Monday 29 August 2022

Homemaking Mondays: Colours are a Changing!


The colours are changing as fall is creeping in.
The rain has come cool and soaking.
The winds have picked up strong and brisk.
Summer is ending and fall is taking over.
I love this time of year as the smell in the forest
changes and the cranberries are ripening.

It's nice to do some things inside during the cooler parts 
of the days and when it's soaking rain.
I have been picking the last of the flowers in the garden that 
I don't want to loose to the frosts.  
I picked a couple sunflowers that sprouted from seeds
the squirrels planted for me in the garden.
They were just starting to open and so I brought them in to enjoy.
Amazingly snapdragons are great in the cold and ours are blooming 
so well in the cooler temps.

I also did something with the items that I've been finding.
I decided that the slate was perfect for the table and I added
a couple candles on either side of our basket.
Then I made a doily this week and added it to the arrangement.

The doily is just from a pattern that I found off of Pinterest.
It worked up in a morning and even with cramped 
fingers from not working something so small in some time,
it was very refreshing to try a different project.
If you are interested in my Pinterest account you can find it 

I was in the kitchen the other morning.
Making tea and getting ready to bake some sourdough bread.
I had pulled out my homemaking binder
to have a look for cracker recipes.
The title on the binder caught my eye again.
Cooking Traditions
My binder is full of recipes from people I have known and loved.
Some are gone and some are still with us.
Making recipes from others we've known brings
more then just good food that we enjoy
but also the memories we have of being with those
that have shared with us.
It leaves me to ponder...what is coming from my kitchen?

My younger daughter, at work offered to make some 
homemade biscuits instead of them using canned ones.
It was a special thing for her to share what she knows
and I'm so pleased that she is also sharing 
what she has learned in our own kitchen.
What kitchen traditions are we making?

I ended up making some sourdough crackers from a recipe
that came from the Prairie Homestead Cookbook
although it's tweaked a bit.
I used fresh ground barely flour and then mixed in 
some grated cheese to part of the dough.
They make for a great snack.
Plus also helps to use up some discard.

Fresh bread is so much a special part 
of my homemade kitchen.
I find it's not hard, or time consuming.
It is delicious and saves our family money.
For saving on the grocery budget this is one very
simple step that I encourage anyone to do.
There are so many varieties of bread
and all of them add a richness 
that money cannot buy to our tables.

As the cooler weather 
is creeping into the environment around us.
I have been spurred to create yet another warm item.
I was gifted some gorgeous yarn 
so part has become this new hat 
and the rest is being worked into a cowl to go with it.
I took the fur pom pom from my old hat and added to this one.
I will be looking for another fur pom pom to replace it.
I must say that I prefer the real fur to yarn as it 
looks lovely all the time and doesn't wear out the same.

Thank you for dropping by! 
What have you been up to in your 
homemaking days?
Oh, and also regarding the question about the pesto buns,
yes I make them up like cinnamon buns
adding the pesto and cheese instead.

I hope you have a beautiful day! 

Love and Prayers,

Monday 22 August 2022

Homemaking Mondays: Finding Treasures and Zucchini Muffins


It's a beautiful day and I'd like to share with you some 
of the treasures in my week.
I went to a garage sale and purchased this lovely floral platter.
I do have a soft spot for blue and white dishes 
so I quickly snagged it. 
It's not sitting on my hutch for easy access. 
I also picked up a cute wall hanging basket for 50 cents.
Now just to find something to put in it. 

I also made a stop with my family at the local free store 
and picked up some more treasures.
I found a great piece of slate.
I am not sure if I'll use it for a sign or perhaps
for a hot plate for the table?
A cute little owl pot that I will put a candle in.
Another little cookie cooling rack.
I find those racks are good for so many things.
I also found some new to us clothes
and finally a  couple metal baskets.
I think they're from a freezer and the plastic is peeling off.
So I'll help that process along and paint them. 
It'll make some more easy storage for 
winter woollens in the entryway.

The garden is doing well still and it's fun to go out and harvest.
I must say the family is getting a touch tired of squash. 
But...I'm happy to say that there are now beans in the greenhouse!!!
Up here it's hard to grow least that is my experience.
I think I actually enjoy the purple beans over the green.
The snap peas are doing very well and producing more then last year.
I've been picking the tomatoes just a hair before they're ready
so that it spurs the others to ripen. 

