Monday 15 August 2022

Homemaking Mondays: Treasuring the Flowers


This past week I have found myself treasuring the flowers.
The geraniums and violets are blooming inside still
and the garden flowers are so beautiful right now.
The nights have been cold and the plants are showing 
the signs of cold damage. 
Soon I will move my flower pots to the greenhouse 
so they can last just a bit longer.
I have very much enjoyed having fresh herbs
right up by the house this year.  
I planted lemon thyme this year and never really enjoyed 
using it, but oh the beautiful blossoms it gives. 
The bees have truly enjoyed them.

Inside my pothos has been growing like crazy again. 
My one wall looks lovely but the plants are 
getting a bit heavy for the pots.  
I shall be trimming it up today.
I've already had a pot fall off and shower dirt all over.

I picked more fresh flowers for the table 
as the others had faded and were 
dropping petals all over.
The dinning area is quite dark during the summer 
as the light doesn't shine all the way into the room. 
A good place for the flowers so that 
they last longer.

Then some more for the kitchen window above the sink.
These don't last as long here in the bright light
but it is so cheerful.

This past week we had an issue with our stove. 
The oven/broil stopped working and we thought it was 
the control panel.  
In looking into it, it exploded in flames and signalled 
the final death of the stove. Ha! 
I was very delighted to find another one 
almost exactly like the old one. 
It works great thus far 
and there is bread rising in it at the moment. 
The window is much bigger as well and our dog
enjoys checking out how things are progressing. 

At the community garden where my daughter works
I was watching the busy little bees in the comphrey flowers.

In our garden I have been enjoying seeing the nasturtiums blooming
in the old wheelbarrow we found back in the trees.
They are like my frost signal as they are so sensitive.
The leaves have been touched with cold but no big frosts have come
to our yard yet. 
Today I'll be harvesting more so there won't be much left outside
that will be harmed aside from the flowers of course.
Some will go to the greenhouse and some will be covered 
with frost blankets for the night.

In our home the boys have started homeschooling again.
So that fills up our weekday mornings.
It's still so beautiful out that outside time is still a must. 
My husband bought a power washer and so it's fun to see 
how the boys are eager to wash the vehicles. 

I hope you are enjoying your week! 
Love and Prayers,

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful! So nice to see the results of your work. Congratulations on your new stove, may it bring you great baking and meals. ❤️