Sunday 16 February 2014

Sunshine in the Soul

Hello Friends! Today I have a card to share with you that I made this weekend.  I used some more of these delightful elements like the previous set of cards, and this time I added a hymn to it.  It's one of my favourite hymns and it is Sunshine in the Soul and I got it as a free printable from Abby's blog, Little Birdie Blessings.  
The precious joy that comes from knowing the Lord Jesus and that he paid it all so that we could be forgiven and have eternal life.  May there always be sunshine in the soul regardless of life's circumstances because we have a blessed hope of Heaven with the Lord!
I'm linking this with Word Art Wednesday this week.
Have a beautiful day!

Sunday 9 February 2014

A Bit of Love

Hi Everyone! I just made a set of cards from materials from Diane's blog candy that I just received.  You should go check out Daydream Designs, it's full of wonderful things!
I don't actually do Valentine's Day, but I love to send I love you cards all year long.  On the 11th, is the day that my husband and I remember the anniversary to our engagement.  So this year is going to be 18 years since he put a ring on my finger.
I had so much fun playing in my craft room....hoping to do more of it.  Would love to make another set with these delightful papers!  So here they are.

I am sharing them at Word Art Wednesday.  Pop over there for some wonderful inspiration and encouragement! Plus free word art!
Have a beautiful day!

Saturday 8 February 2014

Don't Sweat It...

Hello! Today I have a card to share with you...yes, I know it's been awhile.  This one I've created with the wonderful monthly freebie at From the Heart Stamps.  This is called Birthday Candle Birdbrain and can be found HERE!  I have also used the I {heart} sketches challenge this week.

I thought that this would make a great masculine birthday....since I have so few of them.  Oh, here's the inside. I made it to match the front.   I just love all the sentiments that go along with this cute bird!

Have a wonderful day! Thanks for dropping by!

Braided Rug Fail

Hello Friends! Today I'd love to share with you one of my Fails.  I have always wanted to make a braided rug, because I adore them.  But, after many tries of lacing it I finally decided to sew it.  Either way, it didn't turn out like it should.  So my boys now have a homemade hot wheels play station.  It was to be for their room anyway, so I guess it was all good in the end.

Sunday 2 February 2014

Vitamin C Gummies!

Well I did it! I made some homemade vitamin C gummies!  They taste ok and the texture is ok.

I made some in a small ice-cube tray, but they had a harder time coming out. Also I made the big ones in my mini muffin tins and then cut them up into small pieces.

I found they were a touch sticky so I rolled them in a tiny bit of arrowroot powder and that fixed that.
Then I put them all in a mason jar and tucked them into my cupboard to dispense when needed.

If you would like to give these a try, I found the recipe at Butter Believer's blog.    She's got a ton of great things to share!  NOTE:  these should be kept in the fridge.  I didn't read that anywhere, BUT, mine molded. :(  SO the next batch is in the works!  Happy creating!

Saturday 1 February 2014

A Bit of This and That

Hello Everyone! Sorry that I've kinda disappeared for a bit.  I've been puttering at a few different things, not all are finished.  I've been enjoying spending a bit more time with my kids and helping them with some difficult things in their lessons.  My oldest is adding in percentages to her algebra and that's been a bit of a challenge. :)  My youngest is learning to read and so story time is often all throughout the day.  He and I did make pies the other day together.  Apple ones with homemade whipped cream, yum!

My girls also have begun an art class creating Armature Plaster Sculptures and I'll share pictures of those when they're finished.  The homeschool group we are a part of got to have a tour of the local Arts Centre and it was lots of fun.  They got to find all the cool hiding spots from the pit under the stage up to the catwalk and lighting booth.
I made a fun dress for my daughter the other day and forgot to take a picture of it.  Then she put a hole in the front of it. :(  Not sure what to do about that? Any ideas?  It's about the size of my palm.  Yes, that big!
I've made some homemade vaseline and I love it.   Some I made into vapour rub and others I made into a delightful peppermint rub for my feet.

Today I'm going to be making some homemade vitamin C gummies.  Something that I just had to try. :)

I hope that your days are full of creative fun!  I have some things in the works to share with you when they're finished.

Have a beautiful day!