This past week I enjoyed a lovely paddle out with my girls.
I do love being out on the water.  
This place is a special place for us to paddle as we used to live closer.
The water is higher this year so the weeds 
don't get in the way.
Also no portaging needed to go from one lake to the next.

The mountain views were so beautiful
and my camera could never capture the amazing colours 
as seen with the naked eye.  
You can see the fall colours coming down the mountains.
The clouds were also just incredible and I could have 
floated for hours just watching them.

In the kitchen this week I've done some baking.
I enjoy making pesto and herb buns.
I make some of each as not all in the family are pesto fans.
Then I baked some chocolate zucchini muffins.
Good way to use up some squash. 

Double Chocolate Zucchini Muffins
1 1/4 cups flour
1/2 cup cocoa powder
1 tsp baking soda
1/2 tsp salt
2 Tbs coconut oil
1/2 cup honey
1 tsp vanilla
2 eggs
1 cup shredded zucchini (squeezed)
1/2 cup applesauce
1/2 cup milk
1/2 cup chocolate chips
Mix and bake at 350F 20-25 minutes

I need to pull out more of the grains from the pantry to grind up.
I have some barley that I want to grind up to make crackers with. 
I need to wake up my sourdough starter again so that I can 
make some more of those kinds of crackers as well.
Sourdough barely crackers?  Have you made any?

This past week I also bought some new sock yarn.
Time to start thinking of winter projects.
For now...I have some doilies I want to make. 
I printed off a few patterns and hope to start today.

Praying you have a beautiful week! 

Love and Prayers,

Monday 15 August 2022

Homemaking Mondays: Treasuring the Flowers


This past week I have found myself treasuring the flowers.
The geraniums and violets are blooming inside still
and the garden flowers are so beautiful right now.
The nights have been cold and the plants are showing 
the signs of cold damage. 
Soon I will move my flower pots to the greenhouse 
so they can last just a bit longer.
I have very much enjoyed having fresh herbs
right up by the house this year.  
I planted lemon thyme this year and never really enjoyed 
using it, but oh the beautiful blossoms it gives. 
The bees have truly enjoyed them.

Inside my pothos has been growing like crazy again. 
My one wall looks lovely but the plants are 
getting a bit heavy for the pots.  
I shall be trimming it up today.
I've already had a pot fall off and shower dirt all over.

I picked more fresh flowers for the table 
as the others had faded and were 
dropping petals all over.
The dinning area is quite dark during the summer 
as the light doesn't shine all the way into the room. 
A good place for the flowers so that 
they last longer.

Then some more for the kitchen window above the sink.
These don't last as long here in the bright light
but it is so cheerful.

This past week we had an issue with our stove. 
The oven/broil stopped working and we thought it was 
the control panel.  
In looking into it, it exploded in flames and signalled 
the final death of the stove. Ha! 
I was very delighted to find another one 
almost exactly like the old one. 
It works great thus far 
and there is bread rising in it at the moment. 
The window is much bigger as well and our dog
enjoys checking out how things are progressing. 

At the community garden where my daughter works
I was watching the busy little bees in the comphrey flowers.

In our garden I have been enjoying seeing the nasturtiums blooming
in the old wheelbarrow we found back in the trees.
They are like my frost signal as they are so sensitive.
The leaves have been touched with cold but no big frosts have come
to our yard yet. 
Today I'll be harvesting more so there won't be much left outside
that will be harmed aside from the flowers of course.
Some will go to the greenhouse and some will be covered 
with frost blankets for the night.

In our home the boys have started homeschooling again.
So that fills up our weekday mornings.
It's still so beautiful out that outside time is still a must. 
My husband bought a power washer and so it's fun to see 
how the boys are eager to wash the vehicles. 

I hope you are enjoying your week! 
Love and Prayers,

Monday 8 August 2022

Homemaking Mondays: Tidbits from the Garden


It's a beautiful day here as the clouds have broken 
up and the sun is shining brightly.  
There was some frost last night but thankfully 
we were all still wet from the rain yesterday
that all was well in the garden and flowers.

I picked some of the lovely blooms 
from the garden to bring inside. 
Even though there are geraniums and violets
blooming indoors 
I always love more flowers around. 
Soon the season for outdoor flowers will be 
over completely.  

The garden is doing well and I seem to find
my kitchen counter littered with 
fresh produce from the garden. 
Does your kitchen sometimes 
look like this?

With keeping the garden I am 
watchful over what is happening with the plants.
When I see the onions start to wilt or 
look less then optimal I start checking for maggots. 
Yup..they held off a long time this year but they did show up. 
I quickly pulled all the onions and garlic to minimize waste.
No...the garlic cloves won't become shelf stable or the onions as large.
But!  There will still be a lot tucked away in the pantry or freezer for later.

I took advantage of a beautiful day with wind 
and did the major work outside. 
Still needed a bug hat and light coat to keep some of 
the bugs at bay.  Black flies don't seem to mind the wind. 
I washed and chopped all the onions outside so 
I didn't become dehydrated from crying. 
Do you have that problem? I sure do! 
The garlic is in the fridge all washed up and I'll 
grate it up and dehydrate it.  
This year I want to try making garlic powder.
We have been very blessed with being loaned a couple
big dehydrators to help put away some food.
What do you like to dehydrate the most?

This week my boys have started back to lessons. 
I find that after awhile the summer break seems to loose it's interest.
Then it's good to give the kids something to do other then chores.

One day while out visiting a friend the sun came out and with it
this beautiful rainbow!
Couldn't help snap a pictures before just enjoying it. 
That day was a wonderful one for watching clouds.

This morning I woke to this beautiful scene.  
I do love sunsets but first thing in the morning has it's charm.
I love it when the lake is calm enough to capture the reflection 
of the trees and mountain.
Sometimes I look out the window at just the right time to 
see the families of Canada Geese swimming 
with their goslings. 
They are nested on the other side of the lake but come
to our side to feed in the morning and evening. 

I do hope you are enjoying the last bit of summer. 
If you are putting food by, what is your favourite way to preserve?

Love and Prayers,

Monday 1 August 2022

Homemaking Mondays: Cooler Day Activities


How are  you this fine August morning? 
It's amazing how time just seems to slip by.
This past week has been full of homemaking tasks 
that find a way of putting a smile on my face.

It's been a bit cooler...but that is the Yukon summer for you.
Mornings are cool or all out cold and the afternoons are 
lovely and warm.
In the greenhouse the plants are doing well and the large
tomatoes are starting to turn and I'm anxious to
have a tomato sandwich. :) 
The cucumbers are coming on nicely and there are fridge 
pickles brewing. I use the fridge pickle recipe
from the Prairie Homestead Cookbook.
The squash are growing well and this past weekend
I made lasagna with zucchini instead of noodles for the first time.
It was delicious!

I pulled my sourdough starter out of my fridge and woke it up.
I made some sourdough english muffins and then
a double batch of sourdough bread. 
It's always nice to make some for us and some to share.
I use the recipes for those from Farmhouse On Boone. 

On cool mornings I feel more inspired to bake...and then 
the heat from the oven warms the house up nicely.
I pulled out some of my favourite cookbooks. 
In truth I'm not one to follow recipes perfectly. 
I'm more of a person who looks for inspiration from them.
Then I see what ingredients they say to use and go from there. 
Some baked things need more precision but others...
well you could say it sparks my creativity.  ha! 
My dear friend once told me that cookbooks were like old friends.
I think that is true for they stay with you for years.
The Company's Coming cookie book and the Joy of Cooking 
were both gifts when I got married.
Then most of my cookbooks were used and loved when I got them.
I was gifted with the Prairie Homestead cookbook 
by my family and it is becoming a good friend to as I use it. 
Some like pristine books but I love those 
that have a few stains and tears. 
Evidence that they were used and loved.

As summer is finishing up...yes summer is almost over here.
The wildflowers are finishing up and the grass is starting to turn.
Up on the mountains you can see the colours starting to change a bit.
It will take awhile before fall is full on so we shall 
enjoy the last that summer has for us. 
The delphiniums that I was gifted this past spring have come to 
a beautiful colourful life! 
I didn't have big expectations of them as they had been transplanted.
They are so beautiful and I can see a couple patches of them 
out my kitchen window.

Also on the note of flowers. 
The garden peas are just covered in flowers 
and fresh delicious peas. 
It is fun to see the kids out grazing 
when they go outside.

What have you been up to in your homemaking days?

Thank you for dropping by! 
Love and Prayers,