I found that sweet lacy wooden ruler and use it a lot. 
This past month I picked up the blue plastic sock form for the smaller socks in our house.  
It's still big...but then again so are my kids feet! :)  
I have a little blue sewing tin to keep some buttons and my darning needles in.
I have a big stash of knitting needles, but I just put the ones I need now in the basket.
I also put a lacy doily on the crates because they are all rough. 
Come spring I'll sand them down and paint them. 
At least for now the doilies will help keep the splinters away and the yarn from snagging.

My daughter has created a bag for finished products.  
She has been knitting scarves and wash clothes. 
They will stay here until she is ready to find them a new home. 

Here is a pair of socks I just finished for my older son.  
He's quite happy with them and I made them a touch taller 
so they protect his legs when he skates. 

I just started on a pair of socks for me...then we'll all have some new socks.
SO...I'll be sitting in my comfy chair in the corner knitting today.
Just a couple more days left this year....would be nice to start the year with some new socks...
but not sure I'll make it. 

It's so nice to have that quiet space that I can watch and manage the household 
and still not be on my feet all the time. 

Do you have such a place?  

It may not look anything like mine. 
I used to just use one of the kitchen chairs and tuck my work basket 
on the counter of the kitchen when I wasn't using it.  
Or is your favourite spot a step on the staircase in the middle of the home?  
I've done that to.  
It's just nice to have a place where you can get off your feet from time to time and still
be apart of what is going on around you.

Love and Prayers,


Sunshine Country said...

Love your blog! I think I had come across it once before a long time ago, but lost the link. Just found it again through a comment you left on another blog. I have enjoyed crocheting for years, and although I knew how to knit also, didn't care for it as much since I found it slower, and more difficult to fix mistakes (which for me are inevitable!:). Recently, though, one of my aunts got me started back up in knitting, and I have been enjoying it a lot more. :) The socks you made turned out nice. I have made several pairs in the past, and know a lot of work goes into them. Well, I hope to check back to your blog again in the future!

Vicki said...

hello Jennifer, re your question regarding a space set aside, I do have a recliner in the space of a bay window. There at 8:00 each morning I do my daily bible reading followed by part of whatever sermon by Spurgeon I am reading at the time.

I wish I could knit but my hands are crippled with arthritis so I can sew but not knit.

Margie said...

I loved how your mom corner is both cozy and functional!

I'm a fire safety nerd so I approve of its proximity to the kitchen. Hehehe!