Sunday 17 November 2019

Homemaking Mondays: Making Homemaking Interesting

Today it's been moist and foggy.  
It has left some lovely frost on the trees and bushes.

I've been watching it all from the inside of my it's windy and quite chilly out. 
Yes, some days I do stay next to the fire and busy myself inside. 

 One thing that makes homemaking interesting is
trying new things and then also enjoying the usual.  
It doesn't need to be in the kitchen, you can find new things to do in any part of your home. 
Like moving furniture around...adding a plant or picture 
someplace new to freshen things up.
Really the possibilities are endless if you take the time to think about it. 

This week I decided to try something new.  
I've been wanting to do this for awhile, but hadn't worked up the courage to do it. 
Yes...I'm talking about pressure canning.  
Funny thing is... it wasn't so scary once I got into it. 
Now I have a couple jars of wonderful chicken bone stock in my pantry for soup. 
I also have ideas for what to can next.  If it were you....what would you can?

Then I made some sourdough bread. 
It is such a nice comfort food with butter slathered on it while it's warm. 

Another new thing for me this year is making socks.
I'm not the best knitter, but I sure do enjoy it.  
I am also happy about learning to make socks for they 
are so practical and warm.
Even if you get your feet wet, the wool keeps them warm
 until you can get home and dry out.

Then I tried something new for dinner. 
I made some skillet buns.  
I don't remember ever doing this. 
They were so nice and fluffy, with a lovely browned top 
and crispy bottom.

I also added a couple eggs and some milk... 
which I rarely do. 
They were great for dinner.

I have heard many say that homemaking is boring and monotonous. 
Yes, it can be monotonous for there are the same 
needs of cooking, cleaning, and childcare. Add homeschooling to that for some of us. 
BUT! boring does not need to be a part of that equation.  
To be bored or find it uninteresting is all on our own shoulders.  
We can make it interesting if we just give it a bit of effort.

Are you finding homemaking to get a bit boring?
Just try some new things and I'm sure that you will find that 
things can get pretty interesting. 

Love and Prayers,


Linda Shukri said...

I love homemaking. :-) I love making good food and decorating my house. And making things from scratch. I've never used a pressure cooker. Too scared! :-) Maybe one day I will. I love homemade bread slathered with butter, too! Your home sounds warm and cozy.

Margie said...

I've never tried pressure canning, but I learned from another blogger that once the lid is secured, you don't need the ring thingy around it? Not sure if that's true or not...

Anonymous said...

Homemaking is a Blessing and I PRAISE THE LORD for all the years I've been able to take care of our home.. Regardless of being married, widowed or older and single I've been blessed... And I agree, there's always something to do... Hugssss, Love and Prayers.. Dena Lousie