Saturday 15 September 2018

Yarn Bee Cowl

Just wanted to say hello and share what is in my work basket at the moment. 

I love this soft yarn by Yarn Bee, and I am making a cowl with it.  
I'm using the moss stitch and it's going to be warm and cozy.  

Well...I need to say it IS warm and cozy. 

It's been getting very cold here and fall is in full swing.  Last night it went down to -10C.  
The leaves were blowing off trees today, and when the sun does shine, the leaves are all golden and beautiful!  

The other day we tried some new tea given by a wonderful german friend.  
It's a mix of apple, rose hip, and strawberry.  So delicious!  
My boys and I had tea durning our morning school break. 
(It makes great iced tea as well...if you leave it in the pot) 

Time to get cozy and watch the change of the seasons. 

Praying you have a lovely day! 


mamasmercantile said...

Such a beautiful yarn, love the colours. Autumn is closing in and the temperatures are dropping here too. The prefect accessory for this time of year.

fiona said...

Looks Lovely Jennifer,
Cowls are really practical.
Tea looks nice I enjoy
Herb and Fruit teas x

Margie said...

It's always fun to try unique teas from different places. I also enjoy iced versions of herbal teas.