Monday 25 November 2019

Homemaking Mondays: Spread Your Roots

Happy Monday to you!
This past week I've been working to divide and re-pot some of my plants.
They are getting root bound and need some new space to
spread their roots. 

First up was my chocolate mint.
I didn't go too crazy like I usually would in springtime. 
I just cut it in half and found a pot that would still fit the root ball with some 
extra space for it to grow.

One of the halves I potted into a pot that I've been saving for a bit.  
The lid got damaged so that I can't use it to cook in.  
So...I thought it would made a lovely planter.

I also cut back my morrocan mint plant drastically. 
It was very root bound and I had a hard time keeping it watered enough.
So now I will have enough springs once rooted to start a couple more plants.

I up potted the original plant and it's growing lots of new little shoots. 
Once it starts to spread it's roots out more it's going to take off and 
we'll have to be drinking a lot more of this in our tea. :) 
I have found that plain black tea with a big sprig of mint makes a nice 
flavorful drink that is perfect for mid morning.

The sun rises have been so pretty lately.  
A few days ago I captured this one with the peachy clouds as 
the sun started to lighten the sky.
There is definitely less daylight as we near the end of the year. 
These moments of colour sure bring joy! 

The temperatures have been dropping again after another 
week of a chinook. 
The lake has been making all sorts of noises. 
Some very loud and wake us up at night.  
Some are cracking, some sound like thunder rolling,
and some even sounds like bullfrogs under the ice.

Our family has been ill this past week.
So we've been eating less and find that cold foods are best at times.
My daughter cooked up a big pot of boiled eggs.
These I pulled from the fridge today to have for lunch.

Along with cutting up the leftover pizza.
This was so strange...we had leftover pizza to eat. 
That hardly ever happens in my house.  
Appetites are at a minimum right now. 

Thanks for dropping by!  
I hope you have a beautiful day!

Love and Prayers,


Margie said...

Sorry to hear that your family is feeling under the weather.

Forgive my ignorance, but I have to ask: does the chocolate mint actually taste like chocolate mint???

Lauren @ My Wonderfully Made said...

I'm sorry to hear you've all been sick! Hoping you are all on the mend sooner rather than later! You really have a green thumb among all your other talents! I dried a lot of mint from my summer garden and will be bagging it up for tea soon. I hope you and your sweet family have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Linda Shukri said...

I love seeing your mint plants. Sorry to hear you're all been sick. Hope you get better soon. I would love to hear the noises of the lake at night. Especially while being snug in my bed! :-)

Anonymous said...

Hope you are all feeling better now💕

Mary Stephens said...

Jennifer, I enjoyed reading your post. I have some plants I need to re-pot too. Maybe I'll be inspired now. :-)

The strange noises the ice makes is very interesting.