Wednesday 28 March 2018

Tea and Yarn

I hope you are enjoying the beauty of spring...or at least dreaming of it.  
Here in the Yukon, the temps are climbing a bit above freezing at times and the melting has begun.  The snow is shrinking and you can hear dripping here and there.  

For me I felt it was time for some more fresh wash clothes in bright colours.  
I've been making some with a Robin Egg blue, and found this lovely Creamsicle and Emerald Isle.  
I thought they'd be nice to have as well. 

I find it so relaxing to crochet and have some tea at the same time. 
Do you do this? 

My son loves berry teas, and I found this one at a local store.  
It has a very rich pungent flavour and is very nice!

Thanks for dropping by!  
Praying you have a lovely day!


1 comment:

Danielle Dunn said...

The yarn is nice...the tea is not lol.