Monday 5 December 2022

Homemaking Mondays: Muffins to Munch


I hope you are enjoying a lovely day
keeping your home.
The temperatures dropped very cold
for a couple days but have come back up to
somewhat pleasant ones now. 
One thing I do love about the deeper cold
is that the sun shines in clear skies.
Now that it's warmer the clouds have come back.
It's still beautiful...but darker.

This past week I found a bunch of bananas on the discount rack.
SO banana muffins to munch on it was.
I like to add oatmeal and chocolate chips to mine.
They make delicious snacks and quick breakfasts as well.
I love lots of different kinds of muffins but I think 
these are my families favourite.
I often think that I will tuck some into the freezer for later...
but later never comes for them as they get eaten too quickly.

I finished up the little socks I was working on this week. 
I think they're so cute 
and I do really like the blue stripes.
I hope they do a good job of keeping little toes warm.

Now I'm on to another crochet project. 
I'm working on a granny square blanket for a little boy.
This particular is kinda "furry" but very, very soft.

This coming week will be my week to get my new planner in order.
I really like to buy the Blue Sky planners at Walmart.
They are reasonably cheep and have lots of workable space in them.
Plus they have a full month section for each month as well as 
the daily entry places.
One thing is that they don't have a very big space for contacts.
SO, I am dusting off our old address book and I'll
be updating it with all the current contacts we have. 
Plus with this I won't have to re-write the contacts in 
each year as I have been doing.

I love the idea of journalling and diary writing but
I am not a writer.
I find that having the larger spaces in this kind of planner
so helpful to jot down the happenings of life.
Little notes here and there to help me remember the 
goings and comings and plans that we have had over time.
Sometimes I write a lot...planning out meals and activities 
and then other times the pages are somewhat empty.
All going with the ebb and flow of life here in my home.
Quiet spaces are ok.

With the sunshine out for a bit I have found myself 
at the windows just watching.
The sun seems to move very quickly across the sky these days
and the light doesn't linger long. 
I love the golden glow it leaves on the snow.

SO what are you up to this week?
I hope you enjoy some lovely work in your homes
but also times to just rest and enjoy life.
Have you been baking muffins?

Love and Prayers,


Anonymous said...

You said in this entry that you aren't a writer!!! How untrue. I find you to be a beautiful writer. Aunt June

Marilyn @ MountainTopSpice said...

I agree with your Aunt June! You share the loveliness of your life with us, and while we all know life isn't perfect, you share the bits and pieces that make it special. Your socks are amazing! And I love banana muffins, a perfect treat! Our days are very short here also, and anytime the sun makes an appearance, we are so happy! Blessings to you